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  1. Fletch67

    [suggestion] Not So Empty Bottles change

    OK I so reading it carefully, we mean the wreck is only visible on the map to the owner of the bottle, but the wreck is visible and can be looted by anyone in the open world if they come across it by chance? If that's the case it sounds good. It might encourage exploration something really lacking in this game at the moment.
  2. Fletch67

    The Art of the Grapple (Boarding Improvements)

    I don't mind the boarding game if im honest. Could be some animations with it but I don't think its that bad.
  3. Fletch67

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    How about when you attempt to pull a ship its a percentage chance of success witch is rolled. While the number of crew on each side are factored in. Thus less chance for a successful pull when outnumbered. If the pull fails both sides should take a few crew casualties, If the fail was a very poor roll the attacker should loose quite a few crew representing them getting beaten back. Level of prep could also be factored in. If the pull is a success then its played out as it is.
  4. Fletch67

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Its done to stop it being abused not for realism. Its the same principle as using BR on pulling ships into open world battles. How can you make boarding turned based when the rest of the battle around the two ships is in real time? Might be 20 other ships in the battle that can sail up and sink you while your involved in a turn based game.
  5. Fletch67

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Unless I got the wrong end of the stick. Determined defender has nothing to do with the ship size, its dependent on the number of crew, You couldn't board a cutter in a first rate if you both had the same crew. I don't see much of a problem with it if I am honest although I think it could be 20% more crew needed to board,
  6. Fletch67

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    I don't see the problem with it. You only get 5 perk slots, It used to happen in game, ships would sink from ramming or suffer very severe damage, I used to enjoy it but I have seen friendly ships sink each other in battles and stuff. I guess it got removed because they don't like the idea of a low skilled player in his chip shop frigate ramming the elite pvpr in their solo pimped up seal clubbing mobile. Would be like having unlimited chain all over again.
  7. Fletch67

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Boarding was being abused though, A boarding action was being initiated with no chance of success, but to hold the bigger ship in place while friends graped it down. So it was used simply to lock a ship down. Determined defender simply says your crew would be beaten back by the bigger crew on the bigger ship before it made it over the side.. I would like to see it taken further, pulling a ship should incure casualties on both sides in proportion to crew size and preparation, If you try and rage aboard a ship with determined defender it should cost you a lot of crew to pull it.
  8. Fletch67

    Please for the love of god please fix loot mechanics....

    Your right, but how many new players have a lost a ship by being boarded after approaching a ship before it was fully sunk.
  9. Fletch67

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    The teleport system should be enough on its own. Its bad enough people can port around at will but I get the fact it might be needed with a low player base. I don't agree with ship towing though even if it is once a day.
  10. Fletch67

    Tutorial feedback 2

    You can run away for 20 mins and repair twice if your real bad takes time but once your fixed up come back and finish the other, its important to keep shooting the same side of the ship rather than both sides, but never sit side by side trading broad sides unless he is nearly done. Keep turning while your loading then come back in for another shot.
  11. Fletch67

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    That's fine but does it justify removing other content? Why have PVP patrol missions when you can simply kill people on the open world? Removing stuff and forcing people into ever more narrow minded game play is a huge mistake. There is no wrong or right way to play the game witch is why its important to have as much choice and as much things to do as possible. Instead of constantly removing the little content we have how about adding some more?
  12. Fletch67

    Duellist Perk

    Then of course its going to be abused by people wanting to escape open world trouble.
  13. Fletch67

    Duellist Perk

    Why not simply allow one person to duel another person as long as they are not of the same nation? If both parties accept they enter an instantly closing battle.
  14. Fletch67

    RvR Diplomacy

    It was terrible and bored most people to death.
  15. Fletch67

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    What about fleet missions? Fleet missions are good they encourage interaction with others and require a bit of thought and encourage team play. They are also fun for the new player. I just don't get why people want to try and remove stuff from the game when we should be adding more content and not taking away what little there is.