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  1. the loot stealer could just leave since the battle might be over though, before you can sink him or does friendly fire reset battletimer
  2. Gawo

    using fleet

    Or the lgv refit just gained popularity amongst such as myself .
  3. I was sailing along in an Indiaman, having two more Indiamans as fleet. Get ganked, shit happens. My two fleets escape while i die. I then spawn at the same spot in open world, on one of the fleet ships, with an X that lasts 5 min. Ready to get ganked again. is this intended ?
  4. So no flips on Sundays. Fridays as I am sure there are muslims in the game. Mondays for Hindus. we must make a gntlemens list of acceptable war timers
  5. 1. That a ship as crucial to 4th rate pb. that the bp can only get obtained by either pvp event or pb. Does the pve players ever have a chance to get this ?
  6. Dews Shuffle alliance every month or so. random alliances ?
  7. Does it matter if im pirate on serv 3 and already a dif nation on 1 ?
  8. 1. Captains and entir flt use the set graphic to medium to te become invisible for a set time. 2 they become invisible to position or get away 3. fix it This has probably been addressed before ?
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