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    Votación final de barcos 2017

    Esto no viene al tema pero lo pongo aquí por si os llama la atención. Dadle like si os gusta la idea. Saludos.
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    The 3rd Rate Merchant Ship

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    The 3rd Rate Merchant Ship

    Currently we have in the game merchant ships of 7th (Tr Linx, Tr Cutter), 6th (Tr Snow, Tr Brig), 5th (Le Gros Ventre) and 4th (Indiaman). But the Spaniards began to use ships of the line for their Indies treasure fleets (Veracruz-Habana-Cadiz, Portobello-Habana-Cadiz) and Manila galleons (Manila-Acapulco) from 1720, with the introduction of new proportions in the construction of vessels dictated by D. Antonio de Gaztañeta, instead of the famous Galleons. These ships were still generally called Galleons of the Indies race or Manila, but were in fact ships of the line. One of the most famous was "Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragoza", of the race of Manila (the called Galleon of Manila). The ship had a capacity of 22 cannons of 18pd in the first battery, 22 guns of 12pd in the second battery, 6 guns of 9pd in the alcazar and two guns of 9pd or carronades of 68pd in the stern. Total 52 guns. I propose to implement this merchant ship of 3rd Rate: Ship Battle Rating Crew Guns Broadside Weight Cargo Capacity Max Speed Draught Rate Min Crafting Level Spanish Galleon or "El Pilar" ? 460 50 357pd/0pd 6000 11.30 Deep 3th 35
  4. Here are my suggestions for changes in PVE: Warships should be able to enter ports of other factions like smuggler, same as traders. Possibility to change from your personal ship to another one you carry in your own fleet while sailing in the sea, not only in port or battle. Possibility to see the hold/warehouses of the ships that you carry in your own fleet while sailing in the sea, not only in port or battle. NPC captains hired should be able to take ships automatically from one port to another, for a price and a travel time. With a chance of losing or damage it in route. Implement a price list search for a specific port in the trader tool. Reduce the cost of Control Fleet perks, or have the possibility to increase perk points available. Warning message for when a contract or sale of ship is expired without completing. Turn the wind in both directions in the OW. First clockwise and then the other way around. Among the NPCs in the OW there are no trader comvoys, with or without escort, only solitary traders. Change this. Replace the map as it was before the wipe. Cities of different nationalities all over the map. Not all neutral cities. Or at least activate the admiralty in the neutral cities. Allow players to attack all types of ships implemented in the game, even if they are only fir/oak. NPCs of all types of ships. You could put the ships more rare with a smaller probability to appear or accompanied by large fleets. Activate the friendly fire. Le Gros Ventre should have a hold of at least 2200/2400. Big enough to pick it up instead of Trader Brig as this can get into shallow waters. In the 3rd Rate they should align the doors of their guns with the paint bands, like the Agamemnon, by God! The Wasa would not have as much firepower, it should be even smaller than that of the Agamemnon. Best regards.