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  1. Assassin

    Safe zone PVP problem !!

    I believe the large restrictions in the safe zones is a big contribute for pvp players leaving the game. Remove them would bet the best thing to do. I have chat /talked to many players in the game and I would say 99% don't like the way it is to day. One way to "fix" the problem could be to greatly improve the (all) town's port defense in PVP battles to increase the safety for players. Just an idea:-)
  2. Assassin

    GB political situation

    oo nice more save a brit for me to 🙂
  3. Assassin

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I agree With Lars at the start of this discussion !!
  4. Assassin

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I agree Lars !!! IT destroys the PVP in the PVP server
  5. Assassin

    other example of captain who cannot behave

    by the way he is not in DNP anymore !
  6. Assassin

    other example of captain who cannot behave

    This is not good ! Its not the behavior of DNP... my sincere apologies to Donjuan Dimarco from the DNP Clan "Some times you pick up a bad apple"
  7. Assassin

    Limit on reactions?

    get a life bearwall :-)
  8. Assassin

    REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Hahaha we don't need to beat the swedes we just send in the reds :-)
  9. Assassin


    I so agree with you !!!
  10. Assassin

    is marquis an alt

    i was also there !!, I have also no knowledge about Le Marquis being an alt.
  11. Assassin

    Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    Just because DNP did not want to do what RDDN wanted to do that would make us saboteurs ? NB! the position as God is taken so you better lower your standard :-)
  12. Assassin

    Captains Log

    i was under the influenced of "captain Morgan" when i accidentally killed 50 of your crew Lars,,, does dam rum rations I say, sir The brits just love us Right :-)