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Game freezes computer





In passed there have been periods (seldom) where game freezes whole comp, after couple of hours gameplay normally, followed by longer periods where everything works fine.


Yesterday comp started freezing again every once in awhile, but now it happens after only like 15 minutes.


Previous it only frooze when I was in port, never in the open sea or in battle, but now it freezees in the open sea instead.


My fans are clean and i monitor the temperature of the comp but don't seem to overheating.


Tried sorting back nvidia drivers to previous version but same thing.



Anyone experience something similar and has any tip?


Computer specs:


Intel Core i5 6600k CPU 3.5 GZ

8gb RAM

64 bit operatingsystem

Windows 10



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2 hours ago, Ink said:

Also, please monitor GPU temperature with a program like GPU-Z to exclude overheating


Seems GPU might actually be overheating?

I maintain about 45 degree GPU at port and it goes up to 88-89 degree c after a while on the open sea, sounds abit much.



GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt

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Test the following

- default CPU settings ( no OC, etc... )

- default settings for your GPU ( no OC, no fan manual controls, etc )

- clear cache before every game run ( AMD is on gaming/global settings/reset/clear shader cache - NVIDIA is disable ( OFF ) shader cache on the Nvidia control )

- run the game again at various graphics configurations

- register the values


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