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  1. Fletch67

    Mission changes

    We all know it reinforcements only work if you know how to use them correctly, If you know what you are doing you will stay close and always bring the reinforcement ship into play. Most people though will try and run and the reinforcement ship will be stuck upwind miles away from the action
  2. Fletch67

    Mission changes

    You wont have any newbies left before long witch is why I guess more PVE content is being added to get some back. For too long everyone has listened to the PVP brigade about green zones and how it should be easier to kill new players. Who you going to kill when there are no noobs left? Oh yeh it will be like the PVP patrol zones , you know the place PVPrs were meant to PVP yep empty. Instead of constantly trying to get people out the green zone why not look at getting more people into the pvp zones.
  3. Fletch67

    Hugging exploit

    We all know in reality Musket fire from the big ship firing downwards would see off smaller ships that got along side. To implement that though would be a passive skill and the devs don't like passive skills because its too much of a field leveller.
  4. Fletch67

    Grief Fleets

    Anyone can get out of any battle instantly by surrendering, otherwise its not world of warships.
  5. Fletch67

    Devs, you must see this video.

    Looks like an arcade game. Fit for a consol perhaps like xbox but not a PC game.
  6. Fletch67

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    Port battles for the most part have always excluded the casual player, if anything the DLC ships will give casual players a ship that can hold its own and they might get inside one. People were only ever allowed in with the current meta ship complete with the meta mods in the past. Lost of people saying the new ships kill diversity. Was it any different when battles were 25 V 25 ingas ? or 25 v 25 Mercs? then 25 V 25 Heavy rattles?
  7. Fletch67

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    Why don't NPC ships attack player ships from another nation on contact? It used to happen a long time ago. People want the safe zones removed but how unrealistic is it that they can sit outside a nation capital and not get attacked by NPC fleets? So instead of having safe zones why not have danger zones for capital campers and any NPC ship that spots them attacks them on sight and yes the open world speed of these ships should be on a par with players. The battle should remain open also so other people can help the NPCs with the capital camper
  8. Fletch67

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    There are too many experienced clans who would rather worry about their pvp reputation and results rather than recruit new players and get them out the green zone. Most new players have been seal clubbed so many times by the time they do get away from the new player nations or green zones, that the first thing they do is return and do exactly the same thing that was done to them, because its all they really know. Very few highly skilled clans want to take on other highly skilled clans instead it seems like there is a competition to who can post screen shots of the most lop sided victories and against the odds wins in a smug way.
  9. Fletch67

    La Requin nerf needed

    I would say be happy people are pumping money into the game and enjoying themselves. The only nerf I would make is to make it redeemable once a week rather than every 24 hours.
  10. Fletch67

    La Requin nerf needed

    It is fun. Its a lot less tedious than saving and spending pvp marks in the admiralty shop too. It will also give newer players a decent fall back ship to learn the ropes on and experiment with. If anything the amount of pvp will go up. I highly recommend getting one.
  11. Fletch67

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    I don't want any artificial help making fair fights. There needs to be protection for new players and that's it. I couldn't give a toss if a fight is fair or not you win some you loose some. Is one person in a Bellona with book of five rings and other top mods against another person in a Ballona without all the tops mods fair just because its one V one? Very little is fair in the open seas and that's how it should remain for me.
  12. Fletch67

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    I don't think you need to be on coms to win or loose, you just need to know where your ship should be before its to late. Most people wont pull out of harms way soon enough, and they wont close in for kill when the time is right. Coms helps but it don't beat common sense or basic awareness of where you should be. Most the British defeats are quite simply people allowing themselves to get picked off one by one without supporting each other or staying close together. Instead they get sucked into their own little battles and sunk one at time. Not always but I seen it happen. If you have superior fire power you need to make it count rather than spreading it out all over the map.
  13. Fletch67

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    This sums up the state of the game nicely. I have seen many of the so called elite pvp gankers crying like bitches when they finally get caught by revenge fleet. Quite happy to slaughter noobs all day, finally run out of luck and they all cry like bitches complaining about lack of a fair fight. Even some of the best players out there cant help turning into cry baby when the luck finally runs out.
  14. Fletch67

    Naval Action needs a good story.

    The game is gorgeous, but a bit too elitist in my opinion. Its as if new players are simply needed as fodder I think pvp marks conquest marks and other currency simply excludes people who refuse to be forced down a certain play style road. It should be fine to forge a non pvp career on the pvp server, by that I mean trading exploring and of course defending yourself when needed without feeling forced to go out kill for the sake of it. Different nations could offer rewards for different play styles. Would like to see rare loot only drop from rare NPC spawns like named mobs in other games rather than sell in some pvp mark shop. So good game for me but I would like to see more content added rather than constantly messing with the existing stuff.
  15. Fletch67

    Incentive for nations to own more towns.

    Why do players need to own all the ports? If there was no cost in ownership some one would steam roller the entire map. Remember how it was before? Nations owning half the entire world and ports constantly swapping hands with no defence because the empires were so large and many ports became meaningless.