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Hello good day. Look I'm stuck I took a little time in the game and after uploading the first rookies I feel like I'm not advancing. What buildings do I need to build? everyone asks me a lot of money and I would have to save and choose one. there is something that maybe I do wrong

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NA is indeed made to have newcomers join a clan.

However, you can play solo and certainly find quite a few guides in this section or in internet.

Before building, you need to earn money by taking missions in the Admiralty (fight and trade one) and fighting/capturing AI traders in the OW. It'll train you and give you money/XP/gold (not to mention the in-game tutorial).

Fair wind, captain.

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I gave you very detailed advice several days ago. You’ve also asked similar basic beginner question of “what do I do” in other threads and in the Spanish language section. Have you tried ANY of the advice you have been given previously? It’s been fairly complete. Please let us know what you have tried of the things which have been suggested to you that has not worked.


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