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The Southern Navy wanted a small, powerful cruiser that can defeat its Northern counterpart. They did a great job. This ship had better main guns but she remained slow. Her rudder was not great too. Her citadel was on the waterline and it was angled at 30°. This way she could bounce enemy shells better. But she had only 75 mm thick citadel protection, so it only protected against smaller caliber shells (max 150 mm gun). She received dual-purpose AA guns, but when she was constructed there weren't many airships and no airplanes at all. She had a long career (37 years). Fate: she bacome obsolete almost 20 years before the Great War. 

Southern Small Protected Cruiser I. Class I. 

Armour: 0-75 mm 

Turret armour: -light: 0-30 mm

                         -medium: 0-60 mm

                         -heavy: -

Armament: -light: 8*1 7,62 mm mg; 4*1 76,2 mm; 4*1 100 mm

                   -medium: 6*1 165 mm

                    -heavy: -

Speed: ~19 kn 

Crew: 450

Displacement: ~7800 t



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The first I. Class battleship in the Southern Navy. She changed the shipbuilding in the "world". She was the most advanved ship in the world. As you can see, she is a typical pre-dreadnought battleship, with two main batteries and some secondary guns. Her main battery turrets were oval shaped. This helped bouncing enemy shells off.  Her armour was compact in design. Her citadel was on the waterline and the deck of the ship is not that high. She had nice speed as a battleship.

Southern Battleship I. Class I.

Armour: 0-305 mm

Turret armour: -light: 0-15 mm

                         -medium: 0-20 mm

                         -heavy: 50-300 mm

Armament: -light: 6*1 45 mm; 6*1 76,2 mm

                   -medium: 14*1 120 mm

                    -heavy: 2*2 370 mm

Speed: 21,5 kn

Crew: 800 

Displacement: ~12500 t

Fate: became obsolete



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Sorry for the delay. I had some irl issues. University, second language exame is coming, so at the moment I don't have much time to restore my older drawings.

Anyway. Today I brought you a late war airbattleship design. The Great Southern Army was defeated by the Northern Army, but they still had some territory. The Northern Army was close to the Southern border. So the emperor needed something that could stop the Army and than counter attack the Northern aircraft carriers. They designed the most powerful airbattleship. She had fast speed, enough armour and powerful armament. The airship was heavy, so the scientist had to do something about it. They created the Super Hydrogen. This element is 10 times lighter then the normal Hydrogen. It was very unstable and very explosive. This element was stored in smaller armoured tanks. This way it was much safer to store it. 

Airship Destroyer MK-2v.a. (1889)

Armour: 0-180 mm

Turret armour: -light: bulletproof glass (50 mm); 30 mm

                         -medium: 20-100 mm

                         -heavy: -

Armament: -light: 8*1 7,92 mm mg; 1*1 20 mm mg; 8*1 Sniper Rifle (93+pen)

                   -medium: 3*2 210 mm

                    -heavy: 4*5000 kg bombs

Speed: max: 185 km/h

Max altitude: 10000 m

Crew: 400-550 

Displacement: ???

Fate: 210 mm Turret ammunition explosion lead to Super Hydrogen explosion. The explosion could also be heard from 150 kms away.


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12 minutes ago, Cptbarney said:

Like the amount of detail that went into this, bombs are fat doe like MOAB's lol.

I like this steampunk universe that you have crafted up (or would it be coalpunk?).


Thank you :D I am doing a Steampunk and Dieselpunk crossing. As technology advancing in the story steampunk will become obsolete and dieselpunk will come. Of course this is not entirely true, because the battleships will remain steampunk. 

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