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  1. UPDATE: Due to the toxicity in the game, even in PvE, we are no longer playing Naval Action. Several members of other Great Britain clans (looking at you ISOIT) as well as the PvE Discord (looking at you Friedrich) created an atmosphere and community of whiny, pretentious, power hunger and control hunger players. As a result, most of us uninstalled the game and are no longer playing.
  2. And as I said earlier, you need to learn better tactics. Learn how to beat the AI rather than cry about the AI cheating you...adapt, anticipate, overcome. Just stop crying already.
  3. Ah, so first you claim it's not possible, and then when I show you proof of winning a 1v3 with an Implacable against three third rate ships, now you want to add additional conditions. You just can't accept the fact your sailing methods, your method of attack, your lack of angling, your inability to execute tight turns with manual sails, and inability to understand the combat mechanics are the reasons you are struggling against the AI...but, hey, you be you.
  4. Not possible you say....ok then
  5. Also curious regarding the stats for the new woods, if the new woods can be seasoned, etc.
  6. Sailing parallel - broadside to broadside is not a good tactic. You can very easily take a battle with a 1v2 or even 1v3 against the AI and win...if you learn to angle and turn effectively. However, if you continue utilizing such poor tactics...then you deserve to get wrecked by the AI.
  7. I think you're a victim of your own confirmation bias
  8. A warm and salty welcome to our newest members: Johann Vorga and GingerBunny
  9. And all of these screenshots prove why the PvP server cannot retain new players...well done...you played yourself
  10. Definitely seems to be an ongoing issue and requires attention by the developer
  11. Well, that is most definitely not true as I've seen many players in global chat make the same observations about the server disconnects.
  12. Seems the server is having issues again? Experiencing multiple and frequent server disconnects, so essentially, no point in doing any combat for fear of losing my ship(s)...guess it will be a boring day of trade runs. Thanks (sarcasm)
  13. Seeking older players (21+) We have our own shipyard, forge and workshop and enjoy port bonuses (Gunnery 4/Hull 4/Crew 4/Sailing 3) Message myself or Large Crested Gecko in game and join our Discord (link above)
  14. Myself and several clan members suffered numerous server disconnects, both in Open World and during battles on the PvE server. Was this a known issue this weekend?
  15. Additionally, we are allied with the major British clans, and as such, enjoy the benefits of port bonuses for shipbuilding for our own clan members. We are looking forward to our continued rank progression and leveling so we can participate and support our fellow British clans in hostility missions and port battles. Please note, we only play on the PvE server. We have no presence nor any interest in the toxic PvP server.
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