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  1. Agreed - most players will probably lay low until after the wipe anyway. Why keep dead primary servers going with existing version of NA?
  2. Okay - I'm going to be selfish and hope they don't wipe the BP's. But I am left wondering about the BP drop rate with ship quality levels gone... Oh crap - I think I just made an argument for wiping them.
  3. Oh lord yes... maybe not for the same reasons as TaranisP, but really wish we had Reddit's upvote/downvote system.
  4. People need to watch what they wish for. The hypocrisy flying around the forum these days is getting really thick. "There's lots of good ideas being offered. Slap some code together (HA!) and let us test them. They can always be removed later, but if they aren't tried we'll never know if it would work or not." "Geez - they put stuff in and then take it out 2 months later. Don't they know what they're doing??" And yes, I realize I've been guilty of this too.
  5. Exclusion zones around the nat capital ports is a dead zone for new players. I know of very few PvE (or PvP) players who liked the change to the Combat missions when they were suddenly no longer available in nat capital regions. Now you are advocating a situation which will only frustrate PvP rookies. I also don't know where you get off calling any server a "PvP" server. Those distinctions are obviously going away. GameLabs does not want to foot the bill to keep a dedicated PvE server running. What exactly are you afraid of? Being PvE inclined isn't some contagious disease that will 'infect' other players. People will either want to engage in PvP or they won't. One side of your mouth has argued that a sandbox game shouldn't impose mechanic based rules on players. Now the other side is arguing against any concessions for PvE players whose server is about to disappear. Seems you have a very narrow view of which players should be allowed to play NA the way they want.
  6. I give the devs a lot of credit for stating their intentions and giving us the opportunity to offer a different perspective. The land grant idea sounded good to them, but then valid concerns were raised about denying port buildings to PvE players and they reconsidered.
  7. Be interesting to see if you're singing the same tune a month after the split.
  8. Why are they still playing? What the hell does it take to perma-ban a-holes like that? See the last part of my signature
  9. Now that's a stretch. Just because a nation has 50 players doesn't mean they can even get 25 just for the PB. Having 200 players wouldn't guarantee a full PB roster of 25. Whether right or wrong - we've all had it drilled into our heads that if you don't have the right ships and mods and teamspeak and speak the right language, don't show up. One thing I do take from these numbers is... the people willing/able to participate in PB's is a very small fraction of some nations players. the PvE inclined might be a very big mostly-silent majority.
  10. If a way can be found to reconcile what you've described, and being able to actually join a PB to assist a nation you have a "deal" with...
  11. EDIT Removed bit about sizes of US and Brit factions - I am shocked at how low the US presence is on PvP1 Seeing the numbers released by admin for last Fri/Sat was a real eye opener on several fronts. @admin - if it isn't a time intensive task - could you please post this info monthly?
  12. I think this link addresses your question directly, but I must admit that it isn't 100% clear whether admin is referring to a ship note, or the the ship that was redeemed from a note. But it seems obvious that a redeemed ship would be wiped along with all the others, so I've interpreted this to mean the notes themselves have info in them (wood type, mods) that makes it necessary to delete them too. Maybe a mod who can bend admin's ear can get a clarification on this specific point. Safest thing would just be to hang onto the note and hope for the best. The materials gained from breaking it up will seem trivial to having the ship after the wipe.