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La Naïade, French corvette (With plans), 1779

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La Naïade

(The Naiad)

French 9-pdr corvette


20 guns


Dimensions  (pied du Roi) : 119 x 30,6 x 15,6

Armament : 20 x 9-pdr

Built by J.-M.-B. Coulomb (at Toulon), captured by the British in 1783 and converted into a 26-gun 6th-Rate, HMS Naiad(e).

Seven sister ships (built beween 1779-1781 with the best ship names ever ;-) : La Coquette, La Blonde, La Brune, La Sémillante, La Badine, La Belette, La Poulette



Plan made by the British in 1783, before main transformations, kept by the Greenwich NMMuseum


Plan analysis :

  • Notice 10 portholes for 10 guns + a front port, empty, to be filled by the nearest gun during chasing,
  • The 3 portholes on the quarterdeck don't belong to the French version of the ship but are part of the British conversion proposal,
  • Hull with a flat bottom and substantial tumblehome as earlier in the 18th century (see La Renommée


Possible figurehead : a pair of Marmaids

Sculpture made by the Arsenal de Toulon (where the Corvette was built) in 1779 (same date) from Antoine Gibert's drawings for the 'frigate' (?) La Naïade
(186 x 55 x 68 cm) Paris, musée national de la Marine, Inv. 9 OA 17 [39 OA 16]




Sources :

Boudriot, Historique de la corvette, La Créole 1827, p. 26-27, 30

Boudriot, Neptunia n° 137, 1980


Drawing of the hull : http://i68.servimg.com/u/f68/16/20/79/11/0410.jpg

Article about Corvettes by Surcouf : http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/7645-les-corvettes/?tab=comments#comment-144903


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What a fine corvette!

It would appear this class was revived by Coulomb in the early 1790s with the Babet and Prompte? Though the the later vessels seem to have slightly smaller dimensions their plans are extremely similar:



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Indeed the same builder, J.-M.-B. Coulomb, made both the royalist Coquette class (in 1779-1781) and the French Revolution Prompte class (in 1793), both 20-gun corvettes, and achieved little innovation in the meantime (apart from the smallest dimensions of the latter). 

La Babet (1793)


Plan from NMM of Greenwich

Source (@Wagram)http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/7348-sélection-de-navires-1er-semestre-2016/?do=findComment&comment=139085


Dimensions (pieds du Roi) : 112 x 28, 6 x 14, 4

Armament : 20 x 9-pdr

Sister ship : La Prompte

Sources (plans, info) :

British armament = 22 (La Babet), 24 (La Prompte), 26 (La Naïade).

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That second print is quite creative! Either the pomone or babet is shown with 3 tiers of quarter galleries :P

overall, the type seems a well-documented and representative example of the quarterdecked french corvette (as opposed to flush decked examples like the Bonne Citoyenne or Diligente) 

I assume because the class was revived they had at least decent sailing qualities? 

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