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  1. they should implement it, it happened enough, that it should be a game mechanic.
  2. First game in my Surprise... yup, i think im gonna like it, ALOT. Just like in hollywood (I channeled all my inner Russell Crow) , i went up against very tough odds and won. MM was not very kind, in the end it was a Trinc (oddball) and me vs. a Victory at about 85% health/armor with no bowsprit. I had a damaged rudder and pump, but 2 repairs still left. Our trinc eventually overshot the vic and ripped. At this point I thought, well might as well farm as much as i can before i go down... Victory vs. Surprise, not the best odds. I stern camped like a boss (all because of RamJB's g
  3. cant wait, I played HW2 alot, modded it alot... love the new graphics, but man, the old ones still hold up.
  4. ... yeah, i think im just gonna play NA, bit more affordable
  5. I would love if i could "direct" my repairs. Lets say the stern is in need, you pop a repair, direct it to the stern. It fixes the stern only, and if their are "repairs" left over, then it goes to the rest of the ship.
  6. as far as i understand, the carronades should have piss poor range, good dmg, no double shots and should reload faster.
  7. That Tron vibe... holy shit that CGI is amazing, hope NA looks like that some day. hmmmm... NBC canceled the show, thats sucks.
  8. well now, isnt that something of a tradition... im sure Bis18mark70 would know a thing or two on that subject
  9. It happened, it was horrible. Should it be in the game, well thats up to the developpers. If they do so, hopefully its with tact. I voted yes, with the high risk, only because i feel that ignoring the fact that people were used and traded as good is akind to denying that it ever happened.
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