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  1. Poll

    Also when I sail backwards it leaves me open to boarding and I never win boarding ever
  2. Poll

    Would you recommend a ship that could support both carronades and long cannons like a trincomalee? And do you think the trinc can catch one?
  3. Poll

    If it's two Pirate frigates you run but you get caught anyway. If it's one you can attempt to fight but they will get close enough that thier carronades will do more damage than your long cannons because they're faster than any other ship. Then it's boarding mini game time. Pray tell how do you sink them?
  4. Poll

    Well looks like the WASA wins. Which I never engage a Wasa when I'm out hunting. They are hard as hell to outrun but at least I can out run them. The pirate frigate on the other hand There Is No Escape from LOL. I know from experience that can catch a fir/fir/gazelle renomee and I'm Pretty sure they can catch a Lynx upwind 😁.... So for my vote since it is the "inescapable ship" the rat frig is more op
  5. Poll

    Which ship is more over powered? WASA. PIRATE FRIGATE
  6. PVP marks

    Tip on how to earn massive amounts of PVP marks 1. Travel with a buddy(s) and learn how to rage board and play a silly mini game. (Three four or more against one is best) 2 Travel to capital where noobies hang out. Mercilessly kill newbies with a marauding vengeance!!! (Very similar to let's say, clubbing a seal) 3. Achieve PVP marks along the way... upgrade your ship to the max... 4. If a true skilled sailor appears with his fully unlock ship and PVP experience.... DO NOT ENGAGE!!! (Unless you have a team of two or more) 5. Players that rely on their skill instead of seal clubbing and ganking will have less PVP marks and therefore less upgrades than you so you have an advantage!! P.S. I almost forgot you want to go to Kingston Port Royal. It is the best capital for flogging newbies. Don't forget to have a Brit Alt to help you along the way. Follow all these steps and you too can call everyone else who plays the game without doing these tactics Care Bear!
  7. Please fix

    Cant shoot rigging if they are emediatly upon you unloading charged carronades. Boarding should not be possible until sails are at 80% or less and they need to please please please fix boarding!!! Combat should last longer than 2 minutes
  8. Please fix

    How to win at naval action : Build a fir/fir pirate frigate. Speed mods Carronades Boarding mods Run away from all ships that can take you. When facing an apponent that can out gun your paper thin ship, sail close enough to board. Blast away with carronades and or board.... Battle over in 2 minutes..... opponent will be busy the next day and half gathering resources and building ship for next 2 min rematch. Boarding game is awesome!!!! Sailing skills mean nothing...ship build means nothing.....boarding game is all that matters Your welcome
  9. PVP marks

    Please stop Although all the recent changes to the game have been 100% fantastic, the PVP marks are a bad idea. Go back to combat Mark only. Simply double the experience and double the combat marks for PVP. PVP marks discourage solo players and encourage farming with alts and Friends
  10. Great changes! Just one question, will shroud cay become a Deepwater port?
  11. Bring back Paint

    Should only be available to rear admirals. Should only have the paint box opened on a fully unlocked ship. Should be equal to the cost of the ship it goes on
  12. Very good patch me thinks!!!!! Good job devs!!!
  13. Patch monday - urgent.

    Right ahoy will stay as owners Misteriosa of coarse... They are the best clan anyway 😊
  14. Patch monday - urgent.

    I can't get a straight answer about the future of misteriosa,..... I feel a disturbance in the force...... Clan Wars are coming....