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  1. To the Devs Merger Question; If a port with a ship in it is capped before the merger what happens to the ship? is it still classed as an asset & redeemable or is it lost? Thanks
  2. Wobbly51

    Victory Marks not awarded ?

    Hi I didn't get a victory mark despite being logged in, Rear Admiral and participating in 2 port battles last week. My friend didn't get one either although again he was logged in, and is a commodore.
  3. Wobbly51

    Little things you'd like to see

    Don't know if this has been covered, but fleet ships carrying trade goods. Then you could defend your own convoy, better use of your time.
  4. Wobbly51

    disconnect on 25 -10 at 11.35

    Now indicating 'Maintenace' which I assume is Maintenance.....
  5. Wobbly51

    disconnect on 25 -10 at 11.35

    Same problem
  6. Wobbly51

    Please post your major annoyances

    1) Hiding in Battle Screen 2) Hiding in Battle Screen 3) No ability to change load out by deck
  7. Wobbly51

    Ship duels - feedback needed

    I would vote for; No ship loss No rewards No leader board It would be very useful as a training environment for new players and for new ship load-out/setup/ familairisation. In my opinion, It would be good if it could be expanded at some time to allow fleets, similar to the old sea trials 'Trafalgar' to explore fleet tactics/training - using gratis no mod ships randomly allocated and not according to player rank - to mix it up a bit and keep the SOL driver honest!
  8. Hi is anyone else having problems with TS3 Overlay since patch #8? I can run TS in game although it often crashes x64 version but overlay refuses to work at all, any suggestions would be very welcome, thanks
  9. Wobbly51

    Login Problems or Game Won't Start - Look Here

    Hi I have similar issue and much moreI can't play at all. I have played over 1200 hrs on this game and this is the fist major issue I have had. I have sent numerous crash reports today the last was ref::NAS-55031. I don't think the problem is local, I am running Windows 7 pro, 64bit and have reinstalled NA twice with no improvement. Please help, I am devastated!
  10. Wobbly51

    Technical problems and bugs

    Hi, I have the same issues, I'm stuck in Jeremie, all my ships, resources, mods etc are missing and 1 ship available and I can't set sail also multiple crashes trying to start the game - please help!
  11. Wobbly51

    Ship ranking

    Is there an up to date list of ship classes and guns as per the one in 'guides' that was posted back in June?
  12. Wobbly51

    Please post your major annoyances

    I've posted this before in things you'd like to see but it is an annoyance for me that you cannot vary the gun load outs by deck. As you can already disable a gun deck with the F keys why can't you load by deck? Historically, this was common practice, ie grape/ chain on upper deck guns and double shotted lowerdeck guns. This facility would greatly enhance the tactical options open to a player in differing combat situations and with differing enemy ship sizes. Great work guys but please consider this option. ⚓️
  13. Wobbly51

    Open world patch #2 - Feedback

    Well done with the patch, overall I'm quite happy with it apart from: 1) Repair/reward system - have a good battle, sink a few ships and get less gold than it takes to repair your ship? 2) No good having higher XP rewards if you can't afford to upgrade your ship 3) Happily battling 2 or 3 ships and then suddenly there are 20+ more, seemingly from thin air Not whining about the large battles they can be fun but when you take a lot of damage for little rewards it can be discouraging...... Keep up the great work guys (and an eye on the feedback)