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Found 20 results

  1. Past Issues Sunday, September 25, 1796. Friday, September 23, 1796. Thursday, March 3, 1796. Tuesday, March 1, 1796. Monday, February 15, 1796. Inspired by the historical newspaper of the same name.
  2. Numer pierwszy: English version: Polska Flota Kaperska - recruitment PFK looking for privateers to serve His Majesty King and Homeland. Voulunteers and privateers are called to arms and defend King and Country from enemies of Crown who invade our ports to enslave our wives and doughters, raid our homes and cause terror on our lands. If you love your Country the time comes to show it and sing up on His Majesty Ship "Wodnik" under command of Admiral Bart Smith. Privateers meeting Few weeks ago our privateers brotherhood gather in "De Ruyter" Tavern in Willemstad to discuss about our future. We want say thank you all for participate and discussion. New era coming to Caribbean and we plan to make few meetings like that in future. Overall our discussion was good and interesting so we can bring out conclusions about our guild future in Caribbean. News from the World World news: Tension incrased between Swedish and Dutch. Few dutch ships was spotted near Gustavia. Their goal was unclear but swedish fleet is staying ready to action. Noticed more than usual pirate activity near Yucatan. Groups for light and fast pirate ships attacking spanish traders routes in area.
  3. Issue#2: July 15th (click the pictures and select fullscreen to enlarge) Issue#1: May 24th This is the inaugural issue of The St. Croix Royal Gazette. (click the pictures and select fullscreen to enlarge) It is my attempt at creating a role-play newspaper for the PvP EU server with help from @Cornelis Tromp. The newspaper will contain Naval Action news, role-play, advertisements, historical references and any other content that I deem fitting. I will try to keep this newspaper going for a long time, and to keep it regularly updated. I will not commit to a specific timetable for delivery of issues however. My goal is to keep the newspaper especially apprised of RvR developments. While the title of the paper suggest the Danish connection, I hope that it will be a worthwhile read for any captain of any nation in Naval Action. Anyone on the server are welcome to request the placement of advertisements in the Gazette. You can design your advertisement yourself, or I can do it to your specifications. Advertisements could be for selling items in-game, offering services, looking for a clan or a clan recruiting members. Anything you could think of that is game-related. The Newspaper title and design is strongly inspired by the historical Danish West Indies newspaper «The St. Croix Gazette», briefly named the «The Royal St. Croix Gazette». It was also published for a time under the name «Dansk Vestindisk regierings Avis». For a long time it was named the «Royal Danish-American Gazette». To avoid confusion with the same role-play newspaper by @Niels Terkildsen I chose a different name. You can find his great Newspaper here: It is what I try to emulate and aspire towards. I am attempting to mix historical accuracy, role-play and game-references. None of which will be fully accurate nor is that the intention. I will try to adopt a somewhat realistic language of the period, though this is a very tough challenge that hopefully I can aspire towards as I get more experience creating new issues. For my Newspaper I chose to use a 220 year date conversion. A bonus from this is that the weekdays in the year 1797 correspond exactly to the days of the week in 2017. This first issue is meant to play on the fact of today’s wipe. Therefore several references are made to it. I use the metaphor of a Hurrican hitting the Caribbean to this effect. To reinforce this I have printed a copy of a letter from the American statesman and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. He grew up in the West-Indies, and he lived in St. Croix part of the Danish West Indies when a terrible hurricane hit the islands in 1772. He wrote a letter which was printed in the Royal Danish-American Gazette, and caused the merchants of Christianstæd to take up collection to send the young boy to the American colonies to get an education. There he became one of the most important figures in American history. I hope that you will enjoy reading my newspaper. I will keep this topic and OP updated with all the issues I produce. You are welcome to subscribe to the topic. Any contributions are also welcomed. Also feedback and tips on improvements.
  4. Today with special announcement by King Gustav III. himself! For more info on this project, visit this thread: English version: Deutsche Version: Declaration by King Gustav III.: Issue #5 is the last part of our planned wipe-buildup. From now on, everything will relate directly to ingame developments. Since rediii and me are very busy with other nation organization, we would really appreciate if other Swedes could help us out! Pls message us here in the forums or In-Game.
  5. EN I start my own newspaper for french. There is so many on others nation that we probably desserve ours. Althought you are all choosing a newspaper to realte your story, I will incarn in mines differents character. Sometimes it may be a solider, a sailor, a governor or why not a lady. Correspondance 1 Today, is a letter found into a wreck few miles away from Terre de Bas. Sadly, it's written in old french. It may be hard to understand bur more harder for me to translate it in an english which should not be a shame in regard of the quality of this letter. I don't know who is this Claire but i doubt she will be able to find hi heart back. It seems Yann is gone isn't he? Who knows? For thoses unlucy to read french, i made a bad translation to the letter than you can find bellow. it's not perfect but probably understandable. Thanks a lot to google trad for his help Bests regards, Kierrip Direct link to the letter Claire, I am writing to you this evening on board the Cutter of L'Agile to express my concern about not being able to keep the promise I made to you. If I do not really fear for my life, except that the loss of those would deprive me of the pleasure of admiring you, I am afraid of being deprived of my honor. The Swedes are everywhere. The French ; gone. The reception at the governor's house would not have been worst placed than on Monday. The Alliance of Royal Corsairs (ACR clan) has gone for new shores. We will not see them again. The exotic fruits and flowers arranged on the tables could not completely hide the absence of so many captains and we passed a weird meal interspersed with toast to the health of the king and the prosperity of his colonies. The governor of Fort Royal, you know what i think about him, could not hide the trembling of his hands at the announcement of the worst. While we had no news of the Royal Squadron (ER clan) and the Familiy Mouth ( BAFF clan), they would have compromised themselves with pirates; Yes pirates! Not hung in front of good people of Port Au Prince, already frightened at the idea of the misfortunes of the West Indies, the captains were broken from their command and demoted from the naval lists. You may imagine in what fury these news may have thrown me. To compromise his honor! And yet ; here, far from you, we lack everything, everyone misses us. What happiness, however, would it be to be able to squeeze his brothers in arms again into our arms? Who would not forget their forfeiture at the announcement of their return to fight the real enemies of our nation? The British are no more than the shadow of what they were. The certain disintegration of their strength, which was seduced as much as sedition by Swedish flag, renders them vulnerable, and more than one captain has been tempted to indulge in gentle vengence. Unfortunately, you know, Claire, I was born only to serve. And if I can not serve you today half a land separating us, I remain faithful to the courrone. Order is given to the captains of His Majesty to keep our borders and especially to protect our young sailors. Every day the press brings new batch of future sailors. Every day brings its share of misfortune. Cries and vociferations have nevertheless ceased in the taverns of Fort Royal. The city is depopulated and the countryside and manufactures are emptied. . Failures of resources and doublons, the economy to pereclite before even hatching. At Fort Royal, everyone is hiding; The press rode. The replacement of our sailors is difficult as traders now avoid our ports. Death rages everywhere and a heavy, smoky atmosphere hangs over Martinique. We will not give up. I sometimes give in to despair and try to convince me that ceding Guadeloupe is not giving up my honor. How many acres of land north have been worth since the Bridgtown mine was discovered? And yet my resolution falters. To lose Guadeloupe, who will be accused in Paris? The royal corsairs who yielded to the difficulty of federating our forces, the French who yielded to the malice of the pirates, or the last captains to stand before the enemy? What would I not give Claire to see the ramparts of Brest and your golden curls? Tomorrow will bring us again its share of defections and disasters. Hope my heart that I remain far away even if every day the idea of leaving these sordid caribbean to find you haunts my thoughts. With all my heart, rest assured that despite these tragic thoughts the memory of our goodbye does not leave me. I will be worthy of you, of your family and your father will finally let us love us. Yann from the fistinière
  6. For more info on this project, visit this Thread: Sweden declares war! English version: Deutsche Version: French version: <will be updated shortly>
  7. The "Post- och Inrikes Tidningar" is the government newspaper of Sweden. It was founded in 1645 and since 1791, upon order from King Gustav III., is distributed and published by the Swedish Academy. It is the official notification medium for governmental announcements. Please take into account that everything you read is of course purely fictional and has to be seen from a roleplaying perspective of view. Our main goals are to provide a fun read and create a deeper lore in Naval Action, as well as doing some advertisement to join the Swedish Navy in-game. Therefore, it will be published in English and German. (We're searching for volunteers on other languages, especially Swedish.) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Die "Post- och Inrikes Tidningar" ist die staatliche Zeitung Schwedens. Sie wurde 1645 gegründet und wird seit 1791, auf Befehl von König Gustav III., von der schwedischen Akademie verteilt und publiziert. Sie ist das offizielle Verbreitungsmedium für staatliche Ankündigungen. Bitte bedenke, dass alles was du liest, fiktiv ist und aus der Sicht einer Rollenspieler Perspektive betrachtet werden sollte. Unsere Ziele sind, dem Leser einen interessanten Text zu bieten, Naval Action eine tiefere Hintergrundgeschichte zu liefern und den Beitritt in die Schwedische Ingame Nation zu bewerben. Deshalb wird sie in Englisch und Deutsch veröffentlicht. (Wir suchen nach Freiwilligen für andere Sprachen, besonders Schwedisch.) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can read all released Issues under the following links: Issue #1 (05.05.2017) New Sweden Occupied Dutch warships attack colony - Swedish Navy reorganizing Issue #2 (09.05.2017) Gustavia Treaty Approved French Admirality signs agreement for the purchase of Gustavia Issue #3 (13.05.2017) Swedish National Bank Bankrupt Payments to the trader partner France are overdue Issue #4 (18.05.2017) Pirate Ringleader Captured Interrogation result: Orderer was Great Britain Issue #5 (27.05.2017) Swedish Crown Expanding Navy reacts to New Sweden and pirate raids Issue #6 (28.05.2017) War! (official declaration)
  8. In light of the recent popping up of several Naval Action Newspapers for PvP Europe, I decided to make a special pre-wipe issue of The St. Croix Royal Gazette, which I've been working on since the wipe announcement:
  9. For more info on this project, visit this thread: English version: Deutsche Version: Advanced military tactics and groundbreaking diplomacy, Sweden has it all! Is it ready to go on the offensive? Find out in Issue #5!
  10. For more info on this project, visit this thread: English version: Deutsche Version: How will the Swedish Navy react? Issue #2 will be released within a week. Stay tuned!
  11. For more info on this project, visit this thread: English version: Deutsche Version: Sweden gathers new allies, but with new allies there also come new foes. Read about the diplomatic consequences in Issue #4!
  12. For more info on this project, visit this thread: English version: Deutsche Version: The balance of powers is shifting and Gustavia becomes a new hotspot. But can it keep control? Find out in Issue #3!
  13. Hi Everyone, This is just a short thread to notify people that the Colonial Times Newspaper is now available for public viewing! Whenever an update is ready I will post a note here with the relevant gallery links. Gallery: Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any errors etc. or if you have any suggestions Furthermore any people who wish to give me some insight regarding the politics of the power-blocs can contact me via PM on this forum or In game, your anonymity will be respected and so forth. Lastly whilst I am I pirate on PvP2 I have no intention of spurring propaganda, I wish this to be as unbiased and correct as possible. Thanks for reading and any suggestions! Juan Alfonso de Castella - BLACK PvP2
  14. From the album: Colonial Times

    A small bulletin regarding the major pvp events that are currently occurring on the PvP2 USA server.
  15. From the album: Colonial Times

    A small bulletin regarding the major pvp events that are currently occurring on the PvP2 USA server.
  16. From the album: Colonial Times

    A small bulletin regarding the major pvp events that are currently occurring on the PvP2 USA server.
  17. NATIONAL NAVAL REGISTER Naval Action and Occurrences in the Caribbean, Gulf and West Atlantic All new National Naval Registers will be posted in this thread, in order to cut down on thread spamming. New Format, allows for a better layout but it has some compression issues. Will work on that for the next one. Back Issues 1st March 20th Feb 19th Feb 18th Feb 15th Feb 5th Feb 2nd Feb 31st Jan 26th Jan 24th Jan 21st Jan
  18. A daily bulletin for the Spanish Empire - 1st Edition - 11/2/16 2nd Edition - 12/2/16 3rd Edition - 13/2/16 4th Edition 14/2/16 5th Edition - 15/2/16 6th Edition - 16/02/16 7th Edition - 17/02/16
  19. (I hope this is tongue and cheek enough for everyone to realize this is not really serious. There are some formatting errors, but I think it worked out well for a first try. Thanks, of course to Prater, who pioneered the technique of making these Front Pages.)
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