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  1. Tweaking the more glaring discrepancies, however, should be an easy matter.
  2. Refits are fantastic and add much to the game. Variety and specialization can lead to all kinds of fascinating meta and interesting choices and trade offs. Perfect balance will of course be impossible. Tweaking the more glaring discrepancies, however, should be an easy matter.
  3. Agree with the realists. If it is like delivery and i'm sure it is, makes OW less relevant.
  4. That guy is just trolling. Don't worry, I have played every sailing game there is and yours, even in its current state, is hands down the best ever. And you continue to go in the right direction with regard to changes as promised. The primary difficulty with certain reviewers is you are building a sandbox game (as promised) and they understand not what that means. This will frustrate certain player types, but only the myopic who cannot see the depth this style of game brings.
  5. Now that econ is finally more player driven, its essential to wipe server to test it. Resources have been so plentiful for so long the sandbox has never been tested. They can call it cutter wars.
  6. Strange, in a little over an hour from now I can build a Santi just with stuff lying around. I have much less in game time than you and I have cash, mats, and ships coming out of my ears. Are you really finding it that hard? Sandbox games are different than mobas. You think this is tough? try EVE
  7. Global Events are great, especially for those concerned about having to put in the time to play a sandbox game (which this is supposed to be) and just want to PvP. I implore you, however, to keep going on the positive changes on the crafting/resources. The Sandbox aspect is really important. Really grand ships should be really hard to make. There SHOULD be great risk and corrosponding reward. I agree the fine woods thing went a bit too far. But reconsider your previous proposals to eliminate unrealistic teleporting ships and Delivery to Freeports that ruins any profitability from tra
  8. Just a reminder as to what the devs promised: 'Naval Action is an exciting, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat sandbox immersing players into the experience of the most beautiful period of naval history - when sailing ships ruled the seas.' I should say they have done this impressively well. For those like yourself I do not oppose incorporation of a minigame where you can press a button and you are instantly transported to a 25 on 25 Exceptional Victissama smash 'em up. You can press that button over and over, No time sink. None at all.
  9. Good Changes. Wipe the server. Let them whine. You kept it too easy too long. I would be much worse... Delivery nerfed. Players should be doing the transports, escorts. All durabilities should be 1. Get rid of it. No teleports. Get rid of them. Send ship instantly to other side of map? ridiculous. Put in turn acceleration. You have made tough changes before in the face of great WHINE and they were all positive and good for the game. Easily the best sailing game I ever played. Keep up the good work!!!
  10. Wipe (and not just ships) is long overdue. There, i said it.
  11. The Anglo-Dutch Wars were incredible. That a tiny and europe's only republic could be such a nuisance for so long, spectacular really.
  12. The added advantage of consumables vs BP, however, could extend to the need to supply a fleet in operation further from base. Consumables whether they are provisions, repair kits, ammo, would have to be stockpiled as a depot or 'base of operation' to support any extended campaign in an area remote from home turf. Introduces a bit of strategic logistics, line of supply, support fleets, OW interdiction.
  13. I have no problem with BP But if ppl prefer consumables that can work too. Provisions and Repair Kits, player made, scaled to ship rate with option to autoequip at berthing, similar to world of tanks, to minimize micromanagement. Any ot these CAN work. They WILL promote OW activity and player interdependence.
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