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  1. In regards to your comment Brigand, the guidance is really not necessary. I know what bounds to not tread over, and what can and cannot be said, like I was saying to Sir Hardy it's the fact that coming from a toxic community to a 100% sterile community is a shock to the system and will end up in the people having made that transfer worrying, checking, rechecking every word of chat to make sure they won't get a ban.
  2. I had quite a chuckle at this actually, funniest thing I've seen all day. Much assumptions such wow? Anyway, no I am not saying I am unable to control myself although I can see where my comments may have been misconstrued. No, what I am saying is that being in a semi-toxic community like EvE and having been assimilated into that means that I and many other people coming from semi- or even completely toxic communties are going to have to watch their step very carefully if the devs plan really is 100% sterility in the community. Which would take away the fun, and move the focus away from the gam
  3. Does this positive side mean that only people who 100% agree with your cleansing of the internet can post, and that the people who are at 95% or below aren't allowed to comment? In any case I'd like to express concerns over this, I mean we could do all we like, and I love the idea of not having a WoT community, but as a person who plays EVE of all games I'd have to watch my steps very carefully if we are going for 100% sterile. I don't want to have to worry about that every time I log on, it'll end up being: (Me) "Why the f*** did you friendly fire??" (Other Person) "OMG he swore D:" Other per
  4. This is true, and is also why I didn't include them as an example. Although I dislike the way the French treat Quebecois as well. I do not intend this to be a what is right or wrong debate, just the question of why it happens and why some people feel the necessity to insult our their dialect. I do agree that this should be kept civil and friendly.
  5. From this thread here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3644-some-alpha-open-world-eye-candy-large-images/ (15th Post) I'm just wondering why do some Brits insult the American dialect of English, in saying it's cannibalization, butchering or outright calling it wrong. As a Canadian I take no personal offence to this but I've always found it confusing as to the aspect of why. There are many dialects of different languages and of course every dialect spells something or says something, the dialect differing of course by region. But you don't see French people from France insulting the
  6. Can we get a TL;DR version of this? Because I'm sure there will be many newbro's out there who will take one look at the wall of text here and say "This is far too long" not read it and end up running their Brig into an allied 1st Rate
  7. But do the Danes or any of the North European countries have anything? I'm pretty sure they don't. So using that same logic we should all vote for either the Wasa or Christian VII
  8. I'd go for the Christian VII just because it's the oddball of the bunch, that and the Wasa, and when choosing to vote between the Wasa and the Christian VII I went with the Christian because more guns = better
  9. Sir, I am a player of the game EVE Online and I really do not appreciate you calling it shit. Despite my grievances with you though, this is a discussion for another time. But like everybody else is saying the devs are probably asleep. Torrent a movie or two, play a different game for awhile. By around 00:00 - 01:00 PST they should be on back to work, or maybe not who knows. Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujBjn1qeCLs
  10. Same with me I can't do anything right now. I've left the NA client up for about an hour-ish in the background waiting for it to load but still hasn't gone anywhere.
  11. I really do agree with the above but a secondary on the ship additions front should be more SoL's. we only have a Bellona at 2nd Rate and Victory at 1st. I don't recall whether we have an 3rd's or not though. As well as a second advancement line for snowflake-y ships like the Mortar Brig.
  12. The Madre de Deus herself was built in 1589 so it isn't too far off When the exploration mode comes out it could be used as an introductory ocean going explorer vessel. But obviously due to it's age it wouldn't be very much good for anything else In any case I'll offer a second suggestion, the Danish Fredericus IV, with 110 guns shes a first rate. Built in 1699 in Copenhagen and was stricken in 1732. Not much info is given on her fate or career, and even less pictures. The picture above is the only quality picture you would find without taking days to search for it. So, apologies fo
  13. Old computer, mostly new hardware: Acer Aspire M5620 Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz 8GB DDR2 RAM (No idea of the makers or speed) EVGA GeForce GTX 750 1GB GDDR5 vRAM (Superclocked?)<- Looks as if it is the same or better as overclocked but not sure. Get 30 Fps at ultra, 40-45 on high.
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