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  1. 4 days ago on may 14, died Henryk Jaskula, third man in world who made around the world sail trip without entering any port. Maybe admins can arrange some kind of event? I.e. missions from Santo Tome to New Orleains, with timer around 8 hours, that will make captains to do trip as fast as possible? Below image of trip made by Jaskula, and link to his wikipedia page. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henryk_Jaskuła
  2. As you propably know nvidia just released they game streaming aplication called GeForce Now. Here you have link to q&a section of it https://www.nvidia.com/pl-pl/geforce-now/faq/ . I personaly tested this software and its great. It lets you play games you own on different platforms like Steam, Origin etc. on nvidia hardware. No instalation of games, best graphics and no single lag issue for me (even on shitty laptop). The problem is they dont have Naval Action avalaible yet. I already made a suggestion to them in GeForce Now luncher about getting NA into their library. Can you all who
  3. TBH name of the second ship. Count_Maurycy is a bit strange for a bot. It didnt chain me but it had strange behavior in fight (i.e not matching rutine of manevouers). Im not sure it is a loki, just asked about propable bug or something.
  4. Today i came to PvE server and did the tutorials and endurance exam. Is it possible to have human Loki rune player in exams on PvE server? Maybe its some kind of bug?
  5. I tagged pirate player and when i came into battle i noticed his nick "Adolf Hitler"
  6. [PRIV] Privateers are be recruiting in its new capital at Willemstad - Holland. That's right after full circle we the proud ancestors of PFK are coming back to Holland. [PRIV}/mostly polish/english speaking/ PvP and RvR focus/ newbie friendly/ using discord is a must have
  7. To be known to all honest (and not so) folks of the Carribean. In the forthcoming days, the well known Polish Commonwealth clan Privateers (PRIV) will be migrating to nation of Holland. The circle of life is fulfilled, once PFK started its existence in Holland, and now PRIV, successor of PFK will be Dutch clan once more. We invite you all to join our ranks. We offer lots of fun, full democracy, support to new players, lots of RvR and PvP. We are mostly players from Poland with some french and english blend. We welcome all.
  8. Not exactly, sextant don't show up when you are in battle. And tbh wasting combat perk for it is not a best thing to do
  9. Ahh ok, you made my mind. Ill just make an pirate alt and start doing this fully legal actions to other player. With pirate i can even flip BR to whatever side i want, even against other pirates. Cool that you feel its ok with RoE. And to be more serious: "Open world battles for the weaker side (based on BR) are open for 20 minutes. You can reinforce the weaker side if you are sailing by" What in your opinion reinforce weaker side means? Clicking in and out?
  10. Guy who joins battle writes "come to me russian alt :D" from what i got from his message was that he is russian alt mocking from me, which was in line with his behaviour (joining in to rise BR, not fighting and clicking out) thats why its named another russian alt. In meantime some explenations were made according his nationality, but it dosnt matter if he is russian, chinees, polish or swede, his behavior was violating the RoE rules. And yes you are correct, actions of Scoose is very bad behavior indeed mate.
  11. When devs implemented new system i was optimistic. It should guarantee fairness in battle, and in most cases it works good. Not perfect but good. We need a bit more ship BR balancing, but in nation against nation battles it works ok. But in multinational enviroment, without alliance system (why it was taken away?), RoE have too much backdoors to exploit. Im not a xenophobe, russophobe or russofile, i like many ppl from russia who plays this game, and to be sure not only russian players expolit game bugs,, but there are lots of smartasses with multiaccounts that are exploiting the game. You don
  12. I dont mind rvr, maybe you didnt had a chance to read all Forbin post, before he edited it. If your clan pal joined the battle and saw me battling with enemy one on one, and then in next 30 seconds another russian coming into the frey (which could not happen if he didnt join and rise BR), he should stay and fight not click out. He's behaviour looks suspicius, as planned expolitong of RoE to let other russian into battle.
  13. Read what he wrote. And he didnt saw russian trinco in other circle, when they enetered in 30 second interval? Yep he wanted to fight thats for sure... And im not crying. When i go solo on capital waters of sweden, france or holland, im totaly ok with revenge fleets, and fighting against 3, 4 other players. Thats the risk im taking. I saw 2 russian trincos on OW, i lured one of them out, separated them to have 1 on 1 fight,, and then one moron clicks in to rise my BR and writing in chat exectly that he did it, im sure its an rules abuse. And to be honest assuming that guy from PURGE clan who j
  14. I dont really care if his swedish, russian, hutu, tutsi, martian or even Jesus Reincanated, he abused BR limit rules of OW battles. He did it intentionaly and that is a bad thing for PVP in this game. Those abuses are more and more common, and if devs wont do something about it it will kill solo PvP. For now game system prefers large scale ganking without chance to have fair fight, especialy in regions with multi national presence like freetowns or i.e. Vieques region. So i still demand an action against this Scoose piece of ... And tbh fighting russians dont make you a crystal clear NA gamer
  15. I tagged russian Trincomalee near Coral Bay. I was on Belle Poule he was on Trinco. I knew his friend was outside, but battle was ober 1.18.40 so he could not join. Then suddenly some swedish conni just joined to rise my side br for other russian to join. After other russian joined he left battle saying he is russian alt. Its time after time with those russian abusing alts to get unfair battle. Do something with this shit or otherwise pvp game will have no sense.
  16. Today i were chased by group of NN ships (russians) i stood by the french fort, to not let them fight me easily. They stood besides me outside battle circle. Then suddenly french bellona came out of port and tagged me letting russians to join french side. In battle french Bellona just struck sails, never wanted to fight me, just letting russians fight under french side near french capital waters. Its an exploit and i demand from administrators to take an action against involved players. Richelieux from france and Fanta 1 from NN.
  17. Im just curious why devs changed today range of capturable ports (from free towns) from 2 to 3, not giving us a before notice.
  18. Im two hands up for xp swipe. In my opinion i would go even further, swiping books too.there are some veterans hunting for newbies and poundering them to the bottom time after time, not a good thing to keep those new players in game, dont you think?. I see no reason to make new players live harder after full release. As veterans with 1000+ hours of play, you know all the tricks, manual sayils, keeping the wind, good ships or even perk builds etc. No sense to make your advantage bigger, by letting you stick to your ranks and free upgrades in forms of AoS, or GE. Good job devs, dont let be cri
  19. When you produce in ports with LH bonus perk, game incorrectly calculates maximum amounts for production, taking into consideration LH amount without bonus. You need to make many production cycles to use your avalible LH.
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