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  1. Because the playerbase is full of toxic kids that will find a way to grief anything and everything that isnt protected by the rules.
  2. AI needs to be turned down about 30%. No joke. It's utterly retarded how buffed you've made them.
  3. Werewolf

    AI Angles

    How about nerfing the AI in general? An AI surprise took over a quarter health off of my Live Oak/White Oak L'Hermione from about 200 meters in ONE broadside where I was angled away at about 30 degrees, reloaded almost twice in the time it took me to reload once, and then upon boarding, oh magically, it had almost 100 Marines. Not to mention the stupid angles they shoot at, the whole "spacebar" individual shots into your stern at 200+ meters that almost never miss... I mean come on, how overpowered do you have to make them before you say okay, enough? I've seen several new players now take on ships their size or a little smaller, get absolutely blasted out of the water, and quit. Is this what you were after? Why not just make every single AI do the damage of a 1st rate without telling anyone, hello kitty it. May as well go all in if you're gonna make overpowered AI. EDIT: Yes, I'm salty. We've lost some good guys because of this crap. Deal with it.
  4. And that's fine, and is a totally logical request. I was simply stating my personal (read: doesn't matter) opinions on it.
  5. Again though, in my personal case, I don't spend any kind of resources or anything on my DLC ships. I view them only as cheap throwaway fun, I don't attempt to actually be competitive with them. I can see where your points stand for people that want to be competitive in their DLC ships, but I guess in my specific case I don't care about having a superior ship, etc. I was always told that in this game, the better captain wins, not the better ship. Whether or not that's true is a whole different debate... but if you're not going out to win in the first place, the DLC ships are quite fun. I like to do things in them I'd never do in a hard earned ship. Most of the things I have learned in this game, I learned from my losses.
  6. You really think game development is that simple, don't you. Just hop in the code, change a few things, and poof, magical solution! If it was a simple one hour job, don't you think they would have fixed it long ago? Cmon, man. Use your head and stop being an ass.
  7. As a DLC owner, I appreciate that the DLC ships are just quick throwaways I can redeem every 24 hours. I am glad they do not get the port bonuses. Keep DLC ships in their place. People who gather the materials and spend the labor hours SHOULD have an advantage over me, a lazy guy that just clicked a button and a ship magically appears at my docks. DLC ships for me are great for practice/training/trying new stuff without much fear of losing, since the only valuables I am losing are my guns and repairs.
  8. Agree. May as well change the name from Naval Action to Clan action. Solo players are effectively killed off.
  9. I'd SWEAR that this was possible at one time... I remember narrowly catching a trader because I saw him with 30 seconds or so left on my logout timer, clicked on him, realized it was a player, avoided the logoff and chased him. I wonder when this changed and why? Can confirm it no longer works for me as well.
  10. This right here. Stop turning Naval Action into Clan Action.
  11. Looks like a pretty solid patch with some good changes. I'm scared now....
  12. I thought I'd be more upset at learning all my rank/XP would be wiped, but I'm really not that upset. Some of the most fun in this game I've had was working my way up through the ranks and ships. A sadistic part of me looks forward to being forced to sail a Mercury or a Snow again. As with all things in this game, I"ve learned to not judge until the actual event happens. Try not to get upset, just roll with the flow. Stop playing til release if you need to, but give it a fair shake on release. And no, I don't have ten hours a day to play this game, I work 12 hour shifts, six days a week. I don't mind having to spend time to gain levels though, it gives the game longevity. Just my two cents.
  13. I do a lot of that already Macjimm, but if you say you're successful as a solo sailor, then perhaps I need to alter my gameplay. You wrote a few things that I do not do, so I will work on trying those things and changing up the way I play. I've done the same things for a long time now because it used to be a proven formula, and through the patches I have changed some stuff, but apparently not drastically enough. I will take your advice and run with it.
  14. I can't explain exactly how or why admin, but that simply isn't the case. A year and a half ago, I was a solo pirate and one of the most feared sailors in the Atlantic/eastern seaboard. I flourished, I had ships out the wazoo, stolen cargo, money.... you name it, I had it. Now, all it seems to be is 5 vs 1... all the time, every time. I will gladly take on up to three people, and win over half the time whether it's through outright destruction, or some destruction and some evasion. All it is now though is one guy vs half of an entire Navy it seems. Everything you just listed does nothing for a solo player, it does something for ALL players. I'm not asking for a crutch just because I want to sail solo. All I am asking for is that some of the old balance come back, where it was actually possible to be a solo player without dedicating your entire life to the game. I logged over 1500 hours my first year in game... then, whatever it was that changed to make solo sailing so impossible happened. I have put in maybe 100 hours in the last year and a half, MAYBE. I hate presenting a problem without an idea for a solution, but to be 100% honest with you I'm not entirely sure what is causing the problem. What you said sounds great and all.... but if you really don't know where my statement came from, you don't play your own game. No offense.
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