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  1. Took a long break shortly after OW started. Did not want to overdue this game and get burned out. Enjoyed it too much. So happy to be back, and very cool to see some framiliar names in game still. So what seems to be the popular nations you all are starting in? Looking forward to the 21st (well maybe not..might just craft in port that day..think it might be a little crazy witht he new peeps trying out their new shiny cannons on anything that moves lol). See yas on the seas Nytmare (aka Will Bainbridge .... didn't think Nytmare would be appropriate for a US Captain... maybe if I ever go pirate it would fit hehe)
  2. I dont think i would do well at that job lol
  3. Just had it happen in a battle of mine. I had a fully clear shot but it was between 2 friendlies...but I had quite a bit of working room where I wouldnt have hit either friendly. I fired, watched all my shots leave and hit the enemy (or so i thought). Next thing that happens is the friendly unloads a broadside into me...says a few words. my reply was I didnt hit you, he said yes my entire side...when i looked at his damage, sure enough it would have appeared I broadsided him, even though he was not in my path...escpecially for the amount of damage that I apparently inflicted. If it was a stray it wouldnt have caused the damage to him that I was looking at. Apologized and moved along (It was in traf though so maybe due to the number of people in match this occurred). First time that I can remember it happening to.
  4. Yes. Time stamp would be a nice feature in general chat. I dont know how many times I have gotten up from the computer to get a coffee, to see PVP 40 when I return, so I go into the pvp lobby and Im all alone. lol
  5. Thats probably it... I know for sure a few times I thought i should have been able to board we both approached each other at full sail, so I have to assume we were > 5kts, Thx everyone for the info I will definately be testing the speed idea out.
  6. Ill have to test at different speeds and see what results i get.
  7. Run aground??? You mean I won't be able to landshark the lighthouse anymore hehehe
  8. Just curious if there are certain rules to getting the boarding option to appear, or if it is a programming thing? It seems sometimes when I am broadside to another vessel I get the option and sometimes I dont. I understand if I am at a different speed, or at a different angle I shouldnt get the boarding option, but it seems like its a 50/50 shot when in my opinion I am in perfect position for a boarding. Just curious if there are rules as to the boarding procedure (ie--needs to be on port side or starboard side, need to be half speed or less, etc). Just seems inconsistent atm to me, and not sure if its something I am doing, or not doing.
  9. Yes, Tom was much better at putting into words as to what I was trying to get at in my original post. My original intent was never to be able to make adjustments while in telescope mode, but just to be able to give the order to fire broadsides while in it.
  10. Thank you thank you thank you Now to see who wins the award of making it on my list first lol
  11. Correct. You would have to be in the screen that allows you to range, but while in that screen AND using the scope you can still fire while in scope view.
  12. Something small I would like to see is the ability to be able to give the command to fire your cannons while in the telescope view. I constantly find myself going to the firing screen, firing a range shot, looking thru the scope, see if shot is ranged properly, dropping the scope then firing broadside. If that ranged shot hit and Im in scope mode, I would like to be able to give the order at that point of firing broadside. Just something small. Im pretty sure in history having a scope to the Commanders eye did not stop him from giving the order to open fire.
  13. I may know where Cuba is on the map, but I can guarentee you put me in a ship and on the sea and well...ya... bad things will happen lol
  14. Im glad this got bumped cause i never would have seen it. Thank you very much for the great info. Still doesnt mean Im gonna duel you ;P
  15. Nytmare

    Water graphic glicth

    I notice u have the color blind mode marked. Do you need that. If not maybe thats the problem.
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