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  1. Rename the Pirate Frigate

    Keep in mind, these changes mean that 1 of the 2 programmers would be busy for a week if not more to do this. Which will delay other features.
  2. Rename the Pirate Frigate

    Booty boat
  3. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    This is not world of warships. We enjoy socialising, we enjoy the company of familiar people.
  4. New Fleet Missions

    was suggesting maybe the devs needs to be changed themselves.
  5. New Fleet Missions

    the devs?
  6. Clan tax on gold earned in battles.

    EVE Online has that. Pretty nifty.
  7. Can't see shards

    It is working now. Had to uninstall and re-install.
  8. Can't see shards

    @Christendom@Coraline Vodka@amplify
  9. Can't see shards

  10. Can't see shards

    Hey, Can't see the shard to join in anymore
  11. WTS Orange/Gold Santi with Strong Rig

    I can give you 2fiddy
  12. Losing control of ships randomly

    hahaha. I guess it's so instinctive I forgot what key I'm actually pressing
  13. Losing control of ships randomly

    pressing 1-9 does what exactly?
  14. Losing control of ships randomly

    I dunno. I can play other games on EU server, just this game. And the "synchronization" problem lasted over 20mins.
  15. Losing control of ships randomly

    Lost control of the ship, Would not respond to any key input. Restarting the game doesn't fix it. Restarting router doesn't fix it. Gun dissapears when looking down gun view regains control back after 20mins-30mins @Christendom @admin