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Naval action : Tool IG, Trader tool is my sky, town are my stars.

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Devs give us the protractor what is a nice tool to make captain feel a bit more focus on what is sailing a ship. They should add a real map to make it more rp but atm without UI it's not so bad.
the second tool that admin may introduce are the one helping ot know where we are.

GPSD sux. it has been test and it sux. Testing our position due of sky with star is not suxing but hard to works due of day/night circle on 41 minute and position on star.

The only things we get now is the trader tool.

The trader tool is absolutly not RP but the trader tool  is the tool that can be used IG to search where people is. I used it a lot, i write hemp and loook wich are the 3 closest port and what distance forom them i am.

Basicly the trader tool is my sky and the town i dfind are my star. I just miss a tool to use it and make my trianglulation works. I make it basicly with my brain and it gives me a partial position but having a tool like protactof to draw on the map may help us to find exactly our position and it will be really and usefuss and rp.

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On 9/29/2017 at 6:48 AM, hiclipucli said:

yes, but Trader Tool NEED a rework urgently ( my opinion)

example: The Tool told me if any stuff available in ports > sailint there, and NOTHING found !

I rather like that it isn't real time. It simulates the speed information traveled at that time, and makes the trade game not so insta-win.

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