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  1. Yeah, it is posted in there too. Somewhere buried deep on the 7th page or so with a few positive comments.
  2. This is why I never quite understood the PvE server. You grind all the way up to an apparent lack of any end game content?
  3. I think past level 10, we should start gaining the ability to use/hire/modify fleets again. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14225-ranking-up-past-level-10/#entry262248 Basically, with every additional rank past 10, I will get a small bit of extra crew, and unlock another fleet slot. I can place ANY ship I want into my fleet and outfit that ship how I see fit. However, I must SHARE my total crew between my ship and my fleet ships. The link is a topic I've made on the subject.
  4. I agree. Let us put traders in our fleet and access the holds of those ships. Let the players do the fun part of driving the war ship. Make trade runs fun. It is a game after all. +1 to your idea!
  5. I definitely agree with you sentiments as far as scarcity goes. That is another issue that I've felt needs to be addressed. I remember when we had iron shortages and players were sailing to far away ports in search of a supply to bring back for profit. I miss that feeling. I miss the scarcity and I think it needs to be brought back. I think the shift towards a player market, adjustment to port productions, and adjustment to the resource buildings will accomplish that goal. People complained about shortages but I quite enjoyed it. Strife and want are what create the illusion of fulfillment
  6. Hethwill, I am not sure I understand your statement. Can you break it down? Maybe provide an example for me? You're saying contracts are devaluing materials and commodities?
  7. No... To provide more diverse items. The more options players have to diversify their builds the better, in my opinion. If boarding mechanics are over powered, you should discuss it in the combat mechanics forum here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/forum/33-combat-mechanics-discussions/ I love to see the creative combinations people can come up with in their builds and I enjoy the RPG elements that they offer. This is the suggestion forum and I am suggesting that it would be a welcomed addition to the game. I think it would be a very interesting to see. Balancing and tweaking will
  8. Very simple suggestion: I think we should be allowed more contracts above the current limit of 5. I think the player economy would be more vibrant if we don't stifle the commerce between players by having a cap on trading contracts. I also think the game needs more gold sinks so... I think each contract should have a progressively higher "contract fee". Players can have lots of contracts but, eventually, they will become too expensive to maintain as the cost for contracts goes up. Inflation is very important to address. I know this game is alpha but this is the best time to handle econo
  9. I would like to see this added, the ability to "rent" dock space. The larger the ship, the more it costs. An initial fee with storage fees over time. This game needs more gold sinks. What would REALLY be cool is if the clan of the lord protector of the port was collecting the tax from those storage fees and contract fees and having it deposited into their clan warehouse.
  10. I would like to see an upgrade that allows you to engage ships at a longer range and a slightly higher speed. Like master craft grapples and hooks. Possibly giving you 8% more grappling range and +.8 knots boarding speed. With exceptional giving 10% more grappling range and +1.0 knots boarding speed.
  11. Thanks, I am glad that some people are liking it! After I put some more thought into it, I made a separate, more detailed, post: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14287-24-hour-port-battles/ If you have any criticism/comments/tweaks I would love to hear them.
  12. TL;DR: Make Port Battles last for 24 hours. Get rid of port timers. This way people can PVP whenever they want, and all time zones get a fair shot. All players will be able to participate. Port battles become a truly national endeavor which require the time, effort, and resources of all its players! -Make the ports vulnerable to attack any time of the day. No more port timers. -Once a port siege is declared, the battle room opens and remains open for 24 hours. Possibly make the announcement when flag is purchased, and then open the battle when servers are up from maintenance.
  13. I am totally open to suggestions and improvements. I know the little details will need to get worked out. I just think the 24 hour battle is the best way to go forward with port battles. It will maximize fun and mitigate some other issues like steamrolling nations, and inability for some to participate.
  14. I would like to hear some sort of audio warning of an enemy ship sighted on the horizon.
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