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  1. Everytime I see this ship I think of the good ol' Pirates of the Burning Sea days... Sigh *... Well I feel better now that I can get my age of sail dosage from Naval Action
  2. She sure is a beauty, sure some will say she's old but the game still relies on the skill of the captain (and the crew ). She has a nice armament and even nicer stern lol.
  3. I agree with Sarogus, the current battle system is simply to fight and test all of the ships and damage, etc... however, adding a simple feature to see what ships are in the lobby would be nice. Or at least add a "quit" button so you don't get trapped in the lobby. (or for other reasons like for picking the wrong ship or cannon layout)
  4. I rarely have this problem are you playing in PVP light or normal PVP, I feel like more ramming is common in PVP light since most battles are close quarter and turning at high speeds.
  5. Sometimes ramming is an accident, not everyone does it on purpose. Ramming happened in real life as well. If someone feels the need to ram you, then so be it I have no problem with ramming at all. When Open world comes out this most likely wouldn't be a problem since people wont want to risk losing their ship so easily. I think taking away realism and awesome collision damage that you don't see in other games, would hurt more than do any good. In sea trials ramming inst a big deal leave it as it is in my opinion.
  6. Hey all, after getting out of a battle that crashed I decided id just have to play another. Clicked on PVP and bam... hourglass on my screen and it wont go away. I tried logging off and back on its still there. Tried restarting PC and the hourglass screen is still there every time I try to log back on NA. I log in connecting through steam and bam.. hourglass. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it? (hourglass as in, when the game loads there's a giant white hourglass on top of a grey/black background) I run the game in window mode if that helps.
  7. Jail sounds silly to me, and it also sounds like a whole lot of work for the devs to do. if you want to see ships sail then go sail on the open sea yourself! This sounds like something that if it were to be added, it would be on the very last page of the devs to do list anyways. Just my two cents.
  8. With ramming counting as "damage" could be tricky, Let me give an example... You're in your Surprise and another Surprise (a friendly that is) is sailing parallel with you, he's to your starboard. He starts to turn port toward you and results in you smashing into his port side because you couldn't turn away in time. You just rammed him even though it was really his fault for turning into you and getting in front of your bow. So now you have to be punished because you "rammed" into a teammate. How will situations like this work?
  9. "Do you have any books to recommend?" I HIGHLY, I mean HIGHLY recommend reading Jeff Shaara, or Michael Shaara. I will leave a link to all his books(They cover all the major battles and even small ones in the perspective of the generals and the soldiers who fought). His books cover The Mexican war, the American Civil war, and the American civil wars aftermath. The books are VERY good in my opinion and I was highly engaged as well as emotional reading them. And to answer your other question about "forced march" At Gettysburg you can walk the entire field. (I have my self in very hot weather ^^ as well) and get a strong feel of the lengths and carnage that went on that day. As for museums I will leave links for that too my friend! books-http://www.amazon.com/Civil-War-Trilogy-Generals-Measure/dp/0345433726/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1422996126&sr=1-1&keywords=jeff+shaara+civil+war+trilogy museum- This one is in Gettysburg, I've been to it 4 times. Its very good and it also has PLENTY of weapons, including cannon (and cannon ammunition) Muskets/Rifles/Musket rifles/pistols/carbines/ and everything in between. http://www.gettysburgfoundation.org/11/gettysburg-museum-exhibits (They also play a short film when you arrive in a theater covering the basics of the war and how it all led to Gettysburg)
  10. I agree with Cuthbert, one thing I will add about the flintlocks on cannon is the "delay" is not long. I've also tinkered with flintlocks and while there is a noticeable delay its still very fast especially if the lock is well tuned. But obviously fuses did take time.
  11. One of the reasons why Picket's charge was awful was because southern cav that was going to flank the union lines ran into reinforcements and was unable to assist Picket. The South was doing very well till Gettysburg, and Gettysburg was not where Lee planned to fight (The army's basically ran into each other at Gettysburg, it wasn't planned to fight there) but it was a fight he was willing to take because he wanted to END the WAR( also a few months before Robert E lee's right hand man, General Thomas Jackson was killed, many say if he didn't die the outcome of the war could have changed), this was not a battle the south was looking to win but to END the American Civil War.You are not reading anything wrong, the civil war was a bloody bloody war and one of the most preventable wars in history.. If you want to talk about suicide attacks, read about the battle of Fredricksburg. It was a devastating defeat for the Union. The amount of casualties that day is insane. But the plan was even more insane... I tip my hat to the Yankees that had to charge that stonewall at Marye's Heights. But yes a lot of the battles and tactics in the civil war do make you scratch your head and also admire the brave men who fought and the brave men who had lose their lives in that war. A lot of this also had to do with the tactics and Napoleonic style of fighting in the first "modern war" in history (it wasn't just the South that made questionable decisions). But anyways enough rambling... Here is a great site for Civil war information and battlefields, http://www.civilwar.org/battlefields/fredericksburg.html And here is wiki for information of battle of Fredricksburg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Fredericksburg I'm a proud Virginian and I live right in the middle of the American Civil War, if you ever do come out here you wont regret it. If you want I can list some good museums and places to go that I personally enjoyed
  12. I do agree with the OP and I'm pretty sure the devs talked about this and we will all need to stock up on food, powder, various ammunition's, including munitions for crew/marines on board.
  13. I think your ship should be destroyed and you shouldn't get it back unless making another, however maybe when players sink you can go back and salvage cargo, supplies, maybe even guns. depending if you're able to salvage it of course. I really do hope that ships are not crazy expensive, at least smaller ships, and smaller frigates, I do of course hope ships of the line and heavy/super frigates require lots of $$$. I think many can agree they don't want to grind weeks just to get a light brig or cutter and i'm sure the devs will know how to tackle this in open world.
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