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Custom Battles idea

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First of all, I really enjoy the campaigns and find the scenarios interesting, but occasionally I just want to load up a SoL and just lay about smashing frigates all around me, and you can't really do that in the campaign. 

So I thought for a bit and it occurred to me that between the campaign interface for buying and modding ships and an existing roster of maps creating a custom battles generator is quite feasible. 

Take the interface, pair it with a map selector, and give the AI a list of pre-built ships to purchase (preferably with a pair of check boxes for frigates and SoLs [both checked, AI can buy frigates and SoLs; only frigates checked, AI can only buy frigates; only SoLs box checked, you get the idea]). Before entering the interface the player can enter how much money they have, as well as choosing if the AI  gets more or less cash than them (10%, 25%, 50%, 75% [max AI cash reduction], or 100%). The Player should also have all techs available from which to mod their ships after buying them. Maybe also allow optional limited stock in the admiralty shop? (Options: unlimited, plentiful, many, average, few, scarce). 

This would be an excellent way for players to field test new ships before they're added to the campaigns, as well as test out the viability of different strategies for attacking, say, an SoL with only frigates, without the pressure of failure imposed by the campaign. It would also help test for bugs major SoL engagements may cause before they show up in the campaign. 

Hope to hear what others think.

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sounds like a good idea, i would like to also have a mission editor and/or map editor to create new maps and missions.

now these editors combined with steam workshop would boost this games longevity, and who knows, maybe even add a campaign editor

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12 hours ago, Navalus Magnus said:


Just noticed that there is a Santi and a Victory class 1st rate to chose from, when you want to do a custom battle line fight.

What about the l‘Ocean class?

You’ve already implemented it into the US campaign, couldn’t the l’Ocean also be included into the custom battles?


Also could you please give the ability for France to recruit the 80 guns 2 decker ? After all its a French design :) 

Btw, another idea i had testing the custom battle mode, could you please think about an option to auto-fill the crew by default when hiring a ship (increasing the default cost if needed) but then give us with the opportunnity to customize the weapons, officiers & modules if we want to ? I think this would be great especially for people who just want to jump to the action directly.


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