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  1. @quicksabre It's pretty clear that killing more enemies rewards more loot. Anyone who looks through the casualty lists and notices that "huh, enemy casualties to my captured loot has a very suspicious ratio of four dead enemies to one weapon." That's how I found out mid way though my first campaign. Turned out I was right.
  2. That's a bug related to your save file from before this patch. If you start a new campaign it should be fine.
  3. @Everyone Here The enemy army as a whole scales to your army as a whole using a single multiplier usually, from experience. This means, in general, the more men you bring, the more men the enemy will bring. As an example, if you've got a 20k army and are bringing the entire thing to a minor battle, the enemy army will use whatever multiplyer / additive / any other modifiers that apply to it based on the brigade strengths. The enemy's cavalry strength will be based on that modifier, whether you bring 15k cavalry or not.
  4. The advice usually works well for me. The first mission especially, so long you don't send your Detached Skirmishers into melee with the other brigades, they can hold them off for a good while. You can then either send them back to rejoin the base brigade or if you want, keep on on the flanks harassing the enemy.
  5. The Colt M1855 is a Shock Cavalry weapon, meaning it specialized in melee at the expense of (most) firearm shooting. You can tell what cavalry weapons are such weapons rather than carbines by the HUD icon - if it's got a saber in the background, it's a Shock Cavalry weapon. Shock Cavalry is still effective, but you have to use them in a different way than Carbine Cavalry.
  6. Really? Usually due to having lots and lots of enemies, I find playing as the Confederates substantially easier because I can loot the bodies of all the Yankee soldiers I just killed for their rifles. I can get upwards of 20k rifles at Antietam and 25k at Fredricksburg, meaning I practically don't have to care about weapons ever again.
  7. For the questions: 1. If the unit is Exhausted, meaning 0% Condition, then it cannot do a Charge. Furthermore, Charges are on a cooldown, so you can't execute a charge right after the last one. 2. Skirmishers and Cavalry move at the same speed (inexplicably). No idea. Cavalry can, however, turn on a dime, which is nice. They're also 50% bigger. 3. Depends on terrain, hills might be blocking vision. Also depends on the stealth rating of the unit you're trying to spot and what terrain they're in (Heavy Forest gives a healthy boost to stealth, for example). 4. Most of the time you can see brigades from a fair distance away. Though a lot of people still want further view range (though having infinite view range like in UG:G is a bit bad) 5. Units just can't shoot through each other. Generally, draw a line from the center of your brigade to the center of the enemy brigade, and if it touches a friendly brigade, it can't shoot that enemy brigade. Artillery is the exception both ways, to make them easier to use.
  8. Cavalry are currently bugged a bit. If you see a suspicious-looking cavalry brigade (usually moving along at unusually high speeds), save the game, pause, and click around with a brigade selected to see if some places target the cavalry instead of movement orders. If it does, reload the save and you'll see that the cavalry have teleported. Bug, no idea what causes it.
  9. Don't think so, because the officer in charge was never court martialed. Though the humiliation he probably got from his comrades was probably punishment enough after they discovered they just killed Jackson.
  10. Combine brigade exploit - do note the 2771 "original" brigade size.
  11. Skirmishers, no. Carbine Cavalry are both 50% bigger and can move faster without losing Stamina. Absolutely no reason to make camp Skirmishers in the first place unless you want long-range snipers (and even then, I don't suggest that due to how scaling works).
  12. Spencer Carbines on Carbine Cavalry are monstrously good. You won't be facing Spencers if you have other less-well equipped cavalry, though if the enemy spawns with Spencers I take that as an invitation to give more Spencers to my men.
  13. Soon.
  14. You do realize that Steam's cloud service always keep the last version on your harddrive, right? So even if it does fail, you still have a save, and that save will get uploaded to the cloud once it comes back.
  15. He gets XP in the same way every other officer get XP. Technically him dying has precisely zero effect on the outcome of your campaign.