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17 hours ago, Goal said:

and compensations.....is atwoods not enough?

We do not want, nor have we requested, any compensation from FPM. Atwoods? Do you really think that we are dump, or that we were born yesterday, or that we have fallen from a tree, aren't you?

Please stop writing here, it is not your answers that we are looking for, but of the devs.

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So basically you tried to exploit a possible bug. The dev "thought" it might not be a bug but he did not say it was "not a bug". After investigation it was 100% clear that it was a bug.

Just because it was not official doesn't give you the right to exploit it anyway.

If you exploit a bug when the devs don't know about a bug it's still an exploit and against the rules.


No one tries to score a penalty when VAR is still checking the situation. You have to wait for the final decision. Period. Just be happy that nobody wrote a report about your clan.

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On 2/17/2020 at 6:58 PM, Maloco said:


You accuse us of using a bug.
The Navasse appeared as capturable, the developers were giving confusing news that it could be that because of sabotage. So yes, there were the conquest missions for La Navasse available and we went for his capture. It wasn't until long after capturing the port that developers confirmed it was a server bug.
But we had already captured it ... where do you see the abuse of a bug?

By the way, I will not deny you that we loved to take the Navasse in your nose.

If you see a possible bug you have to report it and not try to gain advantage of it. Simple.

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