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  1. Sea Fox

    [ALOHA] Limited Clan Recruitment

    Bargle the wizard # 2864
  2. Sea Fox

    [ALOHA] Limited Clan Recruitment

    Considering......may or may not want me though.
  3. Sea Fox

    DLC's and game release.

    I'm not saying the Requin is OP but one caught me the other day even when I was teleporting from port to port.... ***rimshot***
  4. Sea Fox

    Proposal to change encyclopedias

    New people. And old players too I think the dlc will bring in more new players. I know the old guys and clumpers will buy obviously. Solo players will buy the dlc and new people will certainly buy it. We need more dlc. I think this game appeals to a niche type of customer and it is a somewhat small niche but it's niche with money.....not too sure dlc is being purchased by kids begging for Mommy and Daddy's credit card....rather by grown men (and women) with means to buy what ever they want to game wise
  5. Sea Fox

    Proposal to change encyclopedias

    Ok man, well that's just like your opinion 😎
  6. Sea Fox

    Proposal to change encyclopedias

    Salty jaded vets leaving is bad?
  7. Sea Fox

    Yearly/six month map wipe

    I don't RVR because "no teamspeak" and other reasons. I do follow it. And just from an outside opinion instead of a map reset why not have, say 1-3 HOT SPOTS? Like the cartegena tar port. Consider an announcement in the email to all players.... "Rumors of major copper viens discovered in xxxxx port". That port is now VERY valuable....after 3 months or so have it moved to another random port.... change cartegena caulk to something else and move it around the board every couple months. This would shake things up. Also the season times for this would have to be random and unknown
  8. Sea Fox

    Fix infinite chain on fleet ships, it is bullshit

    Well said Mr Death! (I'm still not over you sinking me though)😕
  9. Sea Fox

    Fix infinite chain on fleet ships, it is bullshit

    Ai fleets are strictly for for defense. They are too dumb to help in attacks
  10. Sea Fox

    Fix infinite chain on fleet ships, it is bullshit

    No. Ai fleet should stay the same...even add grape shot button! Fleets make rank mean something. I fleet 3 endys with my main endy... When I hunt I don't fear the gank squads as much....they may take a fleet (none have ever capped one yet only sunk them) but I escape almost always If mods applied to fleet actions they would be even more valuable prize to cap. Fleets slow and sometimes stop the predictable outcome of a solo sailor encountering ganksquads
  11. Sea Fox

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I think Outpost numbers should be increased across the board. I think Capitol Outpost should be "free" along with possibly two of your nation's Outposts and additional Outpost should depend on rank but we should have close to double the number we have now
  12. Sea Fox

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    With cartegna caulk and other type mods what does realism matter? When a Bellona can catch a renomee realism is suspended. Would this be good? Sure. But it will only make the 5/5 billionaire who burns PVP marks for firewood more powerful.
  13. Do away with mods. Make every ship 5 slots. Turn the mod or upgrade into a permanent installation of the newly crafted ship. Instead of cartajena tar upgrade it is built into the ship. Crafters can then build a totally customizable ship with different woods and different upgrade component features. Crafters will be happy and certain ship designs will actually be worth money. This will bring the ships value up higher than the upgrade value. As it is now you could sell a pretty good upgrade like cartajena tar and buy three or four very good ships. Not realistic at all