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  1. Busterbloodvessel

    RVR - Incremental conquest and large scale fleet battles

    How about timers only being allowed to be set if the port contains a national presence. For example, this could mean that the occupying clan would need to have a minimum number of national players who have set up the port as an outpost and/or, have a minimum BR of national docked vessels acting as the home fleet during hours of port closure for the timer to be effective and/or have a minimum number of buildings in the port. All of the above are already limited in-game so the number of ports that could have a timer would also be limited. Buster (watch free)
  2. Busterbloodvessel

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    needs tow to port. there is enough boring grind in this game Buster
  3. Busterbloodvessel

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    It's not true but I did think it when my then girlfriend married me. It's a character defect I could live with. Buster (yeah man)
  4. Busterbloodvessel

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    Thanks. Isn't the value of 2758 a step value and not a total aggregate XP value? I ask this as my understanding is that to qualify for the Christian redeemable a player needs to earn 10000 Craft and 10000 Combat XP. Do we know what level of crafting (I see yours is 31) qualifies for the Christian? Buster (most times it's me but sometimes..)
  5. Busterbloodvessel

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    Can someone post a screen shot of where I can find my CRAFT XP level pls. Thanks, Buster (Tar pot in hand)
  6. Busterbloodvessel

    Naval insurance comes to the Caribbean

    How about each ship having a one-time insurance certificate. If the ship is sunk or captured insurance is paid but the ship no longer has a certificate and a second claim by a second owner cannot be made. This would mean that: - Each player built ship issued with an insurance certificate which stays with the ship until it is captured or sunk. - Player built ships, 'legally' purchased or swapped in port, maintain their insurance certificate with insurance money paid out to the captain that is sailing the ship and looses it in battle, by any cause, including surrender (there needs to be a way for the purchaser to see/know that the ship has an insurance certificate before agreeing to a purchase or not). - Captured ships loose their insurance certificate once captured. @admin I think the above should stop the multi-claim exploit you are concerned about and the salted KOC. INSURANCE OPTIONS (some could be DLC), perhaps create insurance cover options for: - enhanced insurance cover purchase for fixed upgrades and cannon on a ship. - enhanced insurance cover purchase for hold contents, perhaps purchased and fitted to the ship as a permanent mod. - enhanced cover for ships 'lost' and electively destroyed following port capture. Includes trapped-in-port ships and warehouse items (purchasable perk?). - insurance tax at port of certificate purchase set by port owner. - Underwriter perk, someone who can make insurance certificates (prolific forger addition) (i.e. they cost less or enhance cover) - etc. etc. Buster (Lloyds of London init)
  7. Busterbloodvessel

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Tiedemann, you have one kill? Did you do a green on green you naughty man. Buster (snitch)
  8. Busterbloodvessel

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    Your begging to become a moderator now? Its unbecoming Sir. Buster (penny for the guy?)
  9. Busterbloodvessel

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    People are using macros and apps and weights on their keyboards to defeat the auto log off when afk fishing. If fishing rewards such as sealed bottles are to continue (no Indiaman fisherman after fish) can you stop the auto log-off if fishing is in progress or at least make it an option for the player. It's not as though the server is under heavy player resource demand is it. If not, could you stop the book rewards in sealed bottles as it is not fair on the non-tech savvy. Buster (fishin' and sh!t)
  10. Busterbloodvessel

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Off your box mate, your blocking the asylum entrance. Buster (where's my nurse)
  11. Busterbloodvessel

    Storm weather in port battles?

    Has consideration been made for fighting AI in a storm? They can shoot blind and will have your backside ripped out from 500 yards when you cant see them in the fog. Don't see much fun in that. Buster (tap tap tap)
  12. Busterbloodvessel

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Translation anyone? Buster (Prescription only)
  13. Same b*ll*cks different day horn blower. Buster (yawns and turns over)
  14. Busterbloodvessel

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Lets see the up to date data pls? The last set I saw told the opposite of what was being claimed. Buster (Xb*llocks)
  15. Busterbloodvessel

    Ship Speeds - Testing and Discussion

    Can I ask that the speed trials page has a 'clear all' setting. Its a real grind clicking out each ship I don't want to compare. Other than that it is excellent, well done. Buster