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RIGG Locked up


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Captain, neither these two clipped screenshots nor the screenshot from report were done properly during the problem (full size screenshots during the problem + F11 report in the same time).

For example you could accidentally turn off sailing crew focus.

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18 hours ago, CdrNexoe said:

Was in fight. Rigg functions locked! Could not manouvre! Was killed! REDEEM Ship, crew, upgrades ASAP!

his crew is in shock and the captain ....also..


next time make a f11 (report) and a proper full screenshot f12 (evidence) for investigation 

you can do this in battle and or right after that particular battle .

otherwise no redeeming possibility . without a proper visual + evidence sent.

you get a (nap 12345 report in top section next battle) what you can put in the report section on the support forum  in your complaint .

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