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  1. Eduard L'Aquila


    Speaking of missions, would it be possible to permanently have at least one low paying, low level (7th rate) mission in the mission board? I.e. the old combat mission system but only for midshipman-level combat. The reason I give is that low level missions are a good way to learn how to sail, fight, board and earn a little XP and cash possibly without unbalancing the economy.
  2. I think musket fire is very reasonable - crew damage at a timed rate based on crew size and the further away both ships the less damage, lessening exponentially - and it can wait, after all we're still testing the game.
  3. Very wise words that everyone should keep in mind!
  4. Eduard L'Aquila

    OW Navigation

    You touch on a good point when, landmark and local knowledge, which depends on experience acquired through careful study and/or repetition - both take time, which is something not many people have an abundance of. A rough approximation of location could, in my opinion, simulate this. Perhaps 1km is too precise though, a 20km diameter circle could be enough.
  5. Eduard L'Aquila

    OW Navigation

    By gamers I mean the general masses that would possibly buy the game if the barrier to entry wasn't high, the non-hardcore fans and the casuals. Let's face it, whoever is playing Naval Action is a gamer that has a desire/need for a good Age of Sail game, I'll assume we aren't casuals that stumbled upon the game during a Steam Sale. I'll also venture a guess they're the ones that usually make up the bulk of most game sales - making games for limited audiences might be worthwhile (such as the Train Simulator style games) but a strictly online, multiplayer game needs a large-ish community. At any rate, it's a design decision. Personally, I'm perfectly content not knowing my location on the map, I found it refreshing but I remember my first impression when opening the map: "Awesome! But casuals won't like it."
  6. Eduard L'Aquila

    Suggestion: Gender equality in Naval Action

    I'd rather be able to name my own ship (and have the name appear when I'm sighted) and let others use the pronouns they want.
  7. Eduard L'Aquila

    OW Navigation

    This is another of those realism/gameplay conundrums - immersion is nice but, as you've stated, rough estimates of a ship's position isn't beyond a 1790's captain's ability. On top of that, gamers are use to minimaps and having one that doesn't show where they are can be frustrating to new or casual players. Perhaps a skill (as in a book applied to a ship or a perk) could give the captain an even better location estimate. Anecdotally, I enjoy having to use my brain to find out where I am but I only sail in straight lines when I'm beyond the sight of land.
  8. Eduard L'Aquila

    Server Deployments

    My latency is near 300ms with the servers but I don't find it too much of a problem. Ships are slow and cannons, at a distance, take a while to fly so it doesn't feel that bad, unlike in FPS. Heck, I've done several really tight maneuvers with other players, passing close enough to touch tips (of our cannons) despite it. Perhaps the only time latency might be a problem is when my ship is rolling down but since I don't know how hits are calculated (server-side or client-side), I'm not sure what's happening (if I take too long to start firing or if my latency delays my broadside).
  9. Eduard L'Aquila

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    On my Chrome and Firefox I can't get the PvE map to appear but the Caribbean is fine (the same thing happens on both the main and beta servers) Here's a copy-paste of my console on Firefox for the Caribbean map when CTRL-F5-ing the main server: Attached is the screenshot of my console on Firefox for the PvE map when CTRL-F5-ing the main server (copy-pasting didn't get the whole error). The exact same thing appears in Chrome. I've tried turning off my adblocker and scriptblocker (on firefox and chrome) but the same thing happens. I noticed this started happening yesterday - it was fine a few days ago.
  10. Eduard L'Aquila

    [Tips] One liners.

    Did you know that "forecastle" is actually pronounced fo'c'sle?
  11. Eduard L'Aquila

    [Tips] One liners.

    Careful getting too close to bigger ships, they might attempt to board you!
  12. Eduard L'Aquila

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    I'm still left wondering if the released game will have a "PvE Only" server option or will it only be "The Caribbean" server.
  13. Eduard L'Aquila

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    Just to be clear, will there still be "Caribbean" and "PVE Only" servers after launch? I'm really enjoying the game but I'm not really interested in PVP.