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  1. I am us nation my son started playing Great Britain but he quit because he thought it was boring. He is now grounded 😁
  2. Am The Sea Fox on European...so not that I remember... But if you ever have I'm fresh out and would like some more please😁
  3. Pls do Something about Idiotic NPC Ship behavior.

    Oh absolutely! The sail mechanic now is spot on! Just need to teach ai how to sail it!
  4. PVP marks and victory marks make the strong stronger...it is an anti solo player/anti new player policy
  5. Pls do Something about Idiotic NPC Ship behavior.

    Ai fleet IS a part of PVP. Because the ai ships accompanying me in PVP are there to cover my retreat if I'm ganked. They sail like they're drunk...what good is the high point fleet perk if the Ai fleet ship sail away from the battle when commanded to attack?
  6. Answer : get rid of PVP marks
  7. Masts made of glass?

    Don't get me wrong I love the the idea of a demasting mechanic. It makes sense ads complexity and realism. Yes it is historically accurate and it is a critical tactic in battle. I'm going to go ahead and claim the mantle of "the most sunken player in the game" and I dare anyone to challenge me on that lol! As someone who has been sunk several times in every ship in almost every configuration I can tell you that yes, it was frustrating every single time but I love playing the game so much I go back build, Buy or cap another ship and go back for more! I realize there is a balance to be made between historical realism and gameplay and you developers have done a damn good job towards achieving that balance!! My complaint is this there is no fun in being demasted but that is part of the game. What I cannot stand is being demasted in a single broadside or les than 90 seconds when up against the ship of near equal battle rating. I feel like the scimitar wielding bad guy in Indiana Jones who has the big sword and it is trained his whole life to use it but gets shot by Jones and the battle is over. Now imagine being that guy times 50! It just isn't Fun. I play the game to have fun. I don't mind going up against guys that are going to kill me and knowing from the beginning of the battle that I'm going to get sunk. I would just like the ability on a 3 to 1 gank, to take one of them with me. Or to bring a ship to the brink of sinking before I die so that that guy will think twice before messing with me again. Demasting definitely should stay in the game but it needs work.
  8. Recently started collecting mod blueprints...I like speed so I started with crooked hull mod (for speed) You need crooked cedar to make this so I traveled to pitts town only to discover that the contract price there (at presumably the only Port that has it) was 75k per crooked cedar!! At a minimum of 10 pieces per bid it was going to cost nearly a million bucks to place a contract high enough (maybe) to win the 10 pieces of which I only need 5. The problem is the same problem that has haunted this game from the beginning in my opinion...this game appeals to the individual player but to get anywhere you MUST play as a group....can I afford these million dollar mods as an individual? Not as well as clans can.
  9. Masts made of glass?

    Thank you. I have winged out ballast book (although I'm not sure if it's available on all ships) and as far as mods go, I like them. I'm all for mods. But they should be there to help in one way or another they shouldn't be nessecary to overcome a broken mechanic...(also they are rediculously over priced and way too hard to get)
  10. Masts made of glass?

    It's not about survivability. It's about a game of demasting you don't have to sink, grape ,chain or board you just demast then do whatever from there. Was in a battle the other night in an oak frigate and got demasted by a fir endy before I could sink it. Now I did have his hull down to nothing.... That was through skill his demasting is through flawed game mechanic. He didn't even try to cover his Stern. He did not even try to avoid getting broadsided. He sailed without a care in the world because he knew he could take out my masts.
  11. Masts made of glass?

    I don't want to give up speed though
  12. Masts made of glass?

    Hats off to the Developers for wind and leeway mechanics. I think this has helped to slow down rage boarding that would end a battle in 90 seconds. All recent changes have been great improvements to the realism of the game and gameplay mechanics! Sometime ago the developers introduced demasting which was very easy. It was unpopular and unrealistic and and so they made necessary tweaks which perfected it. But for some reason we went back to the old system of "Toothpick thin masts". I don't understand why we went back. Is there a better solution than keeping the current mechanic?. Would it be possible to cause the sales to stick in a tacked position (like a damaged rudder)? There are very few flaws left in the game PVP wise but this is definitely one of them in my opinion
  13. WASA why so over powered?

    I've heard several people say the in game model of the WASA is an accurate representaion of the real thing and of that time period. If this is true (I'm not an expert) then I wouldn't want it nerfed. The realizism in this game is it's soul. BUT can it not stay the same but maybe go the way of the santa cicilia? Or the rattlesnake? Couldn't the really badass ships be put in a special category and hard as heck to obtain? This way 90% of the ships in game won't all be WASA'S! This seems like the best option. But please please please don't make "elite" ships obtainable thru PVP marks! That's rediculous.
  14. The Waffa can't poffibly uncurr anything that makef it leff than a Fuperfhip!!