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Just throwing a suggestion out there to either add or change an existing patrol zone to cap ship rate at deep water 5th rate so there would be a zone where the classics like belle-poule, essex, trinc, etc. could be relevant. In my experience battles with these ships are exceedingly fun. When you throw them into a zone with the modded out 4th rates they become useless BR sponges (most of the time). This would also help out newer players as it would add another patrol zone that is easily accessible for them to participate in after completing the tutorial.

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Just a suggestion, not the end of the world if it doesn't happen. Plus your argument applies to rates from all PZs, why not have one for 5th rates especially when we have 2 shallow with the same ships, and 2 4th rate capped zones? There will always be a meta for each.

46 minutes ago, erelkivtuadrater said:

Belle poule and Essex relevant, nice joke when trinc is better in all ways. The only time you would want to sail any of the others you mention is if you dont have any other ship or just do it for stubborness unfortunately.. 


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