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  1. Credit where credit is due

    A compliment from Pancake is like a promotion from Stalin. Congrats...but sleep lightly. Hehe. All joking aside agree completely. I was zooming around myself yesterday with the cam and was super impressed. Good job, devs.
  2. Do we still need a wipe?

    I vote wipe... new player retention at release will be much higher and reviews much better without new players coming in against vets with 20 billion gold and the Spanish Armada in their warehouses. Just my opinion. And no, I don't wanna lose all my crap either, but we were told from the beginning, and I knew it when I signed the dotted line. No complaints here either way.
  3. USS Constitution

    Buddy of mine who is a connie expert currently solos in a teak/fir connie and rapes with it. He says he doesn't get stern camped by fifths anymore. For what little that's worth. I'm godawful in the connie... only advice I can give is what insults to shout while sinking.
  4. First impressions to a new player

    Welcome to the game Captain, and well said. Thanks to new players giving input, the devs will know which way to aim to help our new captains and ultimately grow the game. Thanks for taking the time to do this. If you are on pvp2 and ever need anything, shoot me a message (Werwolf) and I would be glad to help.
  5. Is this okay?

    Variety is the spice of life. If people want to sacrifice health for speed, why not? They are no worse than people who sacrifice speed for health. But I understand, if things don't go your way, then we are all just idiots who want OP ships (that you can just as easily build). Sounds like someone got dusted off too many times riding around in their floating fortress and is now butthurt.
  6. Is this okay?

    Their historical speeds... you find that crazy?
  7. Is this okay?

    Oh and I agree btw, it's easy to post in a selfish way and sound like a jerk, so I should also say that yes, it did mostly fix gank squads... but surely there is a happy medium?
  8. Is this okay?

    Speed cap is the biggest reason I no longer play. It was more fun when you could build a glass ship that could haul ass... it required you to play chess. Only another glass ship could get you, or if you were stupid in your tags and had the wind against you. Now, thanks to the whiners, we have red vs blue with cookie cutter ships that can be midden to the gills but still go the same damn speed as a ship twice it's size.
  9. Uninstalling

    Don't let it hit ya where the good Lord split ya
  10. You know what, not even worth my time. Plus, Henry is probably tired of cleaning up messes. Let's just agree to disagree. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your nether regions, bilge sweeper!
  11. Thanks Jeheil! Been wondering about Legends. Looks promising.
  12. Yep, looks like you were right. I eat my words, captain.
  13. Way to make assumptions based on zero evidence.
  14. So if someone teleports to nearest friendly port, you want to end their game play for 3 hours? Good god, I sure am glad you aren't a dev.