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LOKI rune in endurance exam on PvE server

Jan Bellaq

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7 hours ago, TheDread said:

Loki runes don't usually have marines?   When you won it, did you see a notification in combat news?

We had a loki into our hostility mission the other day...  which seems absurd enough...  but the exams would be a new kind of stupid.

1. I dont there there is a combat news on the Peace server.

2. The Loki runes were disabled on the Peace server a little bit ago. Now if you click on them the only option is Destroy.

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47 minutes ago, Jan Bellaq said:

TBH name of the second ship. Count_Maurycy is a bit strange for a bot. It didnt chain me but it had strange behavior in fight (i.e not matching rutine of manevouers). Im not sure it is a loki, just asked about propable bug or something.

Bots don't change names when taken over by a Loki. It keeps the normal NPC name. 

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