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  1. most of the playerbase, of the spanish nation al least, was leaving the game just because of the nightflips. now you can choose, play whit global timers(no restrictions) or play whit EU timers. At least now I can sleep peacefully
  2. Eu prácticamente todos
  3. Thats because i love both
  4. dark souls 3 is one of the games with the perfect relation learning curve/satisfaction, when you start dominating the mechanics its a real pleasure to play pvp/pve
  5. cálmate, tienes una infinidad de juegos con los que distraerte y yo creo que con lo que hemos jugado la mayoría de nosotros el juego esta mas que rentado. ¿Llevamos esperando casi 2 meses que mas da un par de dias mas?
  6. Driving back home when the wipe suddenly goes live
  7. Its not the whole battle, I had to cut because I did not have space
  8. The best Fireship i have ever seen
  9. its going to be any TS for the teams? like in the liqs small battles
  10. ahora entiendo que los post del anuncio oficiales esten betados para que no conteste nadie