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Kongo and Amagi Pre-Design Blueprints/ Design Data Images from the Hiraga Archive

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Hey all, some time ago I found a series of quite interesting paper designs in the online Hiraga archive- a collection of documents regarding warships and warship design mostly associated with one of the more prolific nautical engineers in Japan in the early 20th century. Below I'll post a number of the images from the archive for those interested.


First up is the Design B39, which was one of the designs that lead up to Kongo as I recall it. 

In the same series of designs we have the B41, which is quite similar to the ship "Myogi" seen in World of Warships, though she has 305mm guns instead of 356mm guns.

Following that there were a series of pre-designs for what would become Amagi. While there are more designs in the series, below I'll be posting mostly ones from B-61 to B-63. For these, I also have some images of the data charts as well, which may be of interest. 


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22 minutes ago, admin said:

Beautiful ship

Glad you think so, I've always enjoyed the battlecruiser and fast battleship designs of the 20s. Many have rather interesting designs and features that never really appeared on the ships that were actually constructed. For example, some of the other Japanese designs had dual purpose twin mounted 140mm gun turrets which were not included in the produced vessels.

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平賀譲デジタルアーカイブ · 〔B39~41、A47~50の所元・一般配置〕 · 東京大学学術資産等アーカイブズ共用サーバ (u-tokyo.ac.jp)

This has some concepts for Kongo and Fuso. The Kongo preliminaries resemble Myogi from wows, and includes a version with 13'' and 14'' guns, and the Fuso's are pretty cool too.

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