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  1. Sea Fox

    Repair Balancing

    Reposted because I agree with every word
  2. Sea Fox

    DLC in the future?

    Yes top of my post,,, ships that are currently in the game or obtainable in the game
  3. Sea Fox

    DLC in the future?

    Will there be any ships added to the DLC (Downloadable Content)? I am pro DLC in general but really hate the 2 ships we have now. Might we get a 4th or 5th rate ship that currently exists (without being rediculously over powered)? I would (and others would) pay for such ships. LGV would sell sell sell.... I personally would like to see either the belle poule, trinc ,LGV refit or endy..... What is your position? Post Yes/No and name of ship that you would like to see in the DLC
  4. Ships are irrelevant. Only mods (precious mods - Gollum)
  5. Sea Fox

    Tow to Port

    Why not make tow to capital only like before? Or only to free port?
  6. Sea Fox

    Familiar friends

  7. Am just reposting this because...DAMN!! THOSE SUNSETS (AND SUNRISES)! This is one of the many things that make this game so immerssive!! I actually have a couple of good screenshots on my phone's and computer as a backdrop! I never knew it would possible to actually sail inside of oil painting! True art! ***Rant over*** Also William death, I know what those are on the Diana.....bring your ship to la tortue and I'll show you. Oh but I can show you if you have cannons or carros (ship must be empty) 😀😜
  8. Sea Fox

    LGV Refit (my new favorite!)

    Not really a clever concept to improve the game but instead a cheap shot. I'm so very impressed
  9. Sea Fox

    LGV Refit (my new favorite!)

    I took out a fleet of 3 indiamen (with help of my fleet) in open waters it was a two attacks. But yeah it's awesome. For me in a solo hunt I can go deep into enemy territory and hunt (and hide) and the ocean is my oyster
  10. Sea Fox

    LGV Refit (my new favorite!)

    I had a teak/teak one but was not fast enough. I decided to jump into a battle (herc vs basic cutter). Wasn't concerned about the ship (I was going to sell it) It took him an hour to kill me and if I had more than one fleet ship he'd be dead instead of me. But I learned a lot in the battle. Cannon balls bounce off quite a bit (even the fir/fir hold up decently.
  11. Sea Fox

    LGV Refit (my new favorite!)

    Well if its one thing we don't want in Naval Action, it's OP ships!.......oh.....wait......yeah......
  12. Sea Fox

    LGV Refit (my new favorite!)

    Love this ship! Questions to @admin Will there ever be other refits? Indiaman refit? Or maybe Tsnow refit? Why isn't it craftable? Suggestions.... Better profile upwind (take awy some speed downwind to Ballance Make it craftable OR give it at least one more slot Carronades please? This is the ship for me....I'll probably never said anything else (if so it will be rare.
  13. Sea Fox

    Best New Player Support Idea Yet! +1 -1 rank limit.

    Safe zones should be big and safe and good for nothing except guaranteed safety. That will encourage venturing out. Also combat missions or trade missions should be rewarded with high-dollar mods (precious mods - Golum). This will help players to learn the value of mods and maybe help them in battle. The plain truth of the matter is if you don't want to be ganked you need to be in a clan and run with people, or do like the solo player and find your own way to play alone and survive (also known as extreme difficulty level 11)
  14. Sea Fox


    I personally have never figured out how to outfit a ship to win against 3 to 5 pursuers
  15. Sea Fox


    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I'm not looking for sympathy. I do PVP alone and them successful. You just have to do as you say above. My point is always been that there should be more things to attract solo players that's all.