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  1. Busterbloodvessel

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Ship Ratings 1st Rate not 1th Rate 2nd Rate not 2th Rate 3rd Rate not 3th Rate I have F11'd this in the past. This refers to the Combat order screen in OW. Buster (4th rate)
  2. Busterbloodvessel

    Exact X & Z co-ordinates for the ports on the map

    Fantastic, thank you. Buster (Christmas Day!)
  3. Busterbloodvessel

    Exact X & Z co-ordinates for the ports on the map

    I know, but not what I am looking for. Only maps I have seen give X,Y to 3 significant figs in 1000's, I would like the exact values to one decimal place. But the co-ordinate is not exactly the same as the port if you use the trader tool you will see that the port exit position is 1k from the port, try it. Thanks anyway. Buster
  4. Busterbloodvessel

    Exact X & Z co-ordinates for the ports on the map

    But the co-ordinate is not exactly the same as the port if you use the trader tool you will see that the port exit position is 1k from the port, try it.
  5. Can anyone supply or tell me where I can find the Exact X,Z co-ordinates for the ports please? Ta. Buster (treasure map)
  6. Busterbloodvessel

    Reinforcements update

    Wow, book writers corner in this thread! Buster (Zzzzzzz.....)
  7. Busterbloodvessel

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Like it, all this talk of game magic is very concerning. Buster Potter (Huff and Puff)
  8. Busterbloodvessel

    biggest issues, safezone, pvp events and rvr

    Not sure what you mean, but I just did Buster (unsure but definite)
  9. Busterbloodvessel

    biggest issues, safezone, pvp events and rvr

    How about ships in PvP patrol zone only being eligible to take part if they were off-the-rack vessels (not player manufactured) bought from the nearest Freeport. these ships would be pre-fitted with cannons. To take part in the Patrol you buy a Patrol Zone permit for the day which allows you to replace each Freeport ship that gets sunk at no extra charge, but only one at a time and no selling. At reset all Unsunk Patrol Zone ships are recovered from players. This could be trialled for one Patrol Zone and would be a simple way for new players to learn PvP without the heavy cost and a negative feeling of loss. Might also offer a possibility for the developers to trial new ship designs which would be an added attraction. Buster (Sail-a-Bucket LTD.)
  10. Busterbloodvessel

    The Bile Pile

  11. Busterbloodvessel

    The Bile Pile

    A place for small minded posts. Buster (HUGE HEAD, just empty)
  12. Busterbloodvessel

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    Perhaps the green zone should be preserved for the new players to avoid easy PvP harvesting. The thought being that green zones should only apply to players up to a certain rank such that they can experience the delights of the game before they get throttled in their home harbour. In such circumstances AI reinforcement should revert to first rates on all occasions to deter the unscrupulous PvP green zone sniper. To identify Willy the low rank enemy player in the green zone perhaps either: his nation tag could appear green rather than red when he is identified or, perhaps fly some sort of open world reinforcement flag (green?) making it the responsibility of the attacker to check his risk; with attacks in the dark in the green zone being very dangerous. When attacked, ARSE the higher ranking player gets no AI reinforcement whatever at any time. If a higher ranking player is attacked in the green zone then this should not drag in Willy the low ranker, Willy must choose to join a battle after the incidence starts and with no reinforcement. By 'high ranking' I think this should apply to the top two ranks in each nation only. The last 120,000 XP points take a little bit longer! Buster (Choose, is it Red ARSE or Green Willy)
  13. Not enough information here. 'To avoid losses we recommend to convert all materials to final products'. Implies that we should all stop crafting resources / trading and use up what we have for the next 20-30 days (or is it likely to be 100-150 days!). Is it really going to be that drastic or just a slight adjustment with a loss of a percent or two in conversions? Let's have the full picture please, if logs won't have a loss or gain which items/materials/resources will? Buster (same old same old)
  14. Busterbloodvessel

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    Yes let's tax all the players that don't want to do PvP to buggery. That'll make them love the game and sail more to get attacked and sunk by PvP green zone sneekers won't it Lets put a tax on ship building so that people that don't want to do PvP but craft instead are taxed so that they are restricted from building ships, making ships so expensive the carebears don't want to buy or sail them or do RvR. Let's make the missions more and more difficult to obtain in safe zones and discourage people from playing. I am so positive about these wonderful notions. Buster (wht could possibly go wrong)
  15. Busterbloodvessel

    A reward for staying alive / not getting sunk // captivity option

    Yes, let's have a system of extreme punishment where other players can punitively punish and destroy hundreds of hours of grinding that new players have striven for. What could possibly go wrong with that? More whine anyone? Buster (class 3 cat whipper - flagellation simulator)