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  1. Should cannons weigh a lot more?

    Sounds idiotic but... I never realized how much cannons actually weigh. Holy crap.
  2. Tow request

    Less ships in OW means less content. If you can't be bothered to sail in a sailing game, may I suggest call of duty?
  3. The Praise Thread

    I love how you determine your own fate. Every decision you make changes the course of things a little bit. You make your own objectives, and cross paths with others on their own missions, then emergent gameplay happens... two opposing captains attempting to outfight and outsmart each other. The PVP in this game is a super addictive drug that no other game has ever come close to touching. A grand chess match where every pawn counts. The devs put it all in your hands and let the chips fall where they may. As much bitchno that goes on around here, you can look and see the devs listen to us and try to do what is best for the game. I'm in for the long haul.
  4. Rattlesnake + Gunboat + Paints

    Hodo is great. He is a sour crabapple like me, but make no mistake, Hodo loves the game. It's why he bitches so much. He and I have had plenty of arguments and heated insult ridden debates here, but ultimately I know he is just passionate. I'd go to sea with Hodo any day.
  5. Outposts & dock space

    This. Sure you pay the posting fee, but it's not much considering. And who knows, some dummy might buy it.
  6. Outposts & dock space

    It is a one time investment though. Think of it as yet another challenge to fulfill to consider yourself well off.
  7. Lol, if you can't understand the concept of Alpha/everything is subject to change and WILL change, you should probably just wait until release.
  8. Um, yes, the game is still in Alpha. Also, have you ever heard of periods? They break up sentence structure quite nicely and make you look like less of a dumbass, especially while ranting pointlessly.
  9. For the first time in almost a year, I can't wait to get off work and play some NA. What the hell is wrong with me? Good job devs!
  10. Hardcore RvR for the Pirates

  11. The Game is Great

    I love this game too. I am so salty with my words because they are born of passion. I know the devs love the game too, or they would have bailed on us bunch of whiny babies long ago.
  12. Here is an example. I am trying to train a few of our new guys manual sailing, via VOIP and a secure sailing area where the ai wont escape after a few minutes. Somewhere I can walk them through the nuances of manual sailing, heeling, different gunnery modes.... I need to be able to simulate a target via my own ship in several different situations to train them on how to react. You cannot do this easily in OW, and green on green penalties, other people joining the mission, etc.... there is not a single valid excuse or replacement for a clan training ground.
  13. If nothing else, give clans a dueling room for training their noobs, practicing their clan maneuvers. The fact that we can't train together is absurd.