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  1. I have been a an owner of a Xsolla Key and have played the game and have it installed on my computer. I just noticed that UA:Dreadnoughts is now a Steam Game for Limited Access. I would rather have Steam Update my game than use Xsolla. When will you be sending out Steam Keys so I can transfer my game to that platform. (It runs all my other games without issues. Been waiting a long time for this.
  2. Maybe if the game allowed for 3 rolling saves. The places where it Autosaves: Before Battle, After Battle, on Campaign Map, and or Fleet Organization screen. All saves Timed Stamped. Player could manually but would have to name it differently to try other strategies, because autosave system kick in from what save you start with. So if you have a main save called Alpha. There would be after 3 autosaves. Alpha1 (current save), Alpha2, (previous save), Alpha3 (previous save). Alpha1 would load automatically on continue. to restart from the other 2 autosaves you would have to
  3. A French Campaign would make for great DLC. You could have battles in the Indian Ocean and Land Battles for Pondicherry in India where the French were led by Admiral Suffren. He was one of France's great naval heroes. He even has a ships in different eras named after him. (They happened during the American Revolution) He was always an underdog like the Americans, but as a big battle to finish the Campaign you could always make Trafalgar a pivotal battle followed by a landing at Portsmouth to finish off the Royal Navy. Or add a hypothetical battle where you Sail up the Thames like De
  4. I believe the US Campaign was finished and updated today 4/28/2020. I am looking forward to it. It has 40 battles in it starting in 1775.
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