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  1. Limit on reactions?

    get a life bearwall :-)
  2. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Hahaha we don't need to beat the swedes we just send in the reds :-)
  3. PvP

    I so agree with you !!!
  4. is marquis an alt

    i was also there !!, I have also no knowledge about Le Marquis being an alt.
  5. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    Just because DNP did not want to do what RDDN wanted to do that would make us saboteurs ? NB! the position as God is taken so you better lower your standard :-)
  6. Captains Log

    i was under the influenced of "captain Morgan" when i accidentally killed 50 of your crew Lars,,, does dam rum rations I say, sir The brits just love us Right :-)