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  1. Uhhh... really??? I get insta-access when I unlock it again?? Beginning power grind!!!!!!!!!
  2. I did unlock all of the prereqs prior to the Cerb and such being released, post their release I was able to do around 10k damage in the Cerb before life lit a fire under my ass. Since then I haven't been able to do anything in any place gaming related. All I really have to do is get 25k more damage in the Cerb before I have the Santi again, but I doubt at this stage it will make a difference whether I wait for the rest of us plebs get invited or if I actually do the damage.
  3. Regardless of whether I had completed the new ships, I have previously unlocked the Santissima. The fact of the matter is, it has been unlocked previously and I have even taken it out on several occasions and had done damage. I have several people who can indeed confirm that I have unlocked, used and done damage in a Santi if the logs don't show.
  4. [Moved from Tech Support] As the title suggest I have not been invited to open world despite my unlocking of the Santi. I unlocked it in March shortly before the Privateer, Navy Brig, and Cerb were released.
  5. I think finally my long hiatus will have come to an end, although I do have a question. I have a Santi but shortly after the new ships were added to ST1 (Navy Brig, Cerb etc.) I burned out of the game and hadn't had the time to play Naval Action enough to get the damage for the Cerb done. Does anyone know if I will still get in to OW with the rest of the Santi owners since I had achieved the Santi previously? Or will I still be held back?
  6. In regards to your comment Brigand, the guidance is really not necessary. I know what bounds to not tread over, and what can and cannot be said, like I was saying to Sir Hardy it's the fact that coming from a toxic community to a 100% sterile community is a shock to the system and will end up in the people having made that transfer worrying, checking, rechecking every word of chat to make sure they won't get a ban.
  7. I had quite a chuckle at this actually, funniest thing I've seen all day. Much assumptions such wow? Anyway, no I am not saying I am unable to control myself although I can see where my comments may have been misconstrued. No, what I am saying is that being in a semi-toxic community like EvE and having been assimilated into that means that I and many other people coming from semi- or even completely toxic communties are going to have to watch their step very carefully if the devs plan really is 100% sterility in the community. Which would take away the fun, and move the focus away from the game.
  8. Does this positive side mean that only people who 100% agree with your cleansing of the internet can post, and that the people who are at 95% or below aren't allowed to comment? In any case I'd like to express concerns over this, I mean we could do all we like, and I love the idea of not having a WoT community, but as a person who plays EVE of all games I'd have to watch my steps very carefully if we are going for 100% sterile. I don't want to have to worry about that every time I log on, it'll end up being: (Me) "Why the f*** did you friendly fire??" (Other Person) "OMG he swore D:" Other person runs to forums shouting "Admin!!!!!!!!!!! HE SAID MEAN THINGS" and then I'll be in the next match and all of a sudden insta-ban. As much as I want a non-WoT community, I don't want someone shouting at me just because I said something unsavory. We need a middle ground, but we cannot give people the power to be able to report someone and have them banned because they strayed slightly off the thin white line that is political correctness. I will do my part if I see someone getting completely out of hand, but I refuse to target someone because they called someone a name in chat and that's all. -edit: removed some lines-
  9. If we are gonna go with exploration, why not the North West Passage? I know it's a long ass trip to get up there, but for the sake of exploration and finishing the doomed expedition, it should be implemented.
  10. This is true, and is also why I didn't include them as an example. Although I dislike the way the French treat Quebecois as well. I do not intend this to be a what is right or wrong debate, just the question of why it happens and why some people feel the necessity to insult our their dialect. I do agree that this should be kept civil and friendly.
  11. From this thread here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3644-some-alpha-open-world-eye-candy-large-images/ (15th Post) I'm just wondering why do some Brits insult the American dialect of English, in saying it's cannibalization, butchering or outright calling it wrong. As a Canadian I take no personal offence to this but I've always found it confusing as to the aspect of why. There are many dialects of different languages and of course every dialect spells something or says something, the dialect differing of course by region. But you don't see French people from France insulting the way those from Morocco or Algeria speak, so why then are some English speaking Brits throwing shit at the American English? Whatever your reasoning is, why then are you not throwing it right at Canadians too? With the exception of a few examples we speak and spell the same English they do. I just want to know what everybody's take on this is.
  12. Can we get a TL;DR version of this? Because I'm sure there will be many newbro's out there who will take one look at the wall of text here and say "This is far too long" not read it and end up running their Brig into an allied 1st Rate
  13. Like I said I apologize, I suppose I still have really high expectations for this game, like Silent Hunter but with sails high expectations. I suppose I'll have to sit down, shut up and wait.
  14. Sorry, I didn't realize it was such a complicated task, I apologize. Just do what you can devs, we are all counting on you.
  15. I too will withhold judgement until I have judged this for myself. But I have the nagging feeling that this game is starting to head down the slippery slope of wasted potential. But I do agree with maturin's question, it seems like a great idea, if only the devs could figure out a way to implement it.
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