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  1. Morkvarg

    Frequent crashes in battle instance

    Try reinstall the game. Few weeks ago I had serious lag and after a reinstall the game whent smooth again.
  2. Morkvarg

    Crafting gold ships

    But free towns has no risk at all,they can't be captured. I guess outside in captureable port will be the best chance to get good ship drops,makes more sense if ya ask me.
  3. Morkvarg

    Crafting gold ships

    Is your shipyard located in the zone or outside?
  4. Quick question. I've heard the best way to get a gold/purple drop is craftin outside the reinforcment zone,is there any truth in this?
  5. Morkvarg

    Game crashed in battle

    Was in a battle just now outside kpr with 4 reqa and 1 herc. Suddenly my game crashed and was placed in queue for 30 very long secounds. When I finally get my self into the game again my battle chat was bugged - It turned out everything i've bin trying to say was in clan chat for some mystical reason. Lost my ship ofc.(5/5) I don't have any screenshot unfortunately but if devs could look into this would have bin great help for me and others. Hennessy.
  6. I'm curious about the new ship you're talking about @admin. Any teaser/screenshot or information you could provide please?