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  1. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    The reason why the loss happened against prussia is very clear, you guys spawned with the wind in your face at C point never being capable of getting any of the capture zones and not playing for the objective. When I seen this, I knew right then and there it was an easy victory we didn’t have to try for... the way you could have made things better is reverse the spawn locations according to the battles wind. You should have had the surprise and mortar brig engage C point and spawn the main fleet at B then giving you the wind to have to fight the defending fleet and control the objective. Not doing this allowed prussia to not even have to try for victory. Battle coms was just fun and games.
  2. Player name display

    Yee please fix
  3. Notorious flag for people on a kill streak

    Basically zerg = mindless and you shouldn’t be rewarded for mindless pvp. Putting a target on a good players head for having s kill streak only creates more mindlessness. If you want to have notoriety maybe give reward for having s kill streak.
  4. Notorious flag for people on a kill streak

    The rest of the server does exactly what the enemy for me did, try and zerg. So what do you mean this doesn’t represent what the rest of the server does? If you zerg you don’t make as much reward as the smaller group.
  5. Notorious flag for people on a kill streak

    Basically ‘get good’ for better rewards.
  6. Notorious flag for people on a kill streak

    Well here is where you are wrong, joining the winning side leads to less reward already because you won’t get as much pvp marks for killing a single person. This is why ganking is a bad idea and I avoid doing such because I don’t like not getting as much reward as I could get elsewhere. However fighting outnumbered or even battles gives you more reward than a gank. Most of your average pvper consider ganking as a form of pvp for rewards, which infact means seal clubbing gives less reward vs fighting revenge fleet in outnumbered situations. Take this screenshot for instance, and guess how much reward I got.
  7. Little Harbour - Special Prussian Sale

    noobs to an RSC prime time port battle time? I don't agree
  8. Determined Defender Perk

    @admin I think what your looking for can be solved elsewhere, there is no way the attacking crew should in theory come aboard a defending ship safely all the time. In boarding process I’m sure the instance of “pulling” in real life would be a dangerous job. For instance 650 crew should not be able to happily climb aboard another ship with equal, more or less crew without some casualties. All 650 of that crew should not be capable of boarding safely. In preparation for boarding historically the ideal boarding scenario would be along side of the ship or from the stern. It was never safe to board a ship from the bow, etc. if you want some sort of anti boarding system implemented why not show percentage of a “safe boarding” based on the crew size and location of actually boarding and show an estimated amount of casualties in the boarding process. Basically if X captain wants to board Y captain then X captain should be able to board reguardless of the number of crew the enemy has. But there should be casualties in process depending on how much crew the Y captain has.
  9. Determined Defender Perk

    Go in depth for me @Slim Jimmerson 😅
  10. Determined Defender Perk

    I’m trying to understand what you mean, the hull, sail and guns being limited to one per slot or?
  11. Determined Defender Perk

    In a real life scenario wouldn’t the captain be blamed for not arming his crew with enough pistols and swords in combat? I believe if he survived it he would be hung for it.
  12. Determined Defender Perk

    Didn’t the USS Prince de Neufchatel send the HMS endymion packing in an extremely outnumbered situation in hand to hand combat? I don’t agree with it. If you fail boarding with 30% more crew and decide not to take boarding mods, that’s your own problem. Just make it to where small ships can’t push large hulks.
  13. Outlaw "nation"

    Yes I compare it to prussia because new players are told the same thing I told the new players of pirate nation then, “service garentees citizenship in the nation” if you don’t show your worth in this nation, you don’t belong here. Has nothing to do with how a new player plays game. It’s guiding the new player into not being the cancer the game created, 75% of top rank/level players in game run away from an even battle, this is due to the fact that they only did pve their entire time leveling up. You see, the way I help new players and the way you help new players is different. 90% of the players I help end up on combat news and pvp leaderboard every time they log in. Unlike you, you can’t claim this. Just as you wanted to act like you knew how I played my game I will act like I know how you play yours. Every new player you have defended or taught in some way has never been on pvp leaderboard in this pvp game. This goes for that 75% of the playerbase in game who can’t fight for themselves and teach the new players how to play naval action, this also pushes people away from game because naval action is not killing AI all day. There is no “action” in this.
  14. Outlaw "nation"

    I remember being the leader of the “outlaw pirate coalition” in pvp EU and we did infact kill everyone that moved out of Mortimer town who didn’t agree with what we thought pirate nation should be like (no care bear, full pvp, like Prussia) and it was fun for the longest time, but I know it wasn’t fun in the receiving end. But it was what we wanted to do to stop what pirates are now today, just a nation full of 90% carebears. When the outlaw battles were around on pvp EU that percentage was a lot smaller, the pirate safe zone was not the safest spot to be as a black flag nation sheep who disobeyed the laws the outlaw pirates set openly. It was more like a gang of people, 90% of the outlaws died by another pirate before joining the coalition after being offered to live as a pirate under what we considered the way a pirates life in game should be, living out of free towns, and attacking anything of value to us. I started this game after wipe just like everyone else with a pickle, surprise and indefigable with no guns no repairs and no money. The way me and my 15-20 clan mates got our stuff and money was from taking it from other players, mostly being pirates. We had no intention of building or crafting cannons and ships, we just wanted to get our materials we needed for hunting the only way that seemed fun to us. Everything we needed was in front of us, just was a risk to hunt for it instead of grinding AI to earn the cash to get the materials. Our guidelines were set and our way of settling score was a duel between eachother with other outlaws guarding the battle inside. This by far was the most fun I had in this game. I have over 6000 hours in game and all I’ve ever done was outlaw battles until recently when they removed it for the 2nd time. There is both good and bad in this. I do however miss it, It was a different gameplay most of you never experienced and it gave me more reason to play it. Yes toxicity happened a lot. But as with all pvp games, it’s all about the rivalry and content. 99% of pvp online games out there don’t end with a handshake in the end and I personally like this. But I understand some people exploited problems in the old outlaw mechanics and unfortunately it ruined a lot of people’s gameplay. Prussia seems to have the same effects I once enjoyed in the outlaw system, and I love it. But I don’t think it should come back until it is fixed to where all sides are happy. And unfortunately that doesn’t ever seem to happen.