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US and GB Campaigns are complete?


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For the British I assume these will be 1 Chapter for continued war with France after American Revolution and then Napoleonic? Are there stirrings yet to continue some chapters British and American to the 1805-1815 era? Some of the most epic U.S. age of sail battles were in that era: Barbary Coast, War of 1812 - the time frame covered by the Book "Six Frigates". Highly recommend that - does a good job of covering both the wierd personalities of early U.S. Navy, but also the problems of operating and maintaining these ships - pretty cranky process. 

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5 hours ago, i64man said:

I saw that an update to the game in Steam this morning.... was that a patch, an update or something else?


Might have been the update which uncludes the last chapters of the US campaign.

This was released on 6th of April but my steam loaded it yesterday, although I played a bit every day.

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