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  1. Bring back Paint

    Should only be available to rear admirals. Should only have the paint box opened on a fully unlocked ship. Should be equal to the cost of the ship it goes on
  2. Very good patch me thinks!!!!! Good job devs!!!
  3. Patch monday - urgent.

    Right ahoy will stay as owners Misteriosa of coarse... They are the best clan anyway 😊
  4. Patch monday - urgent.

    I can't get a straight answer about the future of misteriosa,..... I feel a disturbance in the force...... Clan Wars are coming....
  5. Patch monday - urgent.

    I was just informed on National chat that Aves will be a Freeport now did not see that earlier. Good move Devs, good move!! Aves... My new home 😀
  6. Patch monday - urgent.

    I just need a little clarification please. I have a shipyard and assets on Hat Island. Is it staying a Freeport?
  7. Why combat mark should be not link to craft

    This is greatest post I've seen in a long time!! Hardcore players WILL always find a way to succeed. People in clans will also (via the hardcore players in the clan). The casual player and solo players need market more like pre-may wipe. Thank you for this and get ready for player base to increase again.
  8. Hurricane Irma

    Stay safe headless...you still on pve us? Let me know when you get back
  9. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Also (and I know this isn't a battle ship) how about a fishing ship? A whaler? Something you could take to unmarked hotspots to pick up big money! Bullsharks and manta Ray's would be common catches and whales rare but BIG money!
  10. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    As a fan of the smaller ships this is my pick Enterprise is known as the third USS Enterprise (1799). It was built by Henry Spence at Baltimore, MD, in 1799. This schooner was also called "the Lucky Little Enterprise”, a 125 ton brig. USS Enterprise was changed, repaired and rebilt many times during its career between 1799 and 1823. It changed from a 12-gun schooner to a 14-gun topsail schooner and eventually to a 16-gun brig. USS Enterprise was commanded by many famous officers in the US Naval history and won many victories at various sites. To name a few, John Shaw (the Quasi-War with France), Andrew Sterett (the First Barbary War), and Stephen Decatur, Jr. (burning frigate Philadelphia).
  11. Why did players leave?

    Game needs safe zones. Like real safe zones that will sustain a new guy until rank right below captain, but to make captain they have to go out into the "real world" of PVP and RVR. Missions in safe zone should be scenario style missions (see Age of Empires) * Mission : accompany trade ship to Port. (Objective : trade ship must not sink or be captured) player spawns into mission with trader and attackers * Mission : support for battle in progress. (Objective : sink all enemy ships) * Mission : retrieve ship captured by pirates (Objective : bring ship back with minimal hull damage and bring pirate crew to justice. Demast ship!!) * Mission : retrieve ship captured by pirates at all cost. (Objective : capture ship by boarding) * Mission : escape! (Objective out run your attackers and escape!) Player spawns into mission mid battle with damage to his sails and minimum repair kits. All these and more could be set up as teaching missions to prepare players for the unforgiving pvp world and help graduate players to higher experiences
  12. Hostility and map rework All ports will be split into capturable and non-capturable - the amount of ports will represent gameplay difficulty on these original difficulty levels Spain easy Britain easy USA easy France medium Netherlands medium Pirates hard Denmark hard (only 3 uncapturable ports) Sweden very very very hard (only 1 uncapturable port) Will you now make it possible to switch nation's without being stripped of everything?
  13. Simple...the people that love PVP have to grind out 90% of their play time in PVE..... leveling up a ship....looking for phantom books....sailing iron fittings to BFE in order to try to make money all in an attempt to do that magical PVP for the remaining 10% of their time...
  14. This was the case when I first started over a year ago too. I nearly quit but switched to great Britain instead..best decision. I missed flying the stars and strips so before wipe I returned to US..... MISTAKE! Worse there now than before. But since allied ports are gone it is stupid hard. So I switched back to GB.... I'll probably stay.... actually I have no choice because that too has been taken away unless I want to sink another 1 year of my life into leveling up again.