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  1. PVP marks = Brozene

    More than just that though, removing PVP marks and replacing them with pieces of eight makes the po8 actually worth something across the board...right now imaginary PVP marks are one of the highest coveted things in game....(under crazy high mods)
  2. Unequal battles

    This is the dirty little secret why paints are gone...because the ship slim posted would most definitely be painted back in the day and that would mark it as "avoid PVP" in the minds of those that know
  3. Unequal battles

    Agree with you 100% slim! And to anyone who says this ship or like ships are uncommon are dead wrong!
  4. Unequal battles

    🤣 How the hell do 6-7 billionaires run out of mats, labor hours or mods??? WTH?
  5. Fun PVP for everyone!

    Still 10 Aggies 😔
  6. Fun PVP for everyone!

    These are great changes! Wasn't a big fan of the PVP zones when they were here but I still went and I will go to the new ones. I am more excited about the hostility Mission changes which are going to turn this game inside out and in a fantastic way and a great New Direction!!!! When will this be implemented? When is Christmas coming? 😀
  7. Unequal battles

    I think another thing that would encourage people to get out is when and if @admin changes the hostility missions. I know for a fact that I would have any ship I could get ahold of doing hostility Missions at Little River this morning. Do I have a plan for report battle? Nope. But they would have to come out to stop me. Fun!!
  8. Unequal battles

    I forgot earlier. For one of the problems is the battle rating which I know is there for anti griefing but still. (And this may have been changed I don't know) but yesterday when I attacked that Bellona with my Renomee I had two Renomee in Fleet. This was the other reason that I started selling fleets to give me a high enough battle rating to do what I wanted to do. So many times I would see a bigger ship and just say f*** it, I may get sunk but I'm attacking this guy. Sail right up beside him hit the attack button and NO your battle rating is too low. WTH?? Five Guys with the battle rating of a thousand can attack me but I can't attack a higher up guy?
  9. Unequal battles

    I run into battle fearless (and get sunk alot) but I have fun....but I've landed on a Renomee for a main because is easy to get and fast....exp keeps me afloat....if theyre sailing towards me I'm in trouble if they're sailing away (like a Bellona did today) I will probably win... I didnt beat that guy in the Bellona but he could NOT beat me...not bragging because I know guys that can sink my Renomee with a cutter...but for me engaging in fights I may or may not win is fun and possible because I have a basic ship and a no mods....my suggestion to @admin to get people out there and stop a Bellona from running from a Renomee is this Mods are fine...but get rid of perm mods....increase ship knowledge to 8 slots or 10 (10 is a better number) You never lose these mods (no more 4 mil dollar mast mods) Move the perm mods into skilled book mods in the theme of planking and winged out ballast. The diversity of this game is one of it's selling points. A large number of slots allows you to outfit your ship.... A new guy might want 10 speed books on to help him get away. A PVPr may want attack and agility mods... A rage boarder may want all boarding mods....some may want equal portions to cover a little of everything. This combined with ship build and Cannon type and ship type makes every single ship unique and therefore every battle unique The fun will be in the experimentation of combination of mods (without fear of losing mods) on your ship to achieve your unique goal
  10. Brig should be the starting ship

    That is a bold claim. Will the exam tutorial teach which mods to put on ships?
  11. Port Battle timer cool down

    50 PVP marks sell for about 7.5 mil at the moment. I have seen them go for 400k per mark before
  12. Port Battle timer cool down

    50 PVP marks isn't even in the same ballpark as 1mil dollars PVP marks are Brozene.....get rid of them and make gold (which shouldn't be gold but pieces of 8) the main currency of the game
  13. Takes too long to sink with chain shot

    Cool. Welcome back...to a mess right now though lol
  14. Takes too long to sink with chain shot

    Seen you on earlier. When did you switch? Why did you switch?
  15. steam is not responding again

    Yes this is caused me to lose all 12 of my L'oceans, one of them was full of Victory marks but the other 11 were full of cartajena caulk and copper ingots. I hope admin can replace 😁