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  1. Only if aquiring a new ship would be easier than waiting for a crew recharge. While it could be true for a Snow (or a Frigate in current market realities) it could change drasticly for other ships (exceptional quality of course).
  2. Loosing a crew after each battle or each dura loss would be to punishing, actually creating additional timesinks (which we dont need) not goldsinks (which we need badly), unless we threw all crew limits away as long as you have gold to recruit them (loosing all balance value of the crew, with current abundance of coin). This is the reason we have repair packs for example - u save time by buying them. Option to surrender ship and save the crew would be still a thing to consider in RvR (keep ability to sail SoL while giving away one to enemies).
  3. As for the crew XP proposals giving bonuses I`m against it. Bonuses, if any, should go from officers. And as nation cap on crew is biggest issue I see in topic maybe instead we should stick to crew increasing like labor hours, with recharge rate connected with faction size in order to balance stuff a bit. Plus, it would deal with risk of clans siphoning all crew for themselves. Plus, base recharge time big enough to be able to crew ships up to 5th rate (or undercrew 4th rate) without waiting time (rate could slow down after certain threshold is met). That should keep OW PVPers happy while adding strategic value in RvR. And for the casual players - as you play only a few hours a day as you say, it woulb be impossible to loose all your crew, coz while you aint playing they regenerate. It could actually be a problem to those "hardcore" players, playing non stop and in constant risk of loosing ships. PVPers basing on capped ships, they indeed can have a problem, unless recharge rate is balanced well. But casuals? Nope.
  4. +1 from me. As for chasers, I would honestly prefer change in exit mechanics (based on distance, basicly) than uniforming ships in that regard.
  5. Guys, again, you loose crew when you loose ship. Last dura of a ship. If you survive battle, crew replenishesh automaticly as it is now. If you sink, and loose your ship and still have duras, your crew is replenished automaticaly. If you loose last dura of a ship, you spawn in port anyway. And need to purchase a ship and all stuff anyway. Where do you see additional timesink here? Mission runners should be totaly unmoved by the change, as a chance that they will actually loose a crew is close to zero, unless they run missions in Santis.
  6. Honestly current proposal is anything but complicated for me. You lost your ship? You need to aquire another one. And cannons. And repair kits. Oh, and crew, too. Hope you get enough in your personal stock (pool like labor hours, just not free to use - monies needed). As for faction balance - right now there is simply nothing stoping big clans from using 25 santis all the time. With correctly managed crafting line, totaly sustainable. Smaller factions, not really, sadly. But, if after loosing a Santi you loose a player for next operations coz he needs to gather crew for them, hell, maybe we should sail more Pavels or even Bellonas, leaving Santis to our most trusted captains and protecting them during battles. Giving smaller nations chance to mount an opposition on more equal terms. Especially with mentioned difference in crew availability per number of players.
  7. Lord protector is a person who earned most victory points in the port battle (port assault flag will be abandoned) As it was already asked - can we trasnfer that tittle to another player? As title will be given based on results, not planning it might land in hands of person not interested in executing any responsibilities given, or simply not having enough time to execute them properly. What with situations when a person will take a break from game (leaving on vacations for example)? Historically such a person would have at least a temporary replacement.
  8. Guys, read posts more carefully please. You loose your crew only when you loose your ship. Last dura of your ship, except explosions. This is actually a ballance matter, making sailing for example 2nd rates MORE PROFITABLE FROM EXOCOMICAL STANDPOINT - costing you less crew and having one "safe" dura. You have few spare crew left in your personal pool? Sail something with duras to avoid loss.
  9. I totally agree with what you are saying, was talking bout small ships for two reasons - first, many reports both here and in patch threads are examples of bigger vs smaller ship battles (in my opinion - because in such fights AI superiority - not due to cheats but due to current in game mechanics! - is most clerely visible (and especially irritating if you add quite normal expectation of a player for it to be an easy fight )). Second, few people proposed to those stating problems with AI that they should do lower rank missions in order to improve. To rephrase what I think: 1.Low rank missions are too hard for newbies, coz they wont be able to shoot with good enough accuracy to keep up with AI as it is right now, especiallly while still learning how to sail. I totally agree with your proposals of training missions but I think that some nerf to accuracy is needed, at least at first three ranks (two first ranks endured in basic cutter and third being first one to command ship capable of manual sailing), so that people can learn further in full combat environment. This is only area where I think that AI in itself is a problem. 2.Current balance of guns should be taken into consideration. After recent penetration changes small, "rapid fire" cannons are simply superior to their bigger counterparts due to higher damage output. This is obviously showing itself in fights vs smaller vessels, where it is additionaly enhanced by AI accuracy (while players have problems to even hit the small target AI keeps hitting all the time) leading to: a)those accusations of AI cheating (while actual game mechanics are IMHO at fault here) b)big imbalance of missions of the same rank - version with duo of smaller enemies could easly be even harder than solo mission of higher rank - whis is bad from game design perspective (difficulty of missions should increase with their level). c)feeling that armor is no longer a thing unless at extreme ranges (at which AI is again more effective due to superior accuracy) This can only be adressed by changes to the cannons -either by increasing damage of big guns/slowing reload of small ones or (and I prefere this option) by lowering penetration of small cannons, "restoring" armor effectivenes against them on medium ranges (and drawing people out of carronades into mediums and longs used in pvp). 3.Modules used by AI should be either totally removed as not needed (allowing players to gain an advantage by actually having them installed) or at least their grade should scale with mission level - new players dont have gold upgrades on their ships. 4.About leaks - I`m pretty ok with them as they are right now, with one change in crew management - when survival is on, part of the crew shoudl already be moved there (it is natural that in combat you prepare to repair damage), removing danger of ship sinking before crew is transfered from other posts. Or at least transfer idle crew there instead of boarding. edit: typoes
  10. The more i test current new AI, the more I think the problem of "opness" lies in conjunction of two variables added - improved accuracy and penetration change, especially to 6 and 9 pd cannons. Those cannons have superior rate of fire and as they are usually penetrating now consistently at small ranges, superior dps. If you add to that improved AI accuracy and remaining bonuses from equipment result might be quite devastating. Especially when player is in bigger ship, with lower dps due to slower reloading guns, and has a problem to even hit smaller AI ship with a full broadside. Best solution imho would be to lower ai accuracy a bit (making it more "human"), of course nowwhere near pre patch values, and to look into either penetration of small guns or damage output of big cannons.
  11. Got similar situation yesterday during a mission. Mercury turned straight under my bow instead of passing broadside to broadside. I think AI is trying to make a bow rake, coz I`ve seen similar turns on few bigger ships too, including St Pavel (was able to avoid due to their slower turning).
  12. Yes, I was refering to that link, thank you. Personally I`m not concerned about reload (hard to show on one screenshot anyway), more about relative damage taken. Thats my concern from the very beginning, that after the changes AI seems to deal more damage than player in close range. My example is Bellona vs Constitution, here we see Connie vs Belle Poulle. If it is normal that those ships (Connie and Belle) outdamage its opponents assuming similar accuracy (range is close enough to land most if not all shots on the enemy) then ok, I will live with that. Simple "Connie is dealing more damage to you Bellona than you deal to her even with similar accuracy because <insert reason here>" will suffice. Coz both penetration changes and accuracy changes mentioned by developers dont explain this situation (both sides cannons got buffed pen and range is close enough that both sides are landing shots on target).
  13. There was a pic in hot fix 9.71 topic made by DreadPirateBob but it was removed as I see (you can still see a comment by Lennyo and Pirate answer to that, pager six, today 7.06 AM and 7.09 AM. He was indeed offending mister Darby in his post, thats why it got removed I think. I cannot show you pic sadly, but I lost a dura on Bellona in a slugfest vs Connie. Shooting side by side.
  14. I have no problems with AI accuracy. I have no problems with having a challenge in missions. I`m ok with loosing ships in PVE. I have a problem when I cant reliably sink a Connie in Live Oak Bellona close range side to side hitting all shots due to small range, coz she is doing more damage to me than I do to her. I would be totaly ok with such an outcome against other Bellona, 3rd rate, but Connie?
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