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DNP - New danish-norwegian clan recruiting on PvP1EU

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Danish-Norwegian Privateers are actively looking for new members! If you want to help defend the two kingdoms borders, participate in trading, crafting, PvP'ing or RvR - then we're the clan for you. Maturity and TS is required!

For more information: Assassin, Sverne, Gorgons, Lars Kjaer.

US TZ: Sverne

EU TZ: Assassin, Gorgons, Lars Kjaer


A bit of fun at Gustavia today:


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On 2/21/2017 at 7:27 PM, Lars Kjaer said:

Port battle at Castries. The french had tried numerous attempts to take the harbour and finally the alliance succeeded in ousting the bloody brits from the former french stronghold. Loads of silver, women and slaves were taken as loot to Christiansted! The battle itself was extremely close but DNP kept a cool head along with the rest of the fleet. Through discipline we achieve victory.



AHH god old days  i blev up the dark Lord himself, when he tried to board me

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