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  1. Busterbloodvessel

    Little things you'd like to see

    When afk sailing I tend to potter around doing other stuff, it would be good if I could get my crew to furiously ring the bell if I am targeted in open world so that, with volume turned up, I can hear the call to General Quarters in another room. An ON/OFF option would be nice, but for me not essential. Any chance? Buster (AFK DSM)
  2. Busterbloodvessel

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Has it been considered that the sailing profile of the Requin makes it the perfect griefing ship against new players? For example, prior to its appearance a Basic Cutter had an excellent chance of escaping upwind. The Requin is so much better at all points of sail (no point sailing at 15 degrees ofc) that there is no escape direction for the new player (see speed chart below). To be able to build a ship big enough to resist the Requin and its masses of crew takes too long and new players will need either to buy a Requin themselves or become disheartened and leave the game. This will change the nature of the game introduction and stifle light ship trading (Trader's Lynx is buggered too) like a poison weed in a garden of flowers. Buster (One prominent green finger to the Requin profile)
  3. Busterbloodvessel

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    I note that in the PvP ratio the Hercules is almost twice a likely to kill compared to the Heavy Rattle (11.66% to 6.2%). I consider your reasoning for these numbers being that predominantly PvP players are using the Herc is flawed. I believe it's used by PvP players because it's OP particularly when fighting in shallow waters where a non-DLC ship is pants. If you lower the DLC ship capabilities below the craftable ship performances the PvP'ers will soon stop using them (and of course others buying them, which is really what this is all about isn't it?). Look also at the ratios of the Requin compared to the Heavy Rattlesnake, the Requin is better in every column. In a game where we are gathering speed upgrades of a few % the difference in the Requin/Heavy percentages screams out that the Heavy Rattle (which previously was the shallow PB vessel of choice for most) is now relegated to a bath tub. The Requin dies 65% less (4.52% / 6.95%), gets 59% more PvP kills per battle (9.19% to 6.2%) and the Kill to Death ratio is 127% better using a Requin (203.11% to 89.3%) i.e. more than twice as many kills per death. Now look at the smaller difference in First Rate percentages. I think we can all agree that a Victory is generally less able than a Santi or a L'Ocean. We can also discern this from only the relatively small percentage differences in your numbers. For me this again demonstrably highlights the massive differences between DLC ships and the former 'best ships' in shallow waters where differences are far more strident and out of balance. I don't mind you selling DLC ships as you need to earn some dosh but just come clean about what you are doing and stop trying to kid a kidder. Your just loosing respect. Buster (shot at dawn)
  4. The elephant in the room is called... MONEY .. MONEY .. MONEY. Buster (No.1 elephant house)
  5. Busterbloodvessel

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    MDDonnergott Catatafish's exploding Requin certainly did a number on us. I was two seconds away from completing the brace command when he went pop (pretty sharpish like) and I was 'captured'. Not sure how 'captured' works as all of the Danes were dead or captured too! So my carefully crafted Mercury, which crew shocks at a Hercules sneeze, was wiped by another DLC diamond supposedly in our fleet. Wtf indeed! I have a feeling NAVOC will not be approaching KINGS for Captain MDDonnergott's assistance during the transfer window; unless it is to push him out of it! Buster (slightly singed)
  6. Busterbloodvessel

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Why anyone in pixel town thinks that alliances are more than a temporary convenience is beyond me. Buster (clutching hand bag in defensive pose)
  7. Busterbloodvessel

    Losing The love for the age of sail

    You make a very good point here with which I agree entirely. I don't have anything to add apart from being sorry to hear about your good ladies misfortune. Buster ()
  8. Busterbloodvessel

    No DLC ships in PBs + Balance them already

    I haven't played WoW for a while but I recall that all premium $$ ships were limited in that whist they were marginally better than the basic shop bought ship they were not as good as the upgraded ships obtained by grinding. It may have changed since but it did mean that the $$ ship could give the novice a taste but not in anyway dominate the servers. Once significantly downgraded I think the DLC ships could enter PB's. As a compensation I also think that the DLC ship should come with zero value cannons/carronades fitted. This would encourage purchase by even hard core players as a redeemable ship with cannons is better than no ship, particularly if everything else is sunk or you have no tow. Buster ($$ baby)
  9. Busterbloodvessel

    Caribbean Invasion News

    A p2W Kerchiiiiiiiing on the till.. for Games Lab. Buster (Bloody Requin)
  10. Busterbloodvessel

    Idea: Norfolk wants @Jeheil [YouTube] back using again in NA...!!!

    @Jeheil : Apologies, I though you were dead. If your not returning till full launch or lotto win then I'll be dead. In case you do drop off your perch which charity should we contribute towards? Buster (no flowers)
  11. If you're going through hell …... keep going. 


  12. Busterbloodvessel

    Remelting cannons

    I think getting iron from reclaimed cannons by melting is not unrealistic but, as always, there is an exploit risk. You could buy cannons from the shop and melt them down for iron ore if you don't have an iron ore port near your workshop/shipyard. There is also the case of taking basic 4 pounders from the cutter and reclaiming the iron ore for cash. So, whilst this may only be a programming problem it may be a heavy programming load for the devs for little real gaming experience reward. Buster (melting slowly in Europe)
  13. Busterbloodvessel

    Where are my Forged Papers ?

    Sweet. Buster (where's my card)
  14. Busterbloodvessel

    Where are my Forged Papers ?

    I am thinking of getting the Forged Papers DLC. Can I change the Player Name. Is it possible to just change the Player Name whilst staying in the same nation without messing about closing ports and moving ships and resources to free towns etc? Buster (aka Mother Teresa)
  15. Busterbloodvessel

    Naval Action FACT CHECK

    Yay, GOLD COINS, Christmas... 2020 should be a cracker. Buster (planting a tree)