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  1. Bloody Hound

    Battlefield V (your thoughts)

    Battlefield has always entertained me for afew months, after that i just put it down. I feel with Post Scriptum while it does not have the flashy Graphics (still good to me) as modern games. It's gameplay and replayabilty make up for it tenfold to the point where i can see myself coming back at it for Years. Much like Mount and Blade, i don't play it for the amazing graphics and 100s of men screaming in my ear during a siege but for the amazing gameplay.
  2. Bloody Hound

    Battlefield V (your thoughts)

    Was there legit a part in the Battlefield trailer that did that? I made a joke earlier about it saying it'll be like people hip-firing MG42s 😄 I've not watched it so think i will now. 🙈 What the fuck did i just watch, looked cool but... I'm so glad i got involved in Arma with @Jubal Early with the slower but tense fights and then him mentioning Post scriptum.
  3. Bloody Hound

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Not much of a meme but *Scrubs deck hard*
  4. Bloody Hound

    Battlefield V (your thoughts)

    Aye someone should set up a Discord group for NA Post Scriptum players Seems we have afew guys interested in it on here
  5. Bloody Hound

    Battlefield V (your thoughts)

    Destruction while amazing, just ends up as eye candy most the time i feel. but i'm not going to argue points each to there own game like i said. Just thought i'd mention that i'm waiting for a different WW2 game than getting excited over Battlefield 5. It just comes down to the price for me, £20 for a game that fills my needs other than i assume a £40 one which gives me a *that was awesome* moment every now and then.
  6. Bloody Hound

    Battlefield V (your thoughts)

    Exactly, slow placed, tactical gameplay beats the rushing of Battlefield while hip firing MG42s in my opinion each to the own style of gameplay ofcourse. (No hating battlefield here) but Post Scriptum fills my slot of a WW2 shoot em up.
  7. Bloody Hound

    Battlefield V (your thoughts)

    i am waiting for Post Scriptum which i think will be alot better for the more hardcore/realism players. Cheaper game too.
  8. Bloody Hound

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Roronoa beat Palatinose in a duel
  9. Bloody Hound

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Well people wanted a extra one for more specified bounty's, if it's fluff or not is up to the person who set it. Kill on sight is just kill them regardless of XYZ
  10. Bloody Hound

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Sandy Bay Screening Battle: I died by blowing up and taking Banished Privateer ugly Renomee with me. (Which they captured back hopefully to scrap) Good battle lots of fun
  11. Bloody Hound

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    @Palatinose @DreamMaker I've added the "more requirements list" I've left the current ones in the "Kill on sight" List Removed the Recently Killed list as the same name is not being that spammed as much these days. saves me time also adding a graphic every time someone is sunk I'll start making the spots smaller also so they don't take alot of room up on the main page, I'll leave the current ones for now.
  12. Bloody Hound

    Naval Action Meme collection

    While i agree, he has not been the kindest person to most people himself. What comes around, goes around.
  13. Bloody Hound

    Naval Action Meme collection

  14. Bloody Hound

    Fleet suggestions

    It would make the extra crew mods more desired, Hammocks etc for hunting ships to get that extra 100 or odd crew for crewing the captured ship back into port. Then Moral etc can come in and have the other crew rebel against you so you end up fighting them