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  1. Busterbloodvessel

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    Yes let's tax all the players that don't want to do PvP to buggery. That'll make them love the game and sail more to get attacked and sunk by PvP green zone sneekers won't it Lets put a tax on ship building so that people that don't want to do PvP but craft instead are taxed so that they are restricted from building ships, making ships so expensive the carebears don't want to buy or sail them or do RvR. Let's make the missions more and more difficult to obtain in safe zones and discourage people from playing. I am so positive about these wonderful notions. Buster (wht could possibly go wrong)
  2. Busterbloodvessel

    A reward for staying alive / not getting sunk // captivity option

    Yes, let's have a system of extreme punishment where other players can punitively punish and destroy hundreds of hours of grinding that new players have striven for. What could possibly go wrong with that? More whine anyone? Buster (class 3 cat whipper - flagellation simulator)
  3. Busterbloodvessel

    Caribbean Invasion News

    No derision left, will you settle for contempt? Buster (xxx)
  4. Busterbloodvessel

    LV NA needs you

    I heard on the radio today that there are new Medical trials of LSD in Switzerland, are you a volunteer? Buster (whoaaaa)
  5. Busterbloodvessel

    The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    Is that avatar a country or a profile? Buster (Artiste)
  6. Busterbloodvessel

    The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    As an ethnic, pregnant, disabled, LGTBT woman, I believe a seat in the council negotiating team is mine. Bstuer (Dyslexticle) p.s. any cake & biscuits being provided?
  7. Busterbloodvessel

    Buy Bid Sniping

    Ahh. you read to much into my facetious text. Buster (lies a lot)
  8. Busterbloodvessel

    Buy Bid Sniping

    No there is no rule. That's why I want one. If you keep the 1 gold system bidding there needs to be a return of tax. Port profitability is determined by cost of the port charge. That could be modified accordingly. Buster (wallet light)
  9. Busterbloodvessel

    Buy Bid Sniping

    A different point to the one I was making (about buying bids). However, in auction houses it is not unusual that both buyer and seller pay a commission/tax. But nothing is paid by either if nothing is bought or sold when a bid fails. So in that case I agree. Buster (Rule 21 para 54b)
  10. Busterbloodvessel

    Buy Bid Sniping

    The cost (tax) of placing a buy bid is a significant fraction of the purchase price (default 10%). I dunno about anyone else but I get pretty peeved by the +1 bidding that goes on. So if I bid 300 for 500 logs some cheapskate comes along and bids 301gold, and another 302 and another 303 and so on. For me to outbid I have to ditch 15,000 gold and bid again. This is nonsense. Let's have a coded rule that requires any new highest bid to be at least 10% higher than the existing highest bid price. So for example, in the case of an existing bid of 300 gold any buying bid would have to be at least (300+10%) 330 gold, any outbid of that (330+10%) 363 gold and so on. Conversely bidders will be able to bid at 299 and get in line. I hope that will discourage multiple bid snipes. I would also like to see any under-bid that is withdrawn, which has achieved no purchase quantity, have the bid money and tax refunded in total. I am not aware of any bid system where a bid tax is paid of 10% which is not returned, in full, if no sale is made due to a winning overbid by someone else; mind you the world is a bigger place than my back yard; It just seems wrong and pathetic. Buster (Fair Trade Committee)
  11. Busterbloodvessel

    Little things you'd like to see

    Hey, I'm a real fan of my mouse. I love to pat him on the head a lot. That's why I like the Combat Missions selection and trying to get a mission in the safe zone near to the port I'm in. It's such fun, I can click for aaaaaaaages petting my mouse so much! Can you make it a bit more random so that players need to click on average 400 times rather than 100 times to get a combat mission in the safe zone. That would be so cool. I know some people don't like it but they need to get the OKIDOKEY 1000 mouse and try it. Buster (Repo strain finger) PS hope the game numbers pick up. Edit: Wow.. sorry, I see you have done it already, fantastic, thanks. Just in time for my replacement mouse too!
  12. Busterbloodvessel

    Reinforcements update

    Hello Kitty everyone !! Thanks for the money. Buster (Broke, well maybe not)
  13. De Vicaris komt eraan !! Van de Buster
  14. Busterbloodvessel


    Yes, I recall the early days when the server had 2000 people (I think that was the limit) on it and there was a queue to log on. The game was not as interesting as it is now but it was new and different, so there was a lot of interest. I don't have the stats of course but my feeling is that the game population drift is generally downwards occasionally rising for a short period after major patches. This game should be a lot better than World of Warships it looks better and has more skill requirements. It's just dull gameplay for the average punter with punitive PvP. Buster (could be wrong)
  15. Busterbloodvessel


    Naval Action Wash Cycle: 1. Something new is introduced. 2. Some like it, some hate it, but numbers generally go up. 3. People get used to it and solve the meta, players leave. 4. General moaning (more than usual), devs 'tweak' level to full max 11 or min 1. 5. Some like it, some hate it, but numbers generally go down until, 6. All but hard core remain. 7. Go to point 1 and repeat, ... endlessly. Buster (Painting the UI eh! That's something new isn't it!)