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  1. Capt Aerobane

    Captains view from helm/wheel and crows nest.

    Oh how many times I have thought about this! I'm still stuck on the sea trials idea of limiting view in combat to deck, helm, and crows nest but I know its too late to try that :C So i'll have to make peace with asking for the option to see from these views.
  2. Capt Aerobane

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Thats just not true, like people have pointed out, the USS constitution was probably tougher to pen than HMS victory due to similar thickness and better angling. And it wouldn't matter, victory could obviously obliterate the Connie in a straight fight, the reason being more guns (and larger, able to absorb more damage etc.) First rates weren't impenetrable ironclad gods, ships didn't go near them because of their firepower, not their armor. So if anything, first rate hp should be buffed and armor should be reduced across the board. Perhaps buff 42 and 24 pounder damage as well, so they can "oneshot" frigates. IMO the relationship between frigates and lineships was much better in sea trials where everybody could pen everybody at close range. "5th can only fire at sails and stern rake preparing the target for bigger ship that finish the job" Yeah, if a 5th rate tries to go all jack sparrow on a first rate they will get obliterated in 1 or 2 broadsides. I hate to join the elitists here but if you are on a 1st rate and get outright broadside to broadside sank by a frigate what the hell are you doing? A first rate has more firepower on its lower gun deck than most frigates have on both broadsides of their entire ship. (exception maybe constitution but connie is basically a lineship in this game, she gets outran by aggies half the time) Even if the frigate pens it will be like 2-5% of the lineships hp on that side. Lineship fires back, frigate is down to half or a quarter on that side. If the frigate angles, shoot his masts they won't last long against 42 and 24 pounders, at which point you can just board or sink them at your leisure.
  3. Capt Aerobane

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    "Carronoobing" and hugging are only a thing because the game does nothing to simulate the effects of crew in the rigging, swivel guns, and deck guns suppressing enemy sailors at close range. Fix that and you can have first rates not be ironclads and still not have small ships exploiting hugging. Still, can't you turn upwind? They will either have to break off, or slow down enough to get boarded.
  4. Capt Aerobane

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Almost every combat and pvp discussion seems to be boiling down to mods being too much and too imbalanced, especially speed and thickness mods/books. At the very least they are a big contributing factor to a lot of problems and they really work to discourage pvp without really improving gameplay. Sailing a modded ship is only fun because its an advantage (or in many cases, just competitive) Anyway I don't want to derail this thread, have to look for a dedicated mod thread to vent my frustrations.
  5. Capt Aerobane

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    While this thread isn't really my topic or my area of interest, that right there is a logical fallacy. Just because it is possible to work around an imbalanced or poorly thought out ship or mechanic does not mean it isn't imbalanced. By the logic of the quoted statement, it would be fine to introduce a ship with 200 thick side armor, because it can still be raked. Yes it can be raked, but so can any other ship. But other ships can also be penned from the side, which (for most ships) the ocean can not. That is the problem this thread addresses.
  6. Capt Aerobane

    Game Play Realism

    I'm on PVP, i sent you an ingame message i'm offline rn but i'll be on sometime
  7. Capt Aerobane

    cannon knock back.

    Good point, so that actually means it would be even less graphically intensive because only the cannons would have to change, the hull and ports would stay open.
  8. Capt Aerobane

    Game Play Realism

    I'm in the pacific right now we can explore together ign StaleMemes
  9. Capt Aerobane

    cannon knock back.

    While I'm sure rolling the guns would be graphically intensive, what about just switching to a different model (gun withdrawn, port closed while reloading) as each gun fires. The change would not be very noticeable in the smoke and flash, and would still be more immersive than the recoilless guns we have now.
  10. Capt Aerobane

    Mighty Mo thanks you all

  11. Capt Aerobane

    Hard caps on stacked boni

    Another thing that leads to less pvp is the way mods work. The general trend is speed at the cost of durability, except for super expensive mods that are just speed at the cost of nothing (screw you, broke scrubs). Because a trader's chances of fighting off a hunter are quite low, they go for speed hoping to decrease travel time and avoid conflict all together, but this also makes them totally unable to fight back against their attacker if they are caught. So because of how wood types work, we end up with less battles, and those battles that do happen are forgone conclusions. It would be much more interesting if wood types didn't affect speed and strength nearly as dramatically, so trader's wouldn't be so focused on fleeing and it would be worthwhile for them to defend themselves. Same goes for normal ships. Players run speed mods on fir fir because if they don't, they will get ganked by people who do. So everybody but the absolute richest who can afford expensive speed mods and very fast ships is running around on pvp weak ships, avoiding committing to battles, only fighting when they greatly outnumber the enemy or are fighting a much weaker enemy. If they fight 1v1 in a fair situation, they run the risk of their enemy NOT being set up to run away, and getting rekt by a powerful ship. Its just blegh. If you are sailing and you see for example a trincomalee, you should be able to know within + or - 5%, the rough stats of that ship, as they shouldn't deviate from the base stats by much. As is, you have no clue. It could be stronger than a constitution. Or as weak as a surprise, depending on its set up. So when you look at it, from the deck of YOUR trincomalee, you don't feel like attacking because for all you know it could be a horrible experience. You could run into a 5/5 teak white oak poods trinco with art of ship handling, gunnery encyclopedia, etc that absolutely obliterates you, or it could be fir fir 3/5 with cheap mods and you trash it (or sometimes a fair fight) It could be faster than a cerberus upwind or slower than a neufchatel downwind. Ships don't have identities, its all washed out with mods. Elite players don't need mods to have an advantage, they know how to play the game and that is plenty enough of an advantage over newbies. Having a grindy "progression system" of sorts that holds the new guys back just sucks the life out of the game. PVP works better when ships act like ships. These are age of sail ships, not littoral combat vessels that can be completely gutted and refitted for entirely different tasks within days. This isn't WOT. The way upgrades work right now feels like a micro transaction game where you are being pushed to spend money on them to be competetive, but there is no way to buy them... you just have to grind away for hours and hours on boring AI while dodging gankers tactical players who employ local numerical superiority.
  12. Capt Aerobane

    Hard caps on stacked boni

    To me the fact that we even need caps is evidence that mods are too extreme/strong. You should never be able to get to +30% rate of fire, thats mindboggling. The limit should be +10%, not because of a cap but because there shouldn't be mods that strong. 10% should be the result of rigging the ship almost exclusively to increase firepower. The vets always run around shouting "mods and books don't matter, you just suck" "but if you happen to have one of these completely un-important mods or books, i'll buy it for 10 million..."
  13. Capt Aerobane

    Add landing troops to port battles

    I'd like to see bombardment objectives. Line up your ships and bombard certain part of the city or defenses (to weaken them for the imaginary infantry assault) would be interesting.
  14. Capt Aerobane

    Facts and Truth of Spain.

    i wish I could "send salt to chat" on forums because I think that's the only appropriate response to this lmao.
  15. Capt Aerobane

    Duellist Perk

    Endymion and Cerberus are both 5th rates, forcing a cerb to take on the endymion alone would be totally unfair. Two cerbs, even three would still struggle against an endymion. But if the endymion has this perk, they would be forced to attack alone, which I think is the greatest problem with this perk, it would make raiding with a super tricked out ship even easier because people can only 1v1 you to stop you. Teak White Oak 5/5 trincomalee with poods/carronades will slaughter 99% of other 5th rates all day, every day. I think that a duel room/duel invite would be a much more fair way of doing this without leading to massive exploitation.