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  1. Thank you for picking up things where Booyah and I left them, Olaf. For a long time the time and date of the Trafalgar battles havent changed, now going for more than 9 months! I will be back once I settle down again from a life on the road.
  2. This is a relief. Besides some few brave authors this forum was made impossible to read. I miss the newspapers, the captain's letters which drown in a pile of bile. No warnings, topic closures, post moderation and deletion did help so far, so this is a logical consequence.
  3. Ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle für viele gemeinsame Gefechte bedanken und auf eine weiterhin gute Zusammenarbeit in der Zukunft meinen freundschaftlichen Gruß hinterlassen! Makrian, ich habe dich länger schon kein Schiff gekostet ... irgendetwas ist faul! o7
  4. Thank you Sveno for using the opportunity for some forum warfare. Next time you want to agree to a ceasefire with our entire faction, talk to the dutch council or at least its representatives, the clan leaders. My thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends.
  5. Nice to see you had some good fighting over there! I also wish that a fun but risky activity as pvp would yield more xp compared to AI farming which is much less challenging.
  6. I don't think that HP needs to change again, I like the prolongued battles in general. Some mod combations are just to powerful on the big ships. Especially since they can tank with their depleted sterns without limit! The latest changes, including those to the BR ratings have been quite helpful reducing the feel of a doomed battle. I was one to propose greater potential BR difference between the teams, but I was proven wrong.
  7. What did you guys think about the last two Trafalgars? There have been lots of changes - two hotly debated topics have been the balance and the circle of death mechanics. While I am at this... 1. What would increase your fun in those battles with the current game mechanics? 2. What would be great to have beyond the current features? See also Booyah's http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7473-trafalgar-event-room-improvements/ 3. How do you like the current balance, should battle rating or number of players be the decicive factor? 4. Would you like a similar, second w
  8. Thank you! Last time is was already fine, as you can notice by the lack of the usual complaints, still this will remove some of the undue stress from the captains.
  9. I also like to hear those news. Let's be bold and try 40% max imbalance for the trafalgars. Once we have a greater playerbase I suggest reducing it to 30 % or even less again. Right now we need to keep those events accessible and friendly to testing. In such large engagements, the effect of a numerical superiority is being reduced heavily by the small number of ships being able to engage effectively at any given time until the melee. Additionally factors as fleet cohesion, communication, leadership, tactics, lack of focus fire and whatnot reduce the influence of numbers even more. Sma
  10. I really do like the interface you are proposing Booyaah In my opinion the two admirals/organisers should be allowed to trade players if both agree in order to be able to create custom battles or balance the match even further. Going forward should not require everyone to ready up - with 30+ captains around, chances are high that several people forget to check ready or go afk, ... It should be solely up to the admirals to lock their respective team after a grace period, so that the battle can start once they are both done. The handicap feature is great but could be delayed if complica
  11. This is unsettling. When setting this up manually we knew that a perfect balance cannot be achieved. In my eyes it is more important to "leave no captain behind" while accepting unequalities of the teams - possibly by widening the margins of force balance for the events. When more players become available at later stages of development, match making will be ALOT easier to figure out, but right now alot of testers are waiting for just this singular battle each week. A stopgap measure could be allowing event organisers to manually allocate captains within the event menu - this feature can be
  12. I personally think that we should help make the new feature work. The devs have already received some good feedback on how to increase the likelyhood of successful large battle events with current population levels. The convenience of joining such a battle from across the game world compared to a physical presence in plymouth is a huge improvement. I was there for the wonky first run which unnerved quite a few of us. Despite the actions of one sanctioned player we saved alot of time and work getting set up. Without those tests improvements to the system would be hard to accomplish. Let us be p
  13. We had choosen the new event feature on purpose to test it and I think it will work out just fine. The mechanism is already very convinient and we saved quite some time setting the event up! Maybe a starting (large) battle event should be announced to people docked in port, to attract more players who are otherwise not aware. In my opinion also need a longer timer duration specifically for the large battle so players can dock in time, as news of a impeding battle sometimes travels slow. What do you guys think about the event battle? Thanks for the footage Brandon! May I s
  14. As we get together once a week to play magnificient battles of grand scale, such behaviour is stealing other players time and twarting player driven content. Who wants to play another battle like this right after? There is nothing else but to call this intentional, malignant griefing.
  15. Thank you, we are discussing the schedule at the moment. An early *poll* resulted in the best time for this being: 22.00 CET saturday = 9.00 pm england 4.00 pm USA newyork 1.00 pm USA las vegas 4.00 am Australia perth (sunday) 6.00 am Australia sydney (sunday) Thanks to Steel! What we are still discussing is another suitable battle slot, which would be 3-4 hours earlier. Additionally we have to think about the second battle. Do we still want one, do we want to pick specific ships for it? I am in the battle now and the first impression is that its quite chaotic since one side i
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