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  1. And what happens when the player from another nation / clan that enters a warm-up is sunk by AI? As I understand that gives negative points, and enough. Then anyone can enter and let themselves sink, and ruin the warming. And what happens when the AI ship that spam along with that player shoots the other players and prevents them from leaving the battle at the time of departure, delaying their departure enough to lose a warm-up?
  2. Sersanara

    La navasse

    We do not want, nor have we requested, any compensation from FPM. Atwoods? Do you really think that we are dump, or that we were born yesterday, or that we have fallen from a tree, aren't you? Please stop writing here, it is not your answers that we are looking for, but of the devs.
  3. Sersanara

    La navasse

    I guess you speak for yourself, and not as an FPM diplomat that you are ...
  4. Yo creia que no. Que para construir barcos con bonif solo era necesario tener al clan como amigo. Ahora, para poner minas invertidas ya en nuestros puertos si necesitas derechos de inversion. O eso tenia entendido.
  5. pues ese es el tema. Es necesario tener derechos de inversion para beneficiarse de los bonificadores?
  6. Para que un clan amigo pueda fabricar barcos con bonificadores es necesario solo ponerlos como clan amigo, o necesitamos tambien darle derechos de inversion? Gracias de antemano.
  7. An idea for port attacks by players in the PVE: keep the 6 AI defense ships that currently appear, but add one more AI ship for each extra player from the sixth in the battle of port. As in the battles of hostility. So if, for example, 10 players enter, 10 AI defenders will appear.
  8. I understand that daily attacks are an addition to what we already have (weekly attacks), and only these daily attacks will not attack players' port. I hope that the raiders' attacks on the players' port remain on the weekends. I'm right?
  9. Then, why the Poll? Why do they tell us to vote ships if they aren't going to implement them later? In any case, it is a pity that the third most important fleet of the time after the English and French only have two ships in the game, while the navies of other smaller nations have more. It's unrealistic. Where are the Meregildos? The Ildefonsinos? The Mahonesas? San Juan Nepomuceno? Glorioso? Rayo? San Jose? Purisima Concepcion? 80 gun's Retamosa? Jorge Juan ships? Well look there is where to choose.
  10. First of all I want to say that it is fantastic that more and more ships are added to the game. My congratulations, it must be hard work. But, according to the 2017 Final Poll: The "Montañes" took first place ahead of the Temeraire class (the two new ships implemented in the game: Implacable and Redoutable). I was wondering if there was a problem with the Spanish ship, or what is the reason for its non-inclusion before the Temeraire class. Thanks greetings.
  11. ok you are right, I ask from here if it is not too much trouble for the admins that bring the thread to support Sorry but it is impossible to leave the battle before the other team because the 7th rate attacks you and does not let you escape the battle. You must sink it or escape it, in both cases you lose enough time to lose hostility.
  12. Yes, I'm a diplomat, but I don't have to talk to you as such, so I talk to you as I please. It was you who started talking badly: Then apply the story and do not accuse that we are always the same complaining protesting, is not irrelevant also who denounces it?
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