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  1. Werewolf

    New Boarding patch

    Think I'd rather just quote this, raise my hook hand, and say AAAAYE! Well said, Slim.
  2. Werewolf

    New Boarding patch

    My feedback. Very interesting change, it did cut down a lot on small rates stern camping 4ths and up.. it also made people a lot more cautious, if they were evenly matched or close to it. However, I do think the max boarding speed needs to be lowered maybe closer to 5 knots or so, MAYBE 6 tops. By making the needed speed so high, it effectively kills close haul chess matches... what I mean is, I have found myself in situations quite a bit where your abilities and knowledge of your ship when closehauled vs someone else at close range is effectively neutralized now... It's basically hit 8 knots or less and rageboard. What about the big guys in their 3rd to 1st rates? I don't sail those ships but rarely, but I know a lot of regular Bellona and L'Ocean sailors who are very upset right now because they're basically at risk no matter where they are unless its a medium/speed build. Tank build? Fuhgedduhboudit! I do like some of the changes this interesting test has brought, but I think it's a bit extreme, and killing Determined Defender is a bad idea. A lot of people suck at boarding and relied on Determined Defender to give them a fighting chance of getting away against some of the highly efficient and experienced captains running about, at least until so beat down that you knew you were going to lose anyways. TL;DR I like the gameplay style changes in people, but it has killed large rate sailing, close haul battling, and anyone in a tank build. It also screws Determined Defender perked captains hard with no recourse. I would think closer to a 5 or 6 knot max boarding speed would be better.
  3. Most of us don't care, it's the ones that rely on them because they need the extra edge to be competitive that are mad that they might lose their crutches. The rest of us never worried about the crutches to begin with because we assumed they would be toned down anyways, so it's really no big deal if they stay or go.
  4. Not exactly what I was getting at, but okay. Sure, give me a diploma. Give me a diploma for just playing the damn game, not grinding, since it hasn't even been released yet. Only an idiot grinds in a beta. The slots and books come naturally. Any other clever little quips you'd like to grace us with, genius?
  5. Some of us were smart enough to not grind for some overpowered books until actual release, because we understood anything is subject to change regardless of what the devs said. Some of us are skilled enough that we don't need said books to back us up in combat so there was never a big deal about grinding them in the first place.
  6. It's not what I say about betas, it's the very definition of a beta, dude. Come off your high horse. With all those demands and Conditions, you'll never be happy. Why don't you go ahead and just leave and let those of us who actually understand what beta means finish testing the game until release? Acting like sinking an AI is such an offensive travesty... lmao. Yeah, you should probably just go ahead and pack your bags. I had no idea you were such an easily offended little snowflake. I don't care if you've gamed for 100 years.... you obviously still have NO clue what beta means.
  7. Werewolf

    PvP or Prey?

    Solo hunter. I'm not afraid of a fair fight, but I prefer quick kills, since I am solo and don't want to face the entire enemy navy every time I fight. I like to dart in, snatch a nice fat juicy lamb from the edge of the herd, and retreat into the darkness from whence i came to have my meal. My excitement comes from the chase, the kill, and the resulting rush of trying to clear the scene before the inevitable gank squad shows up to hose me down.
  8. Erm, ni. That's not how beta testing works when you purchase a game that CLEARLY states it's in beta, and subject to change and wipes. I agree with you it would SUCK to lose that knowledge, but I've seen admin say from day ONE "expect the worst". I don't know how much more plainly descriptive they can be. Your reward is the reduced price you got it at, and the hours of fun you've had. You also have a leg up on those who purchase at release through your experience. I've sailed against you a few times and you're one hell of a sailor.
  9. Did you forget you are a beta tester and EVERYTHING is subject to change without notice?
  10. Werewolf

    Damage and sinking

    Ugh. Now that I've seen it, I can't unsee it. Thanks for ruining E:TW for me LOL
  11. Werewolf

    Poll results are in

    Oh just nerf it into oblivion already so we can move on to the next meta.
  12. Werewolf


    Wow, what a piece of crap. Sorry for your tremendous loss, Crusty.
  13. Werewolf

    Success as a solo player

    Boy howdy, triggered much? Dipstick... that's funny. You can always tell when you hit that soft spot on people and they don't want to admit you're right. I graduated middle school many, MANY years ago, so if you have an actual argument to present then please present it and drop the little boy insults, little boy. If you really don't understand the concept that a TRUE solo player in this game is an unclanned player.... there really are no words to explain to you. Some people don't want to wear a CLAN tag. Some people wish to remain UNCLANNED. These people are EXCLUDED FROM MAJOR PORTIONS OF GAMEPLAY because they don't want to wear someone else's CLAN TAG. There isn't a CLAN out there that is okay with you wearing their tag and NEVER participating in their CLAN activities, therefore removing your status as a SOLO player. Do you understand now, stupid?
  14. Werewolf

    Success as a solo player

    This mentality is supremely stupid. I bet if solo players had an edge over clan players, you whined, and we're told well, it's your choice to be part of an organization, you wouldn't like that now would you?
  15. Werewolf

    Near empty PvP Zones

    Tried them, got ganked by a bunch of smack talking kids in third rates against my solo Surprise three times in three nights. No thanks.