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  1. Me too. I'm either very stupid (read 'too old'), or... Oh I don't know, I've tried everything I can think of and so I guess I've just lost. Time to try to win as the confederates.
  2. @David Fair. That sounds like good sense.
  3. As usual, I should have checked whether anyone has started a similar thread before posting 'Concerns about the final result'. Anyway, I think we have the same concerns, and perhaps the same reasons for them.
  4. Thanks for your responses so far. The supply train was just an example and I wouldn't want this thread to get bogged down with it, but it could be anything. I'm also interested to hear how @Rogue feels things have changed (and glad that you are still here despite your dissapointment); it seems to me that you see where I'm coming from, although I'm not there with you yet. Perhaps the focus of my concerns is best expressed as 'I'm not sure people power is the best way to design games: Discuss'.
  5. One of the things I'm becoming concerned about as I play the game and read the forum is what the end product is going to play like. It's my belief that the best works, work best because there is a strong vision behind them; informing every part of the design process. Ultimately I suppose, I think that the algorithm is just as good a way of expressing one's individual understanding of the world and communicating that to other people, as other things that lead to art! Stay with me. Personally, what exited me about UGG, was the fact that there was very little micromanagement. I'm old now and I
  6. I sort of keep asking this question in various places (so far to no avail). Will the multiplayer be platform transparent? Currently I'm playing the windows version of the game under parallels on my Mac, will I have to pay for a separate Mac version when it comes out?
  7. In that case it would be good to know what constitutes cover and have an indication of when a unit has taken it..
  8. On a slightly different tack. Twice today I had artillery routed when advanced upon by infantry, even though I had set them to canister and they were ready to fire, they didn't even let off what was loaded before they fell back.
  9. I Interesting point about the need to look away from the battle.
  10. I think these are both interesting ideas.
  11. Will I be able to play against someone using a different platform?
  12. I'm assuming that the AI takes into account the amount of firing and it's rate when updating a units status. If it does then the player will know the condition of its unit, one of the factors affecting its condition being ammunition consumption. If it doesn't at the moment then you might update the algorithm to take this into account and add an icon for 'supplies' or 'ammo', enabling the player to decide to rest their unit, giving it time to gain its breath, recover its morale and be re-supplied, if they so wish. The issue of supply trains might be simply dealt with in campaign mode by havi
  13. I think those people opting for something other than #4 have better eyesight than me!
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