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  1. SirAlatriste

    News stat - absorption

    Meh... This is more or less the same thing when you hit the enemie with 0-50% of his armor HP.
  2. SirAlatriste

    Pints & drawings

    Hello devs, I saw a Twitter account which can maybe help you in the new UI development. As I could see in some of your screenshoots of the new UI and in the OW UI, I have seen same tone/shade in some of the pictures of this account: https://twitter.com/BL_prints/media Have a good day!
  3. SirAlatriste

    [pictures] the complete guide to ship-skins [Update 9.97]

    Yeah I know. I tried to said both at same time, not same DLC mate
  4. SirAlatriste

    [pictures] the complete guide to ship-skins [Update 9.97]

    I want the skins back, with the DLC flag. This will be my best game so far.
  5. Maybe some news soon? Thank you mate!
  6. Maybe if the devs make all the updates (economy, crafting and misions), bring another DLC (Flags and maybe more outpost) and even more changes at same time (more ships, more mechanics, a better UI, new nation (?),...) the players won't care about a released game's wipe.
  7. SirAlatriste

    Radio Macuto

    @Admiral Horatio Hornblower lo de hacer propaganda contra España ya nos lo sabemos, deberías usar otro procedimiento si quieres fastidiarnos. Lo de que los 7UP sean los que lideren la facción no me importa en absoluto: España siempre tuvo extranjeros entre sus filas y en altos cargos. El saber no conoce de países.
  8. SirAlatriste

    Sterncamping realism - possible solution

    This mechanic was implemented of Napoleon Total War's game. I agree with this suggestion.
  9. SirAlatriste

    Radio Macuto

    Totalmente de acuerdo, al parecer es así.
  10. SirAlatriste

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    An update of this plsss
  11. SirAlatriste

    Fernando Sánchez de Tovar, el héroe ignorado.

    Gracias Sento.
  12. SirAlatriste

    Reinforcement zone for top 2 nations?

    I prefer a fleet port. Which is paid by the clan.
  13. SirAlatriste

    Radio Macuto

    Sí, confirmado. Con Sin Perdón, antiguo FLEKI.
  14. SirAlatriste

    Radio Macuto

    Se ha marchado a piratas la oveja negra, Macho Alpha.
  15. SirAlatriste

    [suggestion] Rottin' wood

    Is a good idea, but for a more developed game, not in this alpha.