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  1. Polish Faction Drama

    @Bart Smith I think your suspicions about @Wojtek bring a thief are totally wrong. As PFK sailor I was witness that he was helper of PFK - he was building ships. @vazco / @Cr33D I was talking with PFK trustworthy sailor about 2 days ago and he said that Mario is new leader of PFK. I think you should talk with him. After all @Bart Smith created his own clan so I think that exchange of words is his personal thoughts.
  2. Polish Faction Drama

    I think there was other way out from the situation that took place inside PFK. Maybe some kind of big reorganization, including removing players that were/are taking very much from clan, but giving nothing from theirselves (my english is not perfect, but I hope that you know what I am trying to say). I'm respecing you Creed (alike as Vasco) for all things you have done for PFK (and things that you taught me), but there is one thing that I found unpleasant. I thing saying that whole clan is bad, unhelpful etc. - it is not fair. Of course - I'm not saying that everyone is perfect, but there are some Captains that you could rely on. There were some players who were always ready to help - despite the fact that they are mostly fresh players who were sunk in 80% of PVP battles - we tried. Unfortunately bad things happened and we cannot turn back time, but I think there was a better way to deal with problems. In spite of all what happened, we need to respect each other. Thank you for your service that you made for PFK Cr33d.
  3. Victory marks

    50 PVP Mark = 1 Victory Mark
  4. Perspective of a new player

    In my opinion there should by tutorial for new players - it would be very helpful for new captains. NA can be very hard at the beginning of adventure. I think I would leave if my clan wouldn't invited me to play with them.
  5. Green on Green and farming alts

    Actually - current game mechanics caused "flood" of alt PVP farmers, so... - are we going to have ban waves to keep this system as fair as possible or maybe dev's will finally see that last changes with Marks were a bad idea. As mentioned above, in the current situation with Marks there is no point to play. Additonally - gaining PVP marks can be extremely hard for new players and this fact is quite discouraging to continue playing or recommeding Naval Action to friends.
  6. Connection lost after won PB Barahona

    bug-using (or exploit) =/= game mechanic + gaining advantage with such methods is clearly unfair + attacking capital city with 12 players (as you said) is not an excuse for exploiting - actually it's just stupid Why didn't you want to fight on Open world?
  7. Connection lost after won PB Barahona

    Maybe you should see something wrong on your side. At first you made battle with denmark ship to use bug and hide from screening (+ placing danish battlemark on land so no one can enter) - later you are going to PB using Invisibility. So... firstly you are using bug to escape screening, next you are crying because of other bug - nothing more than typical russian hypocrisy and butthurt.