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A Team of 6 is heavily advised.

You'll face 9 AI 1st rates. Stronger and faster than the usual ones.

Santi's and Victories you might penetrate with your cannons but an Ocean is hard without double charge.


The best way would be to chain them down to 60% sails and then try to grape and board them.

Have enough repair perks, books so you can repair more. One of their broadsides hit you and you'll take heavy damage.

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Grab a glass of wine…


I’m sure you can all mark me lower than -3, now tell the truth have you tried it? I know you are all very knowledgably Captains...

@Bodye asked for a very unique request and NOT what you replied. Now I must apologize because within the first few lines of my poorly worded script one thought it came across as I was unsure this technique can actually work within the current EPIC environment with the new patch, sail mechanic and wind drift.

This technique I used an awful lot to grind HOSTILITY Missions. It was miles more effective than using 3 SoLs. This idea I thought might be adapted to give @Bodye an alternate strategy that could actually work. I also thought I mentioned I would test this out in the next week and report back. Again, my parent’s money wasted on my cheap assed education. I failed to deliver a thought provoking alternate theory to go alongside the other well-presented suggestions stated by yourself and the other Captains. My fault again…

But first…

I completely agree with you of a 6-man team with mixed SoLs. When Grapping AIs inflicting crew lost they cannot replenish and start to slow with CREW Management failing, unlike your team which can replenish.  PERFECT, board and nail ‘em with the Designated BOARDING SoL. This I believe is the BEST EPIC strategy you’ve described as at the current build. Unfortunately, this is not what @Bodye asked. Please go back and re-read the OP.

The Solo SoL…

Using just 1x SoL no matter how decked out you cannot successfully employ a forced multiplier. At the Start 1v10. Use a Vic or whatever and Pull the 10x fleet into a line. Then double back taking out the first one or two lead ships. Easy right? This is now 1v2 but you will need to do these mini battles another 4 times. Time is simply not on your side.

Even with a heavy loadout of repairs cool downs will be a pig as you will take on ever more damage and crew loss. Napoleon was a great believer in the “FORCED MULTIPLER” effect. At contact have more damage output than the enemy. Waterloo he’d failed to split the two forces resulting in the downfall however he was very successful earlier in his career with this strategy as you’ll be no doubt be aware. I think Solo which ever SoL chosen would result in the same loss as the cascading damage starts to out space the speed of repair from the multiple 1v2s encounter?

Maybe you’ve some alternate insight that could be adopted for the solo SoL?


OK Hypothetically Speaking how it worked in HOST missions…

I described my M-Brig loadout as a FAST (tongue in cheek) Fir/Fir with quick Reload times. If the EPIC works the same way you’ll start very close to each other But the SoL fleet will be loading their cannons. You have NO broadside guns reducing weight. You have plenty of time to turn and run with the Fleet Pickles grabbing the enemy’s attention.

The M-Brig is slow but look at her sail profile and speed. The Two FLEET ships Pickles at first follow you then I send them back to de-mast the lead ship. You ever tried to sink a pickle in a Santi? They cause chaos raking sails slowing the lead ships. In turn slowing the line.

Bank to 45’ into the wind and you’ll achieve 6.2knots decked out correctly. The FLEET now turns with YOU and forms the LINE.

When you are 2.5 Squares away from the enemy lead cross the wind to 135’. The lead then line ships try to follow but because of the depleted speed already at 45’ they get stuck in IRONs and even start reversing. A Vic at 45’ into the wind cannot do 6knts.

Damage Dealt…

With the M-Brig Perk you will FIRE 4x Mortar shells at once. Now these number might have change but roughly 6-308-MTR has a whopping 600 Penetration value that’s static out to 1,000 yards. One shell’s BASE Damage dealt is 500 points.

The Victory, Structure Hit Points is 4,600 points. The Structure Penetration whatever the figure is it isn’t 600. So, Balanced ship no roll with tight targeting means @Bodye will need to hit the Vic’s top deck with 9.2x shells to sink it or 2.5 rounds.

My Problem with HOST Missions…

This was my original problem, 10 shots x10 ships is 100 perfect hits to win. Reload time is 35 seconds. With just 1x M-Brig it is possible to clear the fleet. This usually happened when two AI ships collide when getting out of IRONs causing additional damage.

Solo I expected 5-7 Kills only before I actually runout of time.

Norfolk nWay was my solution…

I trained up my ALT in the same way and loadout. This now is not solo also I don’t add addition fleet here. Both target the same lead boat. nChance fires first, them [ALT] [TAB] and nWay fires. [ALT] [TAB] back to nChance to see his first delivery land. readjust slight small mouse movements and fire again. REPEAT…

Norfolk nChance now only needs to hit the Vic with 5 shells. The M-Brig group PER 1 full round delivers 8x shells. I expect 3 to 4 to hit. With a max damage output of 8x500 or 4,000. This is how you drop fleets. 50mins on average and its consistent.

In closing…

Apologies for the length, but seeing -3 on a New Years Eve 2x bottles of red, absinthe and marching powder come down made me a bit salty. [SORRY]. Wife still missing. I’ll let you know next week how I get on…




Norfolk nInspiration  [ELITE]

Just to add, what do you think is the difference between an AI RA EPIC Santi and a normal fleet AI Santi mission? Am assuming something along the lines of “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” right?

Both ships have one thing in common, not sails not Mast strength not planking. They have Exactly the same TOP Deck exposure with 4,560. Even in my L’O death star Solo trying to land broadsides is Suicide.

FORCED Multiplier






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@Norfolk nChance Have you been in the new EPICS?   You can't do that stuff any more.  My guys went in one like how we do 1st hostility,  normallly only 4-5 guys and we don't even need repairs most the time and kill 10 1st rates easly.  They lost half there ships to AI and only got out with three chest.   They are buffed up big time..  I believe they have 32's on the second decks instead of 24's.  I would be suprise it was one of the many reasons they took the combat log out.   I seen the stats of an OW Buffed up Victory in the API files so that prob what they are.  I haven't looked through the API's since the new missions though or done one.

As for the chest they have a high chance of getting 1st rate notes in them that you can keep and redeem for a full ship later along with mods and other things.  

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@Sir Texas Sir


Am not back really till next week when I will test this. You I know can use an M-Brig effectively, can’t vouched for your crew. Bones can Dual Box M-Brigs as good if not better than I. So, I’ll report back next week. The API maybe an issue as in it might not be correctly updated, but like you will check on this also.

Do you think the “Super EPIC ships” don’t encumber the additional weight cost associated from using 24s up to 32s?

The combat log or BulletLog, you are spot and would reveal maybe too many answers too quickly. I find it funny they haven't scrapped it yet on legends


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Did my first new EPIC… wow it was very over the top.

The EPIC event tab says min allowed class of ship 1st Rate and max group size 6. With 1hr 30mins to complete the epic mission. You need to loot the wrecks for the chests fyi.

So, the M-Brig is out the window. Start Position the same close in with you facing 180 with two enemy lines the left directly in front facing 0’ the second offset to your right. Wind at 90’ going to 270’.


The above YouTube clip is of @rediii and his gang showing “The Forced Multiplier” in action. Keeping tight formation isolating targets that must transgress the entire line taking broadside after broadside. Look at the time 6:20/1:06:09 they have just killed the first Santi but look at who got the Kill and who got the assist. That’s great team work.

The rewards he lists below. Unfortunately, my team and I didn’t fair as well LoL.

The Super Tweaks…

I’m not sure what the Dev’s were thinking but POWER reversing from a standing start. The AI seem to glide across glass while I felt my ship very sluggish. The Double Ball is vital if you want to cause any damage otherwise balls just bounce off even at fairly close ranges.


If the Dev’s allowed M-Brigs…

The point is mute, but the idea of 2x M-Brigs would work. The Wind and all would be in your favor. The start would give enough time to get out of the way. The odd reverse or jerky turns would have the ai hitting each other. You would also need a third PC to go loot each wreck in turn…

Rediii & Co have shown a different forced multiplier effectively. Solo though seems too much



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EPIC Solo Suicide Squads we used to do a lot on PvE back in the day. The EPIC AI are now better Buffed and more intelligent. Solo will be tough complete, but If you insist on a solo EPIC try this…

I will try it next week when time, but unsure it will work now with the wind drift change etc. I did this trick on HOST Missions so should work here.

First Biggest EPIC you can find REAR Admiral for GB. The heavy ships.

Train up in the Mortar Brig all 5 slots. Perks 2x Fleet and M-Officer. M-Brig needs to be super-fast fir/fir with rear guns and Mortars only. Add 2x Fleet Pickles with BASIC Med Cannons. These guys are disposable and you will lose them.

Ship decked for Opt Ballast and gun reload time. Perm Mods built in speed and with Sir Will sights. You can Figure it out.

EPIC start, I believe like missions start with you facing EAST. You are going to try and pull the Heavy RA Fleet INTO IRONs. So immediately do a 180 and head to 0’. Have the 2x AI guys follow. Has you progress stern chain the lead ships also use the FLEET ships to rake lead ships.

After 5 or 10 minutes turn into the wind 45’ and continue on. You should now have opened up a gap of 2.5 squares on the map. Also, the Enemy ships should now be following and converging towards a single file.

LAST turn 135’ crossing the wind. Stall sails and De-Power. The Ships will turn to follow and end up in IRONs. Pick off the nearest ship and continue. Watch for the wind change and time.

You will struggle to complete in the time allowed but I’ve done this with my ALT as well dual boxing on the same targets. Read my guide “Déjà vu with Norfolk nWay” on how to do this. Dropped all 10 Vic’s within 50 minutes. Watch the wind and re-adjust. If they get within 2 squares move away and start again 2.5-3 squares away.

The New sail dynamic may help the AI so watch out, but this is the only way I believe to complete it solo. Lower EPICs and the smaller AI will catch you. Using a First-Rate Solo, you simply won’t last to survive the onslaught. Solo you’ll need to think outside the box…

Let me know how you get on and likewise fella

Worth a try you Suicide maniac…!


Norfolk nChance [ELITE]


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