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  1. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Nice job, great contribution to the game. Buster (two thumbs good)
  2. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    @Felix Victor Great Map on Netlify. A coupe of points, when I use Microsoft Edge browser with the wind predictor: 1. The wind 'now' reading is always for the wind coming from the North, never anything else. 2. The wind predictions look more or less ok up to 19.59. Between 20.00 and 24.00 the predictor tells me I am using the wrong format and between 00.01 the next day to shut down it gives incorrect info. Buster (winding chronograph)
  3. Red Banner Fleet [REDS] - PvP EU

    Perfect, ta. Buster (Hats on!)
  4. Red Banner Fleet [REDS] - PvP EU

    Hmmm.. I'm afraid that's not correct. I think you are reading too many of your own posts, cast a little wider. For example I started this thread with the hope that battle hiding would be rectified: This was before The Vicar started a similar thread Buster (Naval Gazing Action)
  5. Red Banner Fleet [REDS] - PvP EU

    Great stuff* Any video of this one Anolytic? Buster (NA taxidermist) * I like watching enemies eating hay from the wrong end
  6. Caribbean Invasion News

    Not when you're this serious. Buster (giggles)
  7. Caribbean Invasion News

    Court Report Following the heinous crime of Green on Green obstruction eight Captains have been convicted most terribly. Oil paintings of a large number of incidents were provided by plaintiffs which showed a blatant disregard for the law of the seas by the accused including attempted beaching, ship wreck and aiding the enemy. A guilty verdict was announced as family members of the convicted were led away following a spate of breathlessness. The convicted and stained were named as follows: Jon Snow lets go - HRE Sverige Konteramiral Robeque - RUBLI Pirate Curse dron441 - RUBLI Pirate Curse Friedus - FRC Sverige Konteramiral KaRateL11 - RUBLI Pirate Curse DIMAS 85 - BF Danmark-Norge Kontreadmiral Captain Reverse - BF Danmark-Norge Kontreadmiral CptCubarage - BF Danmark-Norge Kommander Following the mass hangings of the notorious SORRY clan at Cap Fraincais, reports were also heard that an order for extra oak planks and cordage had been placed in anticipation that a new gallows structure would be needed to support the lardy weight of falling corpses and egos. Yesterday families of the accused looked on as the full might of the law was thrown at the convicted. A weighty slap with a marmalade sandwich missed each convict by a fathom. However, a court official stated that repeat offenders will be demoted. This was treated with all the seriousness it deserved. It can only be assumed that appeals for clemency were heard siting oil painting interpretation errors and that these were new recruits who had no intention of causing harm but had somehow fallen into some terrible trap set by the plaintiffs. The oak plank and cordage order has reportedly been used to make extra tables and seats along with a large order of rum and giggles in Scandinavian and Pirate lodgings. Let that be a lesson to us all. Buster (Hacked)
  8. Red Banner Fleet [REDS] - PvP EU

    Yep was fun. Had a nice cuddle with your Santi. Buster (restocking shot)
  9. Поистине шокирует это видео.Молодец, Ленин, чтобы смириться со всей этой ерундой и попытаться продолжить игру. ... Truly shocking this video. Well done Lenin for putting up with all that nonsense and trying to continue playing the game. Buster (FFS)
  10. Wooooah! looks like TADs ("trash arsehole dickmans") are gonna get their crew lynched back to 20. Some are at risk of getting it for a second time! Lots of the Vicar's congregation are on the list too! Giggles aside, one good thing about this whole matter, and others, is that people are passionate about the game. Throwing of teddy bears into corners, trying to run off with the ball, forum sulking offline and the turning of family men (no women involved I believe, I could be wrong?) into "trash arsehole dickmans" is all evidence of this passion. I hope it continues, passion about this game in any direction is better than apathy. I reckon cool heads would all agree that pre-PB battle hiding, green on green bumping and ally battle packing are not a good way for the game to go and it would be nice to have a coded way to stop this happening. However, successful coding ... Back to topic and 'Rules is Rules', @admin, can I suggest a proportionate lynching. First offence crucifixion of the entire crew may be a bit extreme. More widely perhaps, the publication of a quick sentencing guide for various misdemeanours to accompany the rule book would be useful so that the convicts do not feel that they are being singled out for particularly undeserved and egregious punishment. You do need to keep passionate players. Buster (black cap)
  11. [PVP EU] battle results

    It would appear that not all of them turned up Vicar. Buster (me neither as it happens)
  12. Caribbean Invasion News

    Otto, I see the Vicar liked your post on the Mighty Russian Empire. Did you notice any ship losses during the Grand Turk pb this evening? I missed the victorious Rubli stream, was that port lost, abandon or shockingly gifted in payment by the Swerg (did I say that right?) or is it Swerve now? Buster (Trying on a Dovregubben hair piece, it needs a cut)
  13. Wind Indicator on the Map

    A tool for Obe-wan Kenobi battle commanders? I would much prefer the devs to concentrate on useful content for the 'masses', if ever they arrive. Buster (toys with magnet)
  14. Not all Battlegroup dragged in

    Your missing something. I have it ;). Buster (New Lord Protector of Salamanca)
  15. Hiding in battles to join PB discussion

    Agreed. To be fair the Devs do say that they would like to design it out. Buster (two fingers in socket)