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  1. Suggestion to change port maintenance fee

    This idea has some merit. There are players who like to trade (not me though) and this would give them something useful to do. I would encourage the trading by having a good 'sell price' dependant upon city needs. I.e the 'sell' prices are determined by stocks in port and selected stocks need to be maintained at a minimum consumption level otherwise port chaos ensues and it reverts to neutral. I would suggest 'fish meat', salt and rum be three such items with the consumption level and minimum stock level set based on the port water depth or trading value. Worth a go? Buster (wader not trader)
  2. Port Battle Numbers

    Can I suggest that some ports be limited in port Battle numbers. I suggest this to allow smaller clans to have some ability to defend/attack ports. This will allow these small clans to capture and hold ports when they have little or no hope of raising a 25 ship fleet. The only prospect of fighting a large engagement for a small clan is to be crushed by numbers of a large clan rolling them over. In such a case the small clan will not attack a large clan and if being attacked will probably not defend the Pb. Agreed the large clan gets the port (good for them) but no one gets any RvR which is really a key part of the game (for me at least). Buster (penny's worth)
  3. Port battles having the wrong time.

    How about a system where the attacking Clan leader (or leading hostility raiser, if not too tedious) sets the PB time once Hostility is obtained after he enters a port? This has the added benefit of tending towards realism. Buster (breathes, polishes and adorns his monocle)
  4. Port Battle Maps

    @rediii I appreciate it will take time and I am not suggesting that it is provided immediately. If this is not to be done I would like a way of performing my own maps. The problem is that I cannot obtain the bids-eye view of the pb to start the process and there is no way to measure distances as the pb's are to a different scale from that of OW. I can appreciate that some people may not find this of interest but it would be of interest to me, and perhaps a few others. Buster (sitting on tripod)
  5. Port Battle Maps

    Will a set of port battle layout maps be provided for every port such as those already in existence for Capital Ports? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx3OZcHt9VbNT3JkME9GMm4wOTg I tried to take some myself in a PB but I cannot go high enough in the "balloon". Buster (Vertigo sufferer)
  6. Port Battle of George Town

    What, if any, is the restriction on port sailing distance which a Nation can attack? Was the attack on Port au Prince defeated due to a distance limit or a bug? Is the distance restriction in force or has it been dropped? Buster (Rattling the gate)
  7. New weights system!

  8. City States and Squadrons

    The link below is my suggestion of a way to start the game following the next wipe. It should protect new players, promote clan play and demote national allegiances allowing an entire clan to change nations with all its captured ports. Google Document Link (rev 20170908) I was thinking about this when the new clan based game was announced. However, I think there are some new elements in there that may be of interest. Buster (gets out his troll magnet)
  9. Invisibility poll

    @admin The GPS tracker exploit sounds like a serious hacker game spoiler. If it is true, can something be done to defeat this such as not sending ship position and ID data to the client until the contact ship is in render range? Buster (swinging swords at ghosts)
  10. Invisibility poll

    Invisibility balances the removal of the previous 'teleport to port' battle exit and the 'log out on battle screen' both of which I found less satisfying and the revenge fleet a poor means of PvP. If a player is mob attacked/ganked but manages to escape a battle the invisibility function will allow the player to escape without being repeatedly attacked. A further balance for me would be that the invisible Captain should not be able to see OW vessels while invisible. This will avoid an invisibility attack positioning on other OW players. Buster (put my invisible leg somewhere anyone seen it?)
  11. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Queen Anne's Revenge Blackbeards ship. Yarr... Buster
  12. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Hey hey. almost a private server for me. 2 on line on a Sunday night. guess everyone must be at church right.... ??? Buster
  13. Testdead server

    Its up! 66 redemables 25M gold Buster (treasure island mateys)
  14. Testdead server

    What's occurring? Buster (all chickens in shells)
  15. ... and of the 11000, how many were alts and how many new players ....???? (stats) Buster