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  1. Hello Devs! our clan "KURUC" ( VP ) captured 3 neutral ports. but we dont get the Victory Marks after 3(!) succesfully port battles!
  2. uhm... the AI ships attacked players on OW now? and they always attacked if in range, or just sometimes ? thx. (yes not playing a while...)
  3. the new swivel guns can applyed only for LGV's ? its a new LGV armed ONLY with swivels, or she is old ,with guns+ swivels ?(sorry my english)
  4. yes, but Trader Tool NEED a rework urgently ( my opinion) example: The Tool told me if any stuff available in ports > sailint there, and NOTHING found !
  5. sorry the suggestion here, but i think devs looking this topic often now. pls. add back the paints for ships. maybe much better if paint shema can craftable in shipyard, or buying in admirality via CM. thx.
  6. sorry, i know she is not in the list but looking incredible ! Bonhomme Richard
  7. to much modern for me, sorry prefer style in next post.
  8. hiclipucli

    Vedmed Map

    not fully working after the newest patch the icon was looking where u sailing actually not work pls update. thx.
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