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  1. Like the idea! Back to times were there was no teleport, but the 2 hours cooldown to capital. Much easier totay with coordinates by the way ...
  2. perfekt, Danke!
  3. Danke für die Info. Mein Fehler: ich hatte verstanden, nur noch ein Server insgesamt . Wenn der EU Server bleibt, alles prima!
  4. ... der positiv denkende Teil in mir hofft natürlich auf mehr Spieler nach dem Release, aber Stand heute ist der Schritt absolut nachvollziehbar. Gibt es eigentlich schone eine Aussage, wo der Server stehen wird, ich denke an Latenz, also Richtung Ping ... Oder Frage ergänzt: ich hab nie auf dem US Server gespielt, merkt man die 100 ms Ping irgendwie?
  5. Playing a smaller nations, do I join to help an allie, do I change my flag, or must I use a character of the three nations? Oh fourth option: not decided jet
  6. I use trade ships to store material, if normal storage in port is full. Is everythink inside the ship deleated too? If tranfered to storage , what happend if storge in port is full?
  7. Thanks for tips, good to know
  8. 1. Beeing ganked while in mission 2. beeing ganked 3. to fast progression system
  9. funny ... please read ist all - its about the proposal for an option to change the arrow of the wind direction ...
  10. exactly. Its about the instruments on sailing boats - if you are used to this instruments a quick look in game is mostly wrong Example, a i60 by raymarine: The Arrow points were the wind is from ...
  11. An other proposal: please give us an option to change the arrow - not only were the wind is blowing to, but like the instruments on yachts - were the wind is comming from.
  12. Thanks a lot for your work - it is great!
  13. I hope the Dev. can solve the problem. At the moment I can't help recaputre, cause I have a Job ... I can't do missions allone, have been ganked many times. I hope the Dev do somethink before I loose the fun playing this in general very cool game ...
  14. Hello edd0100, is ist possible to get the pdf for better understanding? Thanks von Gottel
  15. Melde mich zurück, hatte das Spiel "etwas aus den Augen" verloren, ist ja irre wie viele Spieler jetzt online sind!